7 Skype Dating Ideas To Consider To Ensure Your LDR Lasts

Long distance relationships take a lot of work to keep up. It’s not the kind of relationship that you can get into with blinders on. You can’t expect a long distance relationship to work out without some work put into it. You will experience some ups and downs. You will feel lonely at times; aggravated because your loved one isn’t there. You may even feel worried that they’ll find someone else to be with; someone who is closer to them than you. What you have to understand though is that long-distance relationships can be successful and they can be very rewarding. In times’ past, making a long-distance relationship work took a lot of effort and handwritten letters and phone calls. However, it’s the technological age, and there are video chats such as Skype that allows you to make free phone calls to any person to anywhere in the world. Skype calls allow you to still have a close, loving relationship even when you’re miles apart. Using Skype will allow you to keep the fires burning even when you physically can’t be together. What are some Skype date ideas you can use to ensure your long-distance relationship will last?

7 Skype Dating Ideas To Consider To Ensure Your Long Distance Relationship Lasts

Skype Whenever YOU Demand It

Of course, you may feel that Skyping takes up too much of your time. After all, you have work, school, friends, studying, etc. to contend with. Trying to spend time on Skype is like trying to find 30 minutes of watching your favorite TV show when it airs. The best thing to do is Skype whenever you feel the need to do it. This can be once a day, twice a week, once a week… whatever is good for you. For some people, Skyping once a day means being able to tell your significant other what has been going on. It can be difficult to remember everything you want to tell the other person if you only Skype once a week, but writing down what you think is important to tell them could help. If you decide that Skyping twice a day is a necessity, then do it. You may find you have a harder time making this happen, but finding 15 minutes out of your day early in the morning and again in the evening is possible. With regular chatting, there’s no need to hold hour-long chat sessions. And, with this kind of schedule, you may find that your other schedules fall into place. Your time management skills improve because of the “dates” on Skype.

Eliminate Distractions

When it comes to a Skype chat, you should be respectful of your significant other. Eliminate other distractions such as email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. While Skyping, you won’t have a lot of time for them anyway. Ask yourself how much you could get done while chatting. Chances are not much. Of course, you may have a hard time looking at your screen the entire time. Rather than picking up another electronic or checking your email while chatting, consider getting up and walking around or change your sitting position. If you’re chatting 15 to 30 minutes a day, you’re less likely to become bored with the conversation or be inclined to check your email.

Hold A Group Chat

Another way to keep a Skype conversation exciting is to involve others such as family members and friends. You don’t have to monopolize your significant other’s time the entire time. Why not allow their friends or other family members talk with them? If there’s something you have to do – something that cannot wait – consider letting someone else take over the chat. The same goes for your significant other. Don’t be afraid to meet their new friends, as it will make you feel as if they are also a part of your life. They may even ask for your permission to do things with your significant other. Skyping with them shouldn’t go on for more than 10 minutes and not more than two or three times a month. However, it definitely keeps things interesting.

Watch TV shows & Movies Together

These are the days where you don’t have to watch a TV or movie when it first airs. In fact, you can use Netflix or Hulu and watch a movie together while you’re Skyping with each other. Why not pull up a favorite show through one of these streaming services and watch them together? For example, if you both like The Walking Dead, consider watching past episodes together. Or, use Hulu and watch a new episode of a show you both like. You can talk to each other during the show if you’d like. By doing this, you forget the distance that’s between you and remember what made you fall in love with each other again. Plus, you have something to talk about for the next few days.

Leave Video Messages For Them

Video messages can help you when you need your significant other around, and they’re not there physically. If there is a major difference in time, it can be hard to get in touch with them. A video message allows you to express how you’re feeling. You don’t need a long drawn out one either. Just something small that can ease your fears and anxiety about whatever is going on. When the other person logs onto their account, they’ll see the video message and can check up on you. You can even send video messages when there are no problems. For example, if there’s something you want to show them that’s important at that moment or you just want to chat about what happened at work (good or bad), then a video message is a good way to make this happen.

Skype Sex

Sex is a key component of a relationship. Many long-distance relationships fail because sex wasn’t in the cards. While the void of falling asleep next to each other or cuddling is impossible in a long-distance relationship, you can still have sex with each other. How you do this will depend on what works for you. Make sure, if you go this route, to have sex as often as you can. Some people are against this idea, but really the preference is up to you.

Cooking Together

Just because there’s distance between you doesn’t mean you can’t cook together. You can log into Skype, drink a little bit of wine and chat about the day. When you get hungry, you can take the laptop to the kitchen and start preparing your food while they do the same. Then, when it’s done, sit down and eat together in front of the computer. It’s like you’re eating together in the same room. It may seem funny to others when you tell them about the dinner dates via Skype, but if it’s something you look forward to, then why not do it. It’s not uncommon for families to sit around a table and talk about their day. If you want that tradition to continue, why not do it? A long distance relationship can be difficult to sustain, but if you want something to work out in the long run and grand scheme of things, you’ll find a way such as Skype or another kind of video messaging program to make it happen. Skyping doesn’t have to be boring; just use the ideas above (or any others) and it’s like your other half is right there in the room with you. The distance melts away during this “loving” time.

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