Five Unforgettable Rules of Having Skype Sex

When it comes to the sexual front, I’ve been a fortunate lady. In my life, I’ve had an ample amount of sexual experiences. I’ve come to understand an immense amount of exciting and terrifying things because of my experiences with both good (the knights in shining armor) and bad people (the obvious a-holes). I recently got into the swing of having Skype sex somewhat regularly and was shocked to see myself just as sexually awkward as I had been in my early youth. I am dating a guy who is a photographer, has good looks, resides in another country, and is way more visual compared to me. So regarding sex, I’ve changed my tune. Now I am starting to understand sexuality from scratch. Skype sex is vivid and unusual as an experience. Although you aren’t right there with someone, it’s close to the real thing. However, it doesn’t let your imagination take the reins like in sexting or email; it’s a whole new game with its own distinctive pros and cons. I am still trying to get the hang of things, but here are five things I’ve understood so far regarding this bizarre new world of e-humping.

5 Tips for Hot Skype Sex

1. Be Vocal and Expressive

Skype sex in quite a funny way is kind of like watching a porn video of you and someone you know. That’s right. It’s like being the director and the lead in a porn video, which is absolutely awesome and terrifying at the same time. An enthusiastic partner is an absolute blessing when you are doing this. Without the assurances of my partner about my hotness, I would feel stupid. I might even fall into the thought loop, circling around the thought: “Do I even belong there?” It’s a very unnerving and strange experience, so make sure to be considerate and generous with assurances. In your head, you may be thinking, “Those are the most stunning pectoral muscles I’ve ever seen on a man,” while your partner has no real way of ever becoming aware of that fact. Complimenting someone will never hurt you. So don’t shy away from it.

2. Screenshots are a gift, Ahem Ahem- not to be taken for granted

As you’re probably not living close to your partner, a screenshot for long lonely nights won’t do any harm. Though you should be clear about your priorities and limits before sending or taking a screenshot. Now, I wouldn’t get all red with shame if a naked picture of me found its way online. I’m pretty sure there are already several of them doing the rounds. Mine is a rare example. All the video calling-related services like Skype usually have a small photo of you in the corner, so if someone tries to snatch a screenshot of you naked, they’ll be in it as well. This is convenient because if they try to screen grab your privates, theirs will be in it as well. (Needless to say if one were maniacal enough they could just crop theirs out, but let’s leave that out for now). Basically, don’t be a prick. Someone is letting you in on something very personal and intimate. Learn to understand its importance and for once, HAVE RESPECT! If this point scares you, stay away from Skype sex (because everything on the internet stays there… yup!). The guy you may be so dreamy about could just turn out to be another jackass in the lot. So if you’re up for it, remember to be mindful of what you let your partner see. There’s always the option of keeping your face concealed, which I would say is a pretty safe bet. Because in case someone tries to accuse you of being the person in the picture, you can categorically deny the accusation. LOL. Call it the unfair advantage. Celebrities, models, and plenty of others get away with denying naked pictures of them all the time.

3. Become the enthusiastic exhibitionist

A popular rumor about sexual arousal is that men are very receptive to visual stimulation, but women only use their eyes to mind their domestic chores, kids, or shoes. The very fact that Bradley Cooper without a shirt, Channing Tatum Stripping and Gerard Butler with his abs are present on phones of every other woman shows that women like hot bodies too. It can be nice to be able to get aroused looking at another’s hotness and be able to enjoy sharing yours too. Most suggestions offered regarding good Skype sex usually go on about the requirement of adequate lighting or postures. And then… the positions. To me, the feeling of knowing you are attractive, that is vital. Why would I strip and do all that if I didn’t know the individual watching would love it? Try posing in front of a camera. Find out what you are comfortable with. Be sure to check if the lighting doesn’t make you look like you’re imprisoned. (Not a problem if you actually are.) Try to get the perfect lighting and shots. I just love my body. I love how it looks, but what I love it most for is how good it can make me feel. It has taken me a hell lot of time and effort to be able to get in this state of mind, and I am more than glad that I am. It brings me joy and a bit of arousal that my partner likes looking at it. It’s fair to say that your partner is probably fond of your body; there would be no other reason they’d spend their time looking at it! If other aspects of Skype sex don’t give you pleasure, at least this surely will!

4. Dirty talk is easy

When it comes to real life sex, dirty talk is pretty straightforward and formulaic. First, just say what you’re about to do. Second, talk about what you’re going to do or perform. Finally, just talk about what you’ve already done. However, with Skype, things are a tad different, as you can only emphasize what you’d want to do and of course the acts you’re performing on yourself. Needless to say, that can be hot as the flaming pit (like really hot)! Despite this, there’s quite a bit to learn when it comes to dirty talk, though porn just might help you get ahead. Most of what porn stars say is too profound (yeah, it really is). Most of it goes something like, “Ah yes, babe. Do you want it? You want it don’t you? I’m coming!” Not exactly very intricate, but it does the job and I don’t know how, but it gets me wet as well.

5. Sex on the internet can be soft as well as hot

This may be girly, but when I am lying down after having made out or done getting some with a partner, I am really into them. I like getting into them, I like talking about meaningful deeper things, to ask them about their life, to talk about dreams, have a laugh with them and let them make me laugh. Basically, communicating with each other is something that I on a personal front love to do. It helps the bond grow more intimate. You can consider this as a linguistic love or fondling/cuddling. When on Skype, it’s good to do that as a follow-up, especially the first few times around. Give them a text or an email complimenting them for the time. It has always turned out well for me! Which reminds me, do enjoy a lot! It is your pleasure on the line! Do not make this into something too serious. It is just as fine to mess up or to have a good laugh!

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