Text Messaging: How to Keep a Conversation Going

The proliferation of cell phones and the ability to send text messages have totally changed the world of dating. Most people these days communicate primarily through text messages, even for business. It takes a certain skill to keep the conversation going via text messages, especially when it involves a guy or gal that you’d like to stay interested.

How to Keep a Text Conversation Going – 8 Helpful Tips

1. A Conversation is a Two-Way Street

You’ve got to make sure that you and the things you are interested in are not the main topics of conversation otherwise it makes you look self-centered. To keep the other person engaged, show that you’re interested in finding about them and what their opinions are. Text this: “I’m sure you watched Game of Thrones last night. What do think is going to happen now?”

2. Have Your Own Unique Text Messaging Style

The key to being interesting is being unique. Develop your own flair for texting without abusing the English language. Avoid being overly formal. Emoticons can add fun, unless you overdo it. Text this: “Rise and shine 🙂 and hope you have a great day!”

3. Speak by Phone Too

You can intersperse your text messages with phone calls as well. While some people may think speaking by phone a bit outdated, it’s a lot easier to express yourself verbally than via texts, especially if the subject matter is serious. Text this: “Let’s talk more about this by phone. Are you free to talk with me now?”

4. End Conversations Politely

When it’s time to end the conversation, do it politely by letting the other party know you’ve got to get going. Just tell them you’ve got to go, that it’s time you get back to work. If you stop replying without any explanation you’ll just leave the other person hanging and that’s rude. Text this: “I would love to keep texting but I’m on a deadline now at work, so I have to get going. Let’s pick up where we left off after work. Enjoy your day!”

5. Make Them Feel You Care

If you want to keep the conversation going make it worth their while by showing you’re interested in them. Question them about the events of their day, talk about things they’re interested in, instead of talking about yourself all the time. And don’t gripe about things! Text this: “Did you sleep okay last night? I guess I shouldn’t have kept on texting you when it got so late, but I really enjoyed talking to you.”

6. Be Patient

While it may not be easy, do not get overly anxious if you don’t get an immediate reply. A little time gap does not mean they’ve left the conversation. Lighten up a bit and just enjoy the process. Have some fun and don’t forget that absence does make the heart grow fonder.

7. Don’t Take it All So Seriously

Remember that people are attracted to people they can laugh with, people that make them feel good. Romance might be a part of this, but don’t overdo it. Being playful and fun is romantic and sexy as well. The goal is for the other person to break out in a smile as soon as they read your text. This is how you keep the conversation going. Text this: “You’re a Capricorn and I’m a Scorpio. In astrology, we are the perfect fit…in and out of bed.”

8. Details Count

Proofread everything you’ve written before you send it! It should be easy to read and make sense. Make sure there are no spelling or stupid auto-correct mistakes. Check your grammar as well.

6 Topics to Keep a Conversation Going

Recently Released Movies/Music

Every week there are new movies/music being released and the media is bombarding you with ads so there is no way you’re not going to know what’s just been released. Texting about all of this allows you to discover what you might have in common, and if your tastes differ, that too is an interesting topic of conversation.

Travel Experiences

People who like to travel are more adventurous, attractive and exciting to others. Ask them about their travels, where they’ve been and what they saw and did. Find out where they still want to go and why. Tell them about your trips as well to keep them interested.

Future Goals & Ambitions

When you talk to them about your goals and ambitions and asking about theirs, tells them on some level that you want them involved one way or another. When the other person is getting serious with you about their ambitions, you need to show your interest by listening intently and asking all the right questions.

Interests & Passions

A great conversation is one about something you’re passionate about. People who are passionate about something are usually very animated when talking about it, which makes for a very interesting conversation. In doing this, don’t forget to find out what they are interested in as well; otherwise you’ll come off as self-centered.

Unusual Life Experiences

Have you ever thought you’d seen a UFO? Had an unusual experience with a wild animal? Met someone famous? Experiences like these are exciting to talk about because they’re so full of emotion. Relaying these stories gives you a chance to show off how interesting you can be. But again, don’t forget to give them the same chance to talk about any unusual life experiences they’ve had.

Observations About Them

We all love receiving compliments and to know that we’re being noticed. When talking about the other person, they can end up feeling great, but not if you make fun of their insecurities. When it comes to their quirks, you’ve got to let them know that none of this matters, you approve of everything.

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