How do you respond to an ex insulting you?

Best Answer:

Remember: what your ex says is a reflection of them, not you. You can choose not to take it personally.

Don’t expect them to ever change their behavior, and do develop strategies for deflecting their drama.

  1. Don’t defend yourself.
  2. Use disarming statements.
  3. Don’t match your ex’s intensity.


What does it mean when your ex gets angry with you?

They’re outwardly angry with you.

Anger is a telltale sign there might be hurt feelings, and that you still have an affect on your ex,” explains Simonian. After a breakup, it’s normal for either or both sides to feel angry or resentful, especially if it wasn’t an amicable split.

How do you respond to an angry ex boyfriend?

EBR 029: How To Deal With An Angry Ex Boyfriend

  1. Brandiwine’s Situation.
  2. Rule 1: Don’t Get Baited Into A Fight.
  3. Rule 2: Apologize When The Time Is Right.
  4. Rule 3: Build The Right Rapport.
  5. Rule 4: Be Sincere In Your Communication.
  6. Rule 5: Take Things Slow.

What to do when your ex makes you angry?

The following four steps can help you work through the process.

  1. Acknowledge it. Anger is an emotion that people are often uncomfortable with.
  2. Express it. This is a tricky one.
  3. Depersonalize it. What any one person says or does is always much more about them than it is about you.
  4. Heal it.

Does anger help get over ex?

It is designed to promote our survival and discharging feelings of anger can help you feel a greater sense of calm and control. Anger also energizes us and helps us solve problems. If you reach the anger stage in the breakup process, it is important to find healthy ways to discharge your angry feelings.

Why my ex is angry at me during no contact?

It’s possible he’ll cope with the silent treatment by dating someone new. He might feel angry and do it out of spite or insecurity, or he may genuinely want to put his feelings to the test and see if anyone else can compare to you. When he realizes they can’t, he’ll want you back even more.

How do you know if your ex is heartbroken?

Learn more about the signs he is hurt after the breakup in the following paragraphs:

  1. He talks to you often.
  2. He says he misses you.
  3. He is in denial of the breakup.
  4. He enters a new relationship.
  5. He cuts you off.
  6. You don’t hear from him.
  7. He blocks you from his digital life.
  8. He changes his location.

Should I reply to an ex who hurt me?

You’re under no obligation to respond to your ex.

It’s totally up to you whether or not you want to talk to your ex again, and ignoring them is a great way to keep them out of your life. Sometimes, exes will try to worm their way back into your life when they see you thriving.

How do I make my toxic ex regret?

Here are 11 tried-and-tested ways to make your ex regret losing you

  1. Limit contact with your ex, but stay in sight.
  2. Don’t be the backup plan.
  3. Become a better version of yourself.
  4. Make them think you’re over them.
  5. Keep calm and move on.
  6. Get successful.
  7. Expand your social circle.
  8. Evoke a little jealousy.

How do you diffuse an angry ex?

Like they say in the trade, words matter.

  1. “Let’s both take a step back for a minute.” …
  2. “Let’s think about this together.” …
  3. “I’m listening to you.” …
  4. “I’m open to your thoughts and ideas.” …
  5. “Remember, we both love these kids, so I’m certain we can work this out.”

How do you make an angry ex miss you?

How To Make Your Ex Miss You After A Breakup

  1. Do Not Try To Contact Them.
  2. Do Not Receive Their Calls And Respond To Their Texts.
  3. Reinvent Yourself.
  4. Meet New People And Make New Friends.
  5. Talk To Their Friends.
  6. Check Out The Outside Dating World.
  7. Take A Vacation.
  8. Be Active On Social Media.

How do you respond to a rude breakup text?

Express your anger about their text while still being civil.

Try messages like: I’m disappointed in the way you handled the situation but I respect your decision. I wish you would have communicated this with me another way, but I understand.

How do you respond to a toxic message?

11 Ways to Respond to a Mean or Toxic Text Message

  1. 1 “I’m not going to respond to this right now.”
  2. 2 “Are you trying to be mean?”
  3. 3 “Did I say or do something wrong?”
  4. 4 “Is this really about something else?”
  5. 5 “I’m really sorry you’re hurting.”
  6. 6 “Why would you say that?”
  7. 7 “That’s not cool.”

How to make him think he lost you?

Scroll down for more information.

  1. Let Him Know That You Are Prepared To Walk Away. Save.
  2. Do Not Let Him Take Away Your Efforts In Vain. Easier said than done!
  3. Prioritize Yourself.
  4. Remind Him That He Is Not Your Only Option.
  5. Make Yourself Busy.
  6. Go For A New Look.
  7. Take A Break From Replying.
  8. Do Not Try To Please Him.

How to take revenge from ex?

14 Ways To Get Revenge On Your Ex

  1. Live Well … and Let Them Know It.
  2. Cultivate That Beak-up Body.
  3. Do That Thing You Always Wanted To Do.
  4. Let the World Know … That They Suck.
  5. Do What They Love … Without Them.
  6. Write It All Down.
  7. Write A Book About the Book They Wrote About You.
  8. Write A Beloved Cult Rom-Com.

How do I make my ex realize his mistakes?

Hence, listed below are some quick tips on how to make him realize he made a mistake so that he would come back to you and would promise to not repeat it.

  1. Stay away a bit.
  2. Don’t argue at all.
  3. Never ever talk about past experiences.
  4. Focus on yourself.
  5. Be the future you.

What is the best revenge to your ex?

The Healthy Way to Get Revenge on Your Ex

  • Take A Break From Social Media.
  • Find A New Hobby.
  • Spend Time With Loved Ones.
  • Focus On Your Career.
  • Volunteer For A Cause That’s Important To You.
  • Online Therapy to Improve Mental Health After A Breakup.
  • Takeaway.

How do you deal with a nasty breakup?

Setting clear boundaries for future contact can help make the breakup easier for you both.

  1. Take some time apart. Even if you both know you want to maintain a friendship, a little space for some time won’t hurt.
  2. Respect each other’s needs.
  3. Maintain some physical and emotional distance.
  4. Discuss how you’ll handle encounters.

How do you make a guy feel guilty over text?

Painful text to make him feel guilty for hurting you

  1. When you said that you would never hurt me, I was foolish and naïve enough to believe you with all my heart.
  2. I may act like I do not care at all.
  3. I loved you more than I loved myself, and that is why you got the chance to hurt me so much.

Should I ignore a breakup text?

This could provide you with closure, but if you’re still upset over the breakup, it’s perfectly acceptable to ignore it. For break-ups that have caused a lot of emotional distress, avoiding contact with your ex may be best to give youtime to move on.

How do you respond to a narcissist?

When possible, stick with “yes” or “no” answers. Keep your answer short, clear, and concise. Get to the point quickly, and don’t let the narcissist drag you down any tangents that have no bearing on your answer. Whenever possible, give a simple “yes” or “no” answer and leave it at that.

How do you respond to hurtful words?

How to respond to rude comments

  1. Pause to regroup. When someone says something hurtful, consider taking several seconds – or longer – to breathe, feel your feelings, and consider your response.
  2. Detach.
  3. Advocate for yourself.
  4. State your boundary.
  5. Don’t waste your breath.
  6. Leverage nonverbal cues.
  7. Flip the script.

How do you know if your ex wants you back but won t admit it?

When an ex wants you back but won’t admit it, they will constantly seek your attention and validation. If they have a greater ego, they might be holding on to past pain. If your ex wants you back, they will ask for your advice and attention, and will try to give you their attention in return.

What to do when ex reaches out after no contact?

Try these things on for size.

  1. Think about how it will affect you.
  2. If you’re currently dating someone, you should consider their feelings.
  3. Take your time responding.
  4. Keep your response light.
  5. Don’t rush into a response, friendship, or rebound.
  6. Be open and honest with them.

Why is my ex angry and ignoring me?

Maybe they moved on and want nothing to do with you anymore. Maybe they’re doing the whole no-contact thing. Maybe they’re pissed off. Your ex could also just be protecting themselves from any unwanted emotions – perhaps they fear that if they respond, they’ll re-open their breakup wounds.

How a man feels when he hurts a woman?

When a man hurts a woman he loves, he feels emotions such as anger, guilt, frustration, self-loathe, fear, etc. Although he may not express his feelings confidently, a man will show signs he is sorry for hurting you or signs he knows he hurt you.

How do you know when a breakup isn’t final?

15 signs the breakup is temporary

  • You haven’t moved on.
  • You still hang out together.
  • They’ve been sending you mixed messages.
  • You’re learning how to communicate with your ex.
  • They reminisce with you.
  • They reach out during trials.
  • They ask about you through friends.
  • You have both been working on your issues.

What are signs that your ex misses you?

8 signs your ex misses you, because it might not be all in your…

  • They are steadily active on your Instagram.
  • They haven’t been spotted with anyone new.
  • OR, they are constantly with other partners, and they make sure you know it.
  • Late night calls and texts.
  • They are judgmental about your new partner.

How do I know my ex regrets hurting me?

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  1. They apologize for the breakup.
  2. They show more affection.
  3. They discuss issues in their present relationship.
  4. They try to atone for past mistakes.
  5. They show pessimism when you tell them someone else is involved.
  6. They stalk you.
  7. They try to go through your friends.
  8. They begin to act like a different person.

How long do dumpers take to regret?

Generally speaking, some dumpers regret their decision to break up only weeks after the incident. Other dumpers need years to feel that way. And some never even arrive at the final stage of dumpers remorse. Instead, they move on to someone else – be it a rebound or not.

What can I say to make my ex regret?

Reminiscing about your relationship tends to bring up generally positive memories, and these rose-colored glasses can make your ex regret leaving you (at least, temporarily). A casual mention of any place you used to go regularly as a couple might do the trick.

What to do when ex texts you?

Hey, Stranger: 4 Things to Do When Your Ex Texts You (and One Thing Not to Do)

  1. Phone a Friend to Jog Your Memory.
  2. Trust Your Gut.
  3. Look Beyond the Words on the Screen.
  4. Practice Restraint When an Ex Texts.
  5. Never Feel Obligated if It Doesn’t Serve You.

Is it better to be silent after a breakup?

Staying silent can also help you feel empowered. You’re taking charge and showing your ex that you’re capable of and willing to live life without them. Whether you’re the one who was hurt or the one who ended it, cutting off communication after a breakup puts you in control.

What is the one question a narcissist can’t answer?

“What makes you so different from anyone else?” It was referring to how infallible and superior narcissists see themselves. They cannot answer why they are so wonderful and perfect; they are special, and that’s all you need to know about them.

How do you respond to a narcissistic ex text?

Ignore their text to protect yourself and give yourself relief. Follow the “no contact” rule and leave a narcissist’s text unanswered. “No contact” means you will ignore any communication from a narcissist. The best way to practice the “no contact” method is to delete any text you receive.

What words not to say to a narcissist?

8 Things You Should Never Say to a Narcissist

  • Don’t say, “It’s not about you.” …
  • Don’t say, “You’re not listening.” …
  • Don’t say, “Ina Garten did not get her lasagna recipe from you.” …
  • Don’t say, “Do you think it might be your fault?” …
  • Don’t say, “You’re being a bully.” …
  • Don’t say, “Stop playing the victim.”

Can hurtful words be taken back?

No matter how you might wish you could take back hurtful words or scathing criticisms hurled during conversations, in e-mails and memos, on Facebook or Twitter, you can’t. Words have power. It turns out, millennia after millennia, people remember how words you spoke made them feel.

Who hurts more after a breakup?

Despite the age-old stereotype that men are less emotionally invested in relationships than women, a new study has found that men are in fact more likely to experience more emotional pain than women following a breakup.

What is the hardest stage of a breakup?

After you realize that bargaining didn’t work, you go into the depression phase – one of the hardest stages of grief in a breakup. This is different from Clinical Depression because what you feel in this stage is a normal reaction to the loss of a relationship. You might feel sad or lost or just not yourself.

Is anger a stage of heartbreak?

Even ifyou were the one who initiated the split, there are five stages ofgrief that you will go through. They are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, according to Mental-Health-Matters. These are the natural ways for your heart to heal.

Is ignoring your ex the best revenge?

The best revenge is no reaction. Believe it, the silence and zero reaction really bothers your ex, and they consider it as the best served revenge. Nothing creates more curiosity than silence. Your ex would expect a vent or an angry rant from you, but don’t give in.

How do you make an angry ex miss you?

How To Make Your Ex Miss You After A Breakup

  1. Do Not Try To Contact Them.
  2. Do Not Receive Their Calls And Respond To Their Texts.
  3. Reinvent Yourself.
  4. Meet New People And Make New Friends.
  5. Talk To Their Friends.
  6. Check Out The Outside Dating World.
  7. Take A Vacation.
  8. Be Active On Social Media.

What is the power of silence after break up?

Silence Is Key After a Breakup

Remember, silence is a key after you’ve just broken up. It helps re-establish your bond while allowing both you and your partner to think. So, instead of texting and making phone calls, be absolutely silent. Do not reach out to him, and if he tries to do so, simply ignore him.

What toxic behavior after breakup?

It causes you to conceal and suppress emotions or act with rage, at the same time feeling deeply isolated from others and yourself. Toxic shame alters your self-image and may cause you to feel devoured with self-judgment and self-loathing.

What not to do after a bad breakup?

Here’s 10 Things not to do after a breakup

  • Don’t beg for another chance.
  • Get off of social media.
  • Revenge is a dish best not served.
  • Don’t date or (or marry) the first one to come along.
  • Don’t catastrophize.
  • Don’t share his/her dirty secrets.
  • Alone is oK, isolating is not.
  • Don’t turn to substances for support.

What to text when he ignores you?

Texts to be sent to someone who’s ignoring you

  • 01/6Texts to be sent to someone who’s ignoring you.
  • 02/6″Are you alright? …
  • 03/6″I’m here for you whenever you want to talk” …
  • 04/6″I’m sad that we aren’t talking right now” …
  • 05/6″So this happened today…” …
  • 06/6″I’m sorry and I respect your space”

What to do if he is taking you for granted?

Start with explaining how you feel you are being taken for granted and how it is impacting the relationship. Maybe, your partner would understand you and your needs better when you explain it in plain words. Remember not to play any blame game and see how both of you can work together to find a solution.

What to say to your ex to make him cry?

How to Make a Guy Cry over Text

  • 1 “I can’t stop thinking about you.”
  • 2 “You make the world a better place.”
  • 3 “I’m so thankful you’re in my life.”
  • 4 “I feel like I can tell you anything.”
  • 5 “I’ll always be here for you.”
  • 6 “I’m so proud of you.”
  • 7 “I miss you.”
  • 8 “We’re perfect for each other.”

What is the most touching breakup message?

You were my whole world and now I feel like I have nothing. It hurts me to do this, but I can’t keep seeing you. I need to find someone who loves and appreciates me, and that someone isn’t you. I know that one day you’ll look back and realize that at this moment you lost the best thing that had ever happened to you.

What is the best revenge to your ex?

The Healthy Way to Get Revenge on Your Ex

  • Take A Break From Social Media.
  • Find A New Hobby.
  • Spend Time With Loved Ones.
  • Focus On Your Career.
  • Volunteer For A Cause That’s Important To You.
  • Online Therapy to Improve Mental Health After A Breakup.
  • Takeaway.

How do you make him miss me after hurting me?

How To Make Him Miss You After A Breakup: 9 Best Ways

  1. Apologize. Save.
  2. Avoid being friends. Even after the breakup, if he asks you to be friends with him, he wants you to be a part of his life.
  3. Apply the no-contact rule. Save.
  4. Cherish the nostalgia.
  5. Be confident.
  6. Make him realize.
  7. Focus on yourself.
  8. Make him jealous.

What text will make him chase you?

How to Make a Guy Chase You over Text

  • 1 Talk about what you’re doing that day.
  • 2 Keep some details about your life to yourself.
  • 3 Ask him thoughtful questions about himself.
  • 4 Send a fun picture of your location.
  • 5 Text him the song you’re listening to.
  • 6 Send him a funny meme.
  • 7 Give him some sincere compliments.

How do you make a guy realize his loss?

Consider who he is as a person, who you are, and show him exactly what he’s missing out on. The best way to show him what he’s missing is to focus on yourself, not him. So keep your distance from him, make positive changes in your own life, and embrace the potential for new experiences.

Why would an ex want revenge?

Personal Revenge

Because of those feelings of loneliness and abandonment, they may be willing to risk everything in order that the justice they seek is done. They are driven to preserve their honor and self-respect at any cost so that the partner who has harmed them suffers as they have.

How do you make someone Realise your absence?

6 psychological tricks to make anyone MISS you

  1. 01/7Look sharp. Always work on your looks and dress well.
  2. 02/7Make them miss you with these tricks. Want someone to miss you in your absence? …
  3. 03/7Your scent.
  4. 04/7Be a bit mysterious.
  5. 05/7Become active on social media.
  6. 06/7Being independent.
  7. 07/7Leave something behind.

How do I get my ex to respect me back?

How to Get Your Ex to Respect You

  1. Respect yourself.
  2. Earn respect, don’t demand or beg for it.
  3. Model the respect you want in return.
  4. Stay respectful if they disrespect you.
  5. Speak respectfully (or keep quiet) about your ex.
  6. Listen and communicate thoughtfully with them.
  7. Set relationship boundaries together.

How long will it take him to realize he messed up?

Men often go through an emotional state called “Dumpers Remorse” after the woman finally goes away. This state hits after one month to six weeks after the man passes through the initial happy phase after a breakup. He starts to give away signs he knows he messed up the whole thing from that time.

How to hurt your ex with words?

Say something like, “I feel like you betrayed my trust, and I’m really hurt,” or “My heart is broken, and I feel like you didn’t really care about me.” If you don’t want to talk to him, you could try texting or messaging him.

How do I make my ex feel jealous?

How to Make Your Ex Jealous

  1. Post attractive pictures of yourself online.
  2. Stop all contact with your ex.
  3. Post amazing updates about your life.
  4. Hang out with a group.
  5. Be nice if you can’t avoid your ex.
  6. Act like you’re totally fine.
  7. Look your best.
  8. Get active to help you move on.

What is the three day rule after a breakup?

For starters, the 3-Day Rule is when you take a 3 day break from texting/contacting/messaging your potential new bae to see if he/she will reach out to you first from time to time as well. When it comes to dating someone new, unofficially, the fact that nobody can read minds really grinds some gears.