How to Stop Being Manipulative: 10 Easy Ways

how to stop being manipulative
Sometimes, you can be manipulative without even knowing it. This could stem from growing up around people who were manipulative and you might have thought that is the only way to get what you wanted then. However, being manipulative – whether you meant to do it or not – could ruin your friendships and relationships … Read more

I Miss You! How To Tell Someone That Painful Truth

how to tell someone you miss them
I miss you! That’s not so hard, right? Wrong. Telling someone those three tiny words is a lot harder than it might seem. Knowing exactly how to tell someone that you miss them or want to spend more time with them can be seriously stress-inducing, if not downright impossible! After all, what if the other … Read more

What is Love & Why do You Love Someone?

why do you love someone
Ah, love. It is a tale as old as time, and for many, something that we never truly think about. We know that we love others – maybe love one special someone in particular – yet we never really think deeply about why it is that we need love. Discover more: 18 Songs About Meeting … Read more

23 PROVEN Tips to Make Her Miss You

make her miss you
It always feels great to know that your significant other misses you when you are not together. Whether you are in the early months of dating, in a long-term dating relationship, or in a marriage, it is pretty much the same – you want to be missed! Think about it, wouldn’t it feel terrible if … Read more