How to Stop Being Manipulative: 10 Easy Ways

how to stop being manipulative
Sometimes, you can be manipulative without even knowing it. This could stem from growing up around people who were manipulative and you might have thought that is the only way to get what you wanted then. However, being manipulative – whether you meant to do it or not – could ruin your friendships and relationships … Read more

A Perfect Girls Day Out

Fun Girls Day Out Ideas
As a child and young adult, your life literally revolves around your friends. As you get older, careers kick off and families begin to grow. Just like marriage, children and careers are exciting developments for women, and this usually leaves little time for female bonding. It is important to cultivate friendships throughout life. You may … Read more

The ‘Most Likely To’ Questions Game

The ‘Most Likely To’ Questions Game
The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of party games is probably children. Children’s birthday parties, musical chairs and too much candy. While that is a lot of fun for kids, there are lots of options for fun activities for adults’ parties as well. Fun at a home party shouldn’t be … Read more

100 Best Friend Tag Questions [+Quiz]

best friend tag questions
Where would you be without your best friend? You share tears, laughter, and you know every last little detail about each other’s lives… Or do you? How well do you really know your soulmate? Here is a fun way to find out and have a few laughs along the way: Play the BFF Quiz! It’s … Read more