How to find messages on Messenger from non friends on Android?

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It’s the icon with three horizontal lines, each beginning with a dot, at the bottom-right corner of Messenger. Tap Message Requests. It’s next to the blue chat bubble icon with three white dots inside. This displays the messages you’ve received from people who aren’t connected with you on Facebook.


Can you see messages on Facebook if not friends?

You can send messages to anyone on Facebook. Messages you send to people you’re not friends with may arrive in their Message Requests folder.

Why is Facebook Messenger not showing messages from non friends?

If you’ve tightened the Privacy Settings for your Facebook profile, then the messages from friends of friends or strangers who aren’t on your friends list won’t appear in the Messages inbox. Instead, such messages will appear under Messages Requests and will have a hidden Inbox just for those request.

How can I see Facebook messages from non friends on Android?

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Click the Messenger icon in your web browser, then click the three-dot menu for more options. Click “Message requests” to see hidden messages. If you’re using the Messenger app, simply click the “Message requests” icon.

Can someone see my Messenger messages from another phone?

No. Private messages only appear in your inbox on Facebook or on the Messenger app.

How to tell if someone is having secret conversation on Messenger Android?

A padlock icon is displayed next to the person’s profile picture to tell you if a conversation is ‘Secret’.

What happens if you send a message to someone who doesn t have Messenger?

Yes. You can send messages to people who have Facebook and Instagram accounts but don’t have the Messenger app on their phone. They’ll be able to see your messages or calls when they log into Facebook on their computer.

How do I get my Messenger back to normal?

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How do I find private message box on Android?

But if you go to the tab to the very right of the app’s screen, you will be able to access what is called the Private Box. On first opening the Private Box, you will have to set a password to prevent the unlikely prying eye.

How do you see other peoples messages on Facebook Messenger?

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  1. Open Messenger.
  2. Tap People.
  3. Tap Message Requests.
  4. Tap Show All.

How do I find hidden messages on Android?

Step 1: Go to Settings. Select Private mode or click on the option from the notification panel. Step 2: Turn on the private mode & Enter your security pin. View your hidden texts in the private folder or browse the gallery for other content.

Why can’t I see all my messages with someone on Messenger?

If you can’t see your messages or you’re getting a “No internet Connection” error, you can try: Updating to the latest version of Messenger. Quitting and reopening the Messenger app. Checking your Wi-Fi or internet connection.

Where do Messenger messages go from non friends?

When you send a message to someone you’re friends with on Facebook:

  • Your message gets delivered to their Facebook Chat list.
  • If the person uses Messenger, your message will also be delivered to their Messenger app.
  • Messages you send to people you’re not Facebook friends with may arrive in their message requests.

How do I change Messenger settings on Android?

Change global settings

  1. Open the Messages app .
  2. Tap More. Settings. Stop notifications from other apps: Tap Notifications. Turn off All “Default settings” notifications. Get notifications on your phone from Messages: Tap Notifications. Turn on Incoming messages.

How do I reset Messenger on my Android?

If you have an Android phone, you can clear the app’s cache without removing the app:

  1. Start the Settings app and tap Apps.
  2. If necessary, tap See all apps and then tap Messenger.
  3. Tap Storage & cache.
  4. Tap Clear storage.

How do I find hidden apps on my wife’s phone?

Find Hidden Apps Through Your Settings

First, tap on your Settings icon and choose Apps from the menu. If things look different on your device, just go for the tab that deals with your phone’s apps. From there, you should have access to a See all apps option. Tap it and you’ll see all your available apps.

How can I see all messages on Android?

Once connected, open the Messages section to see a list of all the conversations stored on your Android device. View the messages in a conversation by clicking it in the list. You’ll see all your messages, emojis, times/dates, attached media like photos, and contacts details.

What is private message box on Android?

Private Message Box keeps secure all your SMS, MMS and Call-Logs of private contacts. You can hide your text from unauthorized access. Your privacy is our high priority objective. Nobody knows about your texts even if he has full access of device. Get it on Google Play.

What do hidden apps look like on Android?

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How do I access hidden messages?

On Android

  1. Open the Messenger app on your Android phone.
  2. Tap your profile picture.
  3. Choose Message Requests.
  4. Choose from You May Know or Spam to see the different messages in your secret folder.

How do I access hidden chats?

Need to see a hidden chat again? Unhide a chat that you’ve hidden before by using search. at the top of Teams, search for the name of the person you were chatting with and select them. You’ll see that the chat history is hidden (which you can choose to show by selecting it).

How to not see the messages on Messenger without leaving the group?

Open a group chat. At the top, tap the name of the chat or tap . Tap Notifications & sounds. Tap next to All messages or Mentions & replies only, or tap Off to mute all notifications.

Can you remove yourself from group chat without them knowing?

Thankfully, you can leave a WhatsApp group chat without fellow members of the chat knowing immediately that you’ve left; you can do it silently, and only the group admin is notified.

What does turn off chat in Messenger mean?

Did you know Messenger allows you to turn off chat so that you won’t appear in your friends’ “Active” lists? Friends can still send you messages even while you have chat turned off, but by appearing to be “inactive,” you may discourage them from doing so.

How do you hide someone on Messenger without blocking them?

From the top of Chats or from the People tab, find the person you want to hide. Tap and hold on the person’s photo or name. Tap Hide contact.

Can someone see chat history on Messenger?

Can the Other Person See Deleted Messages on Messenger? No, the other person cannot see deleted messages on Messenger. However, you can use the Unsend feature.

How do I find hidden contacts on Messenger?

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Can a message be delivered without a person being online on Messenger?

Yes. When you turn off your Active Status, messages will still go to your Chat list for you to read later. If you use the Messenger app, you’ll also receive messages in Messenger.

How to send a message to someone on Messenger without Facebook?

Message your mobile contacts in Messenger if you’re not Facebook friends. You can upload your device’s contacts to your Messenger app and then message them from the app. To let people who have your mobile number send you a message, confirm your phone number on Messenger.

Does a green dot mean someone is actually chatting or just on Facebook?

If their name appears with a green dot, they are currently online. If there is no green dot next to their name, they are either offline or have not logged into Messenger recently. You can also tell if someone is on Messenger by looking at the time stamp next to their name.

Where do I find Messenger settings?

How to Change Facebook Messenger Settings

  1. Open the Messenger application on your Android device.
  2. Press the menu button on your phone.
  3. Tap the “Settings” option.
  4. Tap the “Alerts” item to set Alerts as “On” or “Off.”
  5. Check the boxes next to the Facebook Messenger alerts to enable Sound, Vibration or Light alerts.

Why is my Android not showing messages?

Fix problems connecting to Messages

On your phone, turn your Wi-Fi off and back on. Make sure your phone and computer are connected to the internet with a strong signal. If you have connection problems, restart your phone. Make sure your phone has background data turned on for the Messages app.

Why can’t i see messages from Android users?

If you’re having trouble getting SMS messages from Android users, remember that these can only arrive via your cellular network – not WiFi. Try turning the cellular radio off and on again to resolve any glitches.

How do you use private message box?

Just Sign-In with your number. Send unlimited text, photo and location details to another user. You can do conversations only with users who have enabled Free messaging. Full of emoji characters (300 emoji support), useful to represent emotions.

What is the difference between a private message and a direct message?

A “private message” should only be read or received by the recipient. No one else should be able or allowed to read it unless given permission by the sender or recipient of the message. “Direct” (adj) means being sent from A to B without extra procedures in the middle.

What app is private for messaging?

Signal Private Messenger

We consider Signal the gold standard for secure messaging apps, and it’s easy to see why. All of your messages are secured with E2EE and Signal is a nonprofit, so there’s no reason to harvest any user data.

How can you tell if someone is using a hidden app?

Monitoring apps will very often hide their app icons but they might show up in the main apps list, albeit under an innocuous, alternative name: From Settings on Android, tap Apps and notifications then See all apps to check.

How do you know if someone has a hidden app on your phone?

How to Find Hidden Apps in the App Drawer

  1. From the app drawer, tap the three dots in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  2. Tap Hide apps.
  3. The list of apps that are hidden from the app list displays. If this screen is blank or the Hide apps option is missing, no apps are hidden.

Can Androids have hidden apps?

Open Android device settings. Scroll down and click on the Home screen. Search and click Hide apps. Now click as many apps as you wish to hide, and the hidden applications won’t appear in the home screen menu.

How do you open hidden messages on Samsung?

You can also look up hidden menus on your Android device by opening the menu in the File Manager. Open the Advanced option and toggle on “Show Hidden Files.” Next, you can download the Messages app from the Play Store. Once you’ve downloaded it, tap on ‘SMS and Contacts.

Where can I find advanced settings on Messenger?

Step 2: Open the chat area at the bottom-right corner of the page, then click the Settings cog and select Advanced Settings.

Why is someone I’m not friends with showing on Messenger?

a person will be showing active you if they are not friend with you. you have messaged them recently or you have chatted them some time before or you poked them or you wave them a hi, That’s why they will be showing active in your active friend list.

Why my Messenger is not showing messages?

Clear Messenger Cache (Android)

Facebook Messenger collects cache to load your conversations quickly. If you are a heavy Messenger user, the app might collect a lot of cache data in the background. Old cached data may lead to Messenger not showing the latest messages on Android.

How do I get my Messenger back to normal?

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Why can’t I access my Messenger messages?

Update your Messenger app to the latest version. Connect to a reliable Wi-Fi network. Make sure your device has enough storage. Close your Messenger app and restart your device.

What apps should I delete from my Android?

8 Types of Android Apps You Should Delete From Your Phone

  • Pre-Installed Bloatware Apps.
  • Old Utility Apps That Are Now Built-In.
  • Outdated Productivity Apps.
  • Performance Booster Apps.
  • Duplicate Apps That Perform the Same Functions.
  • Overly Engaging Social Media Apps.
  • Old Games You No Longer Play.
  • Apps You No Longer Use.

What are disguised apps?

A decoy app is a sneaky on-device tool that lets anybody hide secret photos, videos and messages, under the cover of an innocent-looking icon.

What apps can you use to see where your spouse is?

1) mSpy – Best Overall

mSpy is a spying app that helps you to easily monitor your spouse’s activity remotely. It allows you to view all their messages without any hassle. This tool to spy on a spouse phone helps you check the GPS location of your spouse’s device.

Why can’t i see Android messages?

Fix problems sending or receiving messages

Make sure you have the most updated version of Messages. If you have a SIM card, ensure that it is inserted properly. If you’re on Fi, sign in to the Project Fi app. Verify that Messages is set as your default texting app.

How can non friends message me on Facebook?

By default, anyone who has a Facebook profile is allowed to send you a message, even if he’s not on your friend list. If you receive too many unwanted messages from non-friends, change your privacy settings so that only your confirmed friends are allowed to send a message.

Where do messages go when you are not friends on Facebook?

When you send a message to someone you’re friends with on Facebook: Your message gets delivered to their Facebook Chat list. If the person uses Messenger, your message will also be delivered to their Messenger app. Messages you send to people you’re not Facebook friends with may arrive in their message requests.

Can you receive messages on Messenger without being friends?

For help with the Messenger app or, visit the Messenger Help Center. You can send messages to anyone on Facebook. Messages you send to people you’re not friends with may arrive in their Message Requests folder. Your messages also won’t reach people who may have blocked you on Facebook chat or Messenger.

Can someone tell when I am on Facebook?

Your friends and contacts will see a or recently active time next to your profile picture and in other places on Facebook and Messenger. You’ll see when your friends and contacts are active or recently active.

Can a person see how many times I viewed their story on Facebook?

Only you are able to see who has viewed your story. In the Stories section at the top of your Feed, tap Your Story. Tap in the bottom left of any photo or video in your story to see who has viewed your story.

How do I see my boyfriend’s secret messages on Facebook?

Open the Facebook Messenger app on your device. Step 2. Tap Chats on the bottom if it is not on the Chats page. The chats with the lock icon are secret conversations.

Can you tell if someone is checking your Messenger?

A filled-in blue circle next to your message means that your message was delivered. And, when a friend has read your message, a small version of your friend’s photo will appear next to your message.

How to tell if someone is having secret conversation on Messenger?

You are able to have both a normal Facebook messenger conversation as well as a Secret Conversation with the same person. A padlock icon is displayed next to the person’s profile picture to tell you if a conversation is ‘Secret’.

Where do I find Messenger settings in Android phone?

Open the Messenger application on your Android device. Press the menu button on your phone. Tap the “Settings” option.

What does it mean if the person is online but the message is not delivered?

Typically, the message doesn’t get delivered instantly due to some delay in the network and issues with connection requests. It could be a poor internet connection, a Messenger server problem, or a recipient’s connection and lack of data storage space.

What is the difference between sent and delivered on Android?

SENT means the message has been submitted to the cellular network for immediate delivery. DELIVERED means the message was delivered to the recipient’s cell phone.