Anal Sex: The Good, the Bad and the How

pros and cons of anal sex
Ok, hear us out on this one. A lot of women are hesitant to give in to their partners’ pleas for anal sex. Maybe hesitant isn’t the right word, a better word would be downright terrified! But with eighty percent of men asking for anal sex at least once in their lives or during the … Read more

7 Myths Debunked About Fingering and Your Virginity

can you lose your virginity from getting fingered
The female virginity is one wrought with history – a complex history that has been inaccurately tied to her hymen (is it intact or broken?). After-intercourse bleeding is regarded as a sign that a woman a virgin (never having had sex before) because her hymen wasn’t broken. The hymen, contrary to popular belief, is NOT … Read more