How To Tell She Likes You: 30+ Signs A Girl Is Totally Into You

Asking someone out can be stressful and it can be even more stressful if you are not positive if the object of your affections likes you back. After all, nothing sucks more than being rejected. So many men fear it so much that they allow it to prevent them from asking a girl out in the first place! However, if you want to get a girlfriend, you need to know that it is not going to happen on its own. In order to make things happen, it is important that you be able to read the signs to determine whether a girl likes you. If you can read these signs, rejection will be totally wiped from the picture and you can be more confident that the girl you like likes you back – and that you will have a good time on your date. Sometimes, a woman lets you know that she likes you intentionally. Other times, she is more subtle and her actions are more subconscious. However, regardless of whether she intends to drop these hints or not, knowing how to read the signs will help you figure out what her answer will be when you ask her out. Save yourself some heartaches and learn how to read these signs of whether she likes you.

35 Signs She Likes You

She hangs around longer than expected

Her friends have long since gone home, but she is hanging back. She wants to talk to you and is asking questions – or perhaps even suggesting another drink. Her lingering doesn’t have to be brazen, either. She might just sit there quietly and wait for the opportunity to present itself when you go talk to her.

She quickly says yes

When a girl likes you, she is not going to wait to say yes when you ask her if she wants to hang out. If you ask her whether she wants to grab a bite to eat with you, she will probably say “absolutely” or even “sure.” If she does have something planned, she will probably attempt to reschedule so that she can spend more time with you.

She is curious

She asks questions when you tell her about yourself – and she asks lots of questions! She always wants to know more, regardless of whether it is about your friends, hobbies, life, work, or even your favorite…everything. She wants you to be an open book and will question you endlessly.

She has told all of her friends about you

Whether she tells you that she has done this or you find out from one of the friends, know that when a girl begins to tell her girlfriends about you, you are definitely in good standing. Women enjoy talking about the guy that they have feelings for, so if you catch her saying things like, “I told my roommate the other day that joke you told me. She thought it was hilarious too!” it is a good sign that she is interested in you.

She laughs at your jokes – even the awful ones

We get it – not everybody is going to be the next great stand-up comic. However, even if you tell bad jokes, you might find that the girl you like laughs at even the worst of the worst. If she is laughing, she is into you. This is especially true if you find that nobody else usually laughs at your jokes!

She is the first to break the “touch barrier”

When you are around someone you don’t know – or like – all that well, you may find that there is an invisible “touch barrier.” Essentially, this intimate touch barrier is the distance that is maintained between people who don’t know or like each other that well. If you are talking to a girl and the first thing she does is give you a sincere hug, it is a good sign that she likes you. In a less intimate relationship, you might greet each other with an awkward wave or a side hug. However, a girl who breaks the touch barrier is one who feels comfortable around you and has no issue with breaking the barrier. Just pay close attention to how many times she touches you. If it is more than five times, ideally on the shoulder, arm, or knee, that is a good sign that she wants to move the physical contact forward. This is one of the most important parts of a relationship, so if she is willing to initiate physical contact, you are golden.

She gazes at you

If you keep catching her making eye contact, it is a no-brainer that she is interested. As long as you don’t have something on your face, that is! Take this opportunity to find out more about her and to get her number, of course.

…Or she avoids eye contact entirely

Now, just because a girl isn’t making direct eye contact with you, that doesn’t mean she is disinterested. Often, a girl who is shy might have a hard time admitting that she likes you. She might try to avoid meeting your glance because you make her feel vulnerable, or even intimidated. That is not always a bad thing and you might not be doing anything wrong. Just watch out for this when the two of you are spending time together.

She can’t seem to stop smiling

If her face has a never ending grin plastered on it, guess what? She is probably into you. Don’t let it weird you out! It is a good sign and it is a sign that she really likes you. You could also have something on your face, again. However, you may find that what catches you off guard isn’t necessarily the fact that she is smiling at you, but the way she is smiling at you. Don’t be too busy to notice! Make sure you pay attention. Don’t kill the vibe by asking her what she is smiling about, either. Just enjoy that beautiful grin and allow yourself to relax in the knowledge that she is definitely into you.

Conversation is limitless and effortless

Your time together is so easy and it seems like you could talk about anything. What was supposed to be a two-hour date quickly turns into an eight-hour date, and neither of you knows where the time went. If this happens, don’t think twice – she is definitely into you.

She drops hints

And they might not be so subtle, either! Maybe she is free Saturday afternoon and has already told you this three times. Maybe she keeps telling you about that new restaurant she wants to try. Either way, take the hint – she digs you, and she wants to hang out. Another sign? You send her a text at any time, night or day, and she is already on her way to see you. This might seem desperate to some people, but it is a true testament that she wants to be with you. Use your power wisely!

You are beginning to notice her dorky side

A woman who is just getting to know you may not reveal things that she doesn’t find all that flattering about herself. However, as you get to know a woman who sincerely likes you, she will begin to reveal things that she might not share with the rest of the world. She might tell you about an embarrassing quirk that she has or tell you about her favorite nerdy book or television series. She doesn’t need to pretend to be someone she is not.

You feel good and she tells you how good you look, too

When you are with her, you just automatically feel better about yourself and she gives you a reason to feel good, too. A woman who is interested in you will tell you how good you look, no matter what. This can be awkward for some men, particularly those who don’t know what to do with this kind of compliment. But if you really like her, you need to get used to it! And don’t brush it off. If she tries to give you a genuine compliment, let her, and be sure to thank her, too.

Opening up about your personal life is easy

Think carefully about the conversations the two of you have. Does she allow the conversations to dive beneath the surface level? Have they become personal? If you not only know what her favorite book is, but also her biggest aspirations and dreams, then it means that she trusts you. Trust is not something that is easily given or received with most women, so don’t take this lightly.

You know that she is single

If you have just met and she is already dropping information about how she is looking for a new man, that is a good sign that she is into you. She might briefly mention that her previous boyfriend just moved away – or even dumped her. She might not come directly out and tells you that she is single, but she is certainly going to hint at it! On the other end of the spectrum, if you have known her for a while, you might already know what her relationship status is. Pay close attention to the cues that she is readying herself to date someone else – this could be you, after all!

When you give her a compliment, she blushes

You tell her how good she looks, and her face turns a bright shade of crimson. Or perhaps, she suddenly becomes shy. This is quite noticeable, too, especially because she is normally so outgoing and loves joking around. A genuine compliment can make a woman feel vulnerable, particularly if they don’t know how to act after receiving that kind of compliment. She might like you if she suddenly gets weird after you compliment her!

She casually mentions events she wants you to go to

This is usually a dead giveaway. When a woman includes you in plans for the future, she wants you in her future, of course! This could be anything from her saying, “We should go see that movie when it’s released” or even her inviting you to a wedding as her date. These might sound like extremes, but when a girl includes you in her plans, that is a great sign that she likes you.

She stays off her phone

Whether she is constantly making calls, scrolling through Instagram, or sending Snapchats when she is with you, a girl who is glued to her phone probably isn’t that into you. If she genuinely likes you, she will be completely present when the two of you are hanging out. She might send an occasional text, but for the most part, she will be fully present in what the two of you are talking about or doing. She will be more focused on you than on her phone.

She is looking better than usual

If she normally just wears sneakers and jeans, but then shows up wearing a gorgeous, elegant dress, she probably likes you. Girls put in the extra effort when they are interested in certain guys because they want to be noticed. Keep an eye out for her increased attention to her appearance to know if she is truly into you.

You notice her mirroring your behavior

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We want to be just like the people that we like, and nowhere is that truer than in romance. If a girl likes you, she will (subconsciously, of course), imitate your body language and behavior. This is especially true in a shy, reserved girl. Does she lean in at the same time you do? Does she swirl the ice in her glass like you do? Does she smile at the exact moments you do? She might not even realize it, but a woman who mirrors your behavior is hoping you will have a positive impression of her – and that is because she likes you!

She is always playing with her hair or licking her lips

It is no secret that a lot of guys really like long hair. If she has long hair and keeps running her fingers through it or somehow playing with it, especially while she is looking directly at you, that is a good sign that she likes you. Girls instinctively groom themselves when a guy they like come around, so if you notice her doing this, it is a solid indication that she likes you. Similarly, if you find her licking her lips around you, she might be trying to give you a signal that she is interested in you. This might not be something she is doing on purpose and there are honestly so many meanings that can be associated with lips. But it is highly like that she has feelings for you if she keeps doing that when you are around.

She is very curious

When you ask questions, you can communicate your interest in her. This goes both ways! When she asks questions, she is trying to communicate her interest in you to you and she is working on to get to know you on a deeper, more intimate level. Take this seriously and encourage her to ask more questions by giving thoughtful answers.

She might be shy

Some girls are just naturally shy, but if a girl you have a crush on is normally outgoing and talkative – then suddenly turns into a quiet mouse – she might really like you. Sometimes, we don’t know how to act when the object of our affections gives us some attention. And it can be hard to read the signs! But if she is acting shy and unsure of herself, she very well might like you.

You text at least every other day

One of the best ways to get to know someone is through frequent contact. If you find that the girl you like keeps in contact, responding to your texts and sending texts quickly and frequently, there is a good chance that she is into you.

She sends you gorgeous pictures of herself

If you find that you are receiving gorgeous pictures of this girl throughout the day, whether because she wants to show you the cafe where she is at or just the lighting in the room, that is something to watch out for. This is especially true if she looks even more gorgeous than normal – she will have applied filters and have made sure to wear the most flattering clothes and makeup. If she is trying to remind you of how hot she is, she is trying to impress you.

Social media is blowing up

She might not be hanging out on social media when you two are together, but if you see pictures of yourself on any of her social media channels, guess what? She likes you! She is trying to broadcast to the world that she has been spending time with you and she probably wants the other guys in her life to know that she is interested in you. You don’t need to follow all of her social channels, but just keep an eye out for these signs on the ones in which you two are already connected. If you have feelings for someone, everything will remind you of them. If you watch a movie and think about how much the girl you are into would like that, or if you go to a new restaurant and consider what that person would love on the menu, you probably have feelings for them. Similarly, if you find that a woman keeps posting things on your social media channels, it means she’s thinking about you. Also, keep in mind that most social media channels have algorithms. These algorithms assume that you are interested in a certain person if you click on someone’s posts enough. So, if the girl you like has been liking your posts and she is one of the first of your friends to do so, she probably likes you – the algorithm knows that she has been keeping track of your photos and posts! If she is your number one fan, that is a great sign that she has feelings for you.

She drunk dials you

They say that the best way to get to know what someone is really thinking is to keep an eye on their drunk words. These are often a great window into what they really think about when they are sober! If she gets drunk and calls or messages you late at night, there is a good chance that these are her true emotions – she likes you and she wants you to know about it.

Her feet are angled toward you

One of the best ways to tell if someone likes you is to look at their feet. We aren’t usually conscious of what our feet are doing, but if you look down and notice that her feet are pointed directly at you, that is a good sign that she likes you. On the contrary, if you find that her feet are pointed toward the door, that means she wants to leave and this is not a great sign!

Her pupils dilate

Did you know that dilated pupils are a sign of attraction? Look into her eyes and see if you notice dilated pupils. Don’t creepily stare into her eyes and scare her, but instead, try to figure out whether the pupils have contracted or not.

She keeps dropping hints about her availability

This is similar to one of the other points we mentioned, but know that a girl doesn’t have to drop specific hints about what she wants to do in order for it to count as a sign that she is interested. She might just let you know where she is going to be on a certain date or at a certain time. Alternatively, she might just make a point of mentioning that she has no weekend plans. Keep an eye out – she is telling you that she wants you to ask her out!

Are You Considering Making a Move? First, Think About This

Making a move, especially making the first move, can be scary. You might find yourself wondering exactly how you feel and whether this is someone you want to invest the time and energy into. Relationships can be serious and you need to choose the person you are going to be in a relationship with carefully. If you are positive that she likes you, here’s what you can do to prepare yourself for talking to her about how you feel, too.

#1 Be completely honest with yourself

Before you do anything else, make sure you have real feelings for her, too. People often jump the gun on sharing their feelings and that results in them making rash decisions when it comes to the sensitive and delicate matters of the heart. If you have just met the girl who blows your mind or introduces you to a new way of life, slow down. Get to know her first. Often, girls who are adventurous or like to party are usually the first that catch your eye. Guys find those qualities very attractive, in most cases. However, you shouldn’t rush to get into a relationship with her because you need to think carefully about who you want to spend your time with. It might be great that she loves football and hiking, but you don’t necessarily want a girl who is into everything you like. Remember, you will still need some alone time every now and then!

#2 Wait for the best moment

Don’t tell anyone you like them when they aren’t able to respond. For example, you aren’t going to tell the girl you like as you brush past them on the street – this could turn into an awkward situation very quickly, particularly if they have somewhere they need to go! Instead, choose the moment where the girl will have time to respond to your comments, especially if you are in private. Keep in mind that this task can be easier if you are already doing something else, like drinking coffee, too.

#3 Don’t memorize a script

Whatever you do, do not feel the need to write your ideas down on paper word for word! You don’t need to memorize your feelings word for word because you will sound robotic and will frankly, be a little bit awkward. It is okay to show that you are nervous or stumble over your words a bit! Perhaps go in with just a few bullet points of what you want to say. This will allow you to appear more honest and more authentic.

#4 Be honest with her

Tell her what you feel, and not just what you think she wants to hear. You don’t need to get overly emotional or make her feel uncomfortable or awkward, but you do need to be authentic. You are only going to get one chance to tell her how you feel, so you need to make the most of the situation and opportunity. Be honest and know that she might say no. However, if you have read the signs correctly, she is probably going to say Yes and you probably both want the same thing in the long run.

In Closing

We get it, this list of signs can be incredibly overwhelming! However, you shouldn’t let this long list scare you. The bottom line is that there are so many signs that a girl likes you, so if you only remember a few from this list, you will still have a good idea of how she feels about you. Once you are able to figure out whether a girl likes you, you will be able to fully enjoy the process of dating.

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