What Does it Mean to Be “Cute”?

Cute. When you hear the word, you likely think of adorable puppies and kittens. But if you like a guy and he referred to you as “cute,” how should you feel? Should you be flattered? Or should you run for the hills? Is being called cute part of a secret code, meaning, “she has a great personality…” but possibly nothing else? Being called cute might make you feel warm and fuzzy, so there is not anything wrong with it. Is there? As a female, you might prefer to be called things like gorgeous, sexy, or hot. But cute? It does not necessarily fall in the same category. If you are afraid that a guy who called you cute may not be interested in you in that way, do not worry. Being cute is about so much more than just how you look. It can refer to the total package – it is not just about how pretty you are! While every man might think he wants a gorgeous woman on his arm, what he does not realize is that cute girls can be some of the most attractive women on the planet.

When a Guy Calls You Cute, What Does It Means?

When a man looks at a woman, he might admire her body shape, her skin tone, or something else. However, many men also look at the facial features of a woman, evaluate her smile, her dimples, and other aspects of her appearance. This can make it hard for a man to describe you, as it is a challenge to find the perfect words. He will likely feel comfortable referring to you as cute. Why? If he approaches you and says that you are curvy, you might think he is only interested in you because of the shape of your body. If, on the other hand, he uses the word “cute,” it is likely because he is afraid of being overly provocative because he wants to show that he appreciates other aspects of you, like how you look or how you smile. If a guy calls you cute, it does not mean that he thinks you are a baby – it could be quite the opposite!

Why Cute is Best

There is nothing wrong with being a cute girl. In fact, it is what you should strive for! Cute girls are not only pretty, but they are also kind and intelligent. That is what a guy is looking for when he is ready to be in a relationship. Cute girls are the ones who last!

1. You are happy

A cute girl is good-natured. While a beautiful girl can be just that – beautiful – she can also be bitchy, which is downright repulsive. If you are calm, collected, and easygoing, many people will likely view you as cute. You are not stuck-up or boring, nor do you act anxious or lose your nerves easily. Instead, you will be supportive and gentle. That means you attract all the right people!

2. You look young

You are considered cute if you do not seem old, worn out, and tired. You will have a loving smile. The more you smile, the slower you will age. You do not have to act like others; instead, you accept your reality and go with the flow. It is a compliment if someone calls you cute because it means that you look young and attractive.

3. You are fun

If you are cute, you will probably be having a lot of fun. You won’t be a wallflower but will instead be right in the mix, having a great time and being the life of the party. You won’t let anyone hold you back, no matter how big or small the party might be.

4. You are fun to be around

If you are cute, you are generally a fun person to be around. You do not take life too seriously and will instead try to make people laugh. You always want to be the fun one in the group. Guys enjoy that, so if a guy refers to you as cute, it shows that he appreciates your company and believes that you are a lively, fun person to be around.

5. You are cheerful

A bitchy girl can’t be cute. If you are called cute, it means that you have a cheerful attitude and are not stuck-up. Instead, you make people happy just by being yourself! This is the absolute best.

6. You are naturally beautiful

If you are cute, you probably look good both with and without makeup. A cute woman will be confident in her natural features, skin tone, and color. However, a man might wonder just how gorgeous you could be when you do doll yourself up which will certainly keep the mood exciting.

7. Your imperfections make you perfect

Everybody is imperfect for each and every one of us has some sort of flaw we want to hide. However, cute girls will make imperfections look perfect. You probably won’t be perfect yourself, but you accept your imperfections and show that they are what make you the way you are.

8. You are friendly

A cute girl does her best to get along with others. She won’t be full of herself or overly arrogant. Instead, you will be confident in your abilities. You will not be selfish or find yourself always competing with other women. When a man refers to you as cute, it means that he thinks you are humble, appreciative, kind, and of course, friendly.

9. You rock your own style

If you are cute, you will look good no matter what you wear. You are not a slave to fashion and will instead be able to pull off anything you want. You do not have to be trendy to be cute because your unique style never goes out of fashion!

10. You do not try to be someone you are not and nobody expects you to be, either

People like hanging out with the “cute” girl because she is always herself. She does not pretend to be someone else. There is no hidden agenda. Guys will always date the cute girl because they are engaging and fun to be around while they do not bother with playing mind games like so many girls tend to do.

11. You can be one of the guys

Cute girls can throw on their favorite jerseys and watch a ball game with the rest of the guys. She is most comfortable in a tee shirt and jeans, and she can hang out like the best of them. She is not trying to impress anyone and she does not make herself feel awkward. She is just cute by being herself.

12. You have good manners

Some girls can be sassy, bitchy, or downright repulsive. But a cute girl will have good manners. She won’t overreact or easily lose her temper. Instead, she will be quite gentle. Therefore, if a man calls you cute, he sees you as being pleasant and well-mannered to be around.

13. The in-laws love you

Why is that? Cute girls tend to be more respectful and able to just roll with the punches. Even if your mother-in-law is a huge bitch, you, as a cute girl, should be able to grin and bear it. A cute girl does not constantly need attention and she won’t pit her partner against his family members.

14. You are independent

Being cute means that you can hold your own. You are intelligent, witty, and spunky.

15. You can be hot – but not all hot girls are cute

Cute does not mean that you can’t be hot. You can be both! But here’s where it gets confusing – if someone calls you hot, it might mean that being hot is all you have going for you. But if you are cute…well, you can be hot, too!

16. You do not worry about the little things

Cute girls do not worry about breaking a nail! They do not get too bothered about going skinny dipping because it will ruin their makeup or avoid hiking because they do not want to sweat. They will be willing and ready to take on any adventure. That is an attitude that a guy wants to be around for sure!

17. You are laid back

A cute girl won’t be high strung. She won’t find herself unnerved over every little thing. She won’t be controlling, rude, or uptight. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that people will want to be around a cute girl.

18. You do not take life too seriously

And that includes yourself, too! If you are a cute girl, you will understand that life is all about living in the moment. You won’t walk around with a hidden agenda or a stand up for a cause that you do not really believe in. You will take things at face value and enjoy life to the fullest.

19. You’ve got a great smile

If you are cute, you have a smile that speaks volumes. A man will love hanging out with you because that smile shows that you are interested and happy. A man would rather hang out with great company than just an elegant image. So own it! You are beautiful because you know how to have a good time.

20. You have wife potential

A guy wants to be with a girl who will not just be a lady, but also potentially the mother of his children. Cute girls know how to respect others and will get along well with his family. A girl who finds it hard to get along with people is not only not cute, but she is also usually not seen as wife material. If a guy refers to you as cute, he sees that you are able to respect others and he certainly values that deeply. He will understand that you not only keep negative emotions at bay, but you are also encouraging and happy as well as attractive. The man who calls you cute is without a doubt attracted to your personality as well as your looks!

21. You are low-maintenance

A cute girl will not be high-maintenance. Many guys think they want to be with the hottest girl in the room, only to find out that she is ridiculously high-maintenance. Nobody likes being around a high-maintenance woman. If a guy says you are cute, he recognizes that you can hang out and go with the flow, putting him at ease when you are in his company.

22. You are upbeat

If you are cute, you are definitely not a Debbie Downer. Remember, there is nothing cute about somebody who is miserable all the time. A cute girl won’t spend all of her time telling you her sad stories or trying to elicit sympathy. Instead, she will look on the bright side of things and do her best to make you smile, too.

So – Are You Cute?

If you were just referred to as cute, do not panic! It is not a downgrade. In fact, it is far from it. Being cute is not just about the way you look, but it is also about the attitude and personality that you portray. Trust me, if you are cute, you’ve got the whole package.

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