What do you say to a friend who is far away?

Best Answer:

Long Distance Friendship Quotes

  • “No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other’s worth.” – …
  • “True friends stay with you no matter the distance or time that separates you from them.” – …
  • “If ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together…


How do you cheer up a sad friend?

Top 10 Ways to Cheer Someone Up

  1. Give a Gift.
  2. Watch a Movie Together.
  3. Share a Walk.
  4. Lend an Ear.
  5. Tell a Joke.
  6. Send a Handwritten Letter.
  7. Make Dinner.
  8. Volunteer Together.

What to do when your long distance best friend is sad?

There still some are things that you can do to help a friend with depression, despite living far away.

  1. Keep In Touch.
  2. Send Us Links.
  3. Watch Things Together.
  4. Snail Mail.
  5. Make Plans.
  6. Talk To Those Who Live Close By (With Permission) …
  7. Remind Us You Love Us.
  8. Find Out What Help Is Available.

How do you cheer a friend up over text?

6 ways to cheer someone up over text

  1. Send them a playlist with some motivational tunes and their favorite songs.
  2. Share a funny video or meme.
  3. Send them a list of 10 things you appreciate about them.
  4. Remind them of a fun memory you share.
  5. Let them know that you’re there to support them however they want.

What do you say to comfort someone?

Helpful things to say

  • “Can you tell me more about what’s going on?”
  • “If you want to tell me more, I’m here to listen”
  • “I’ve noticed you haven’t been yourself, is there anything on your mind?”
  • “I can see this is hard for you to open up about. It’s ok to take your time. I’m not in any rush”

How do you comfort someone with words?

Words of Comfort for a Friend

  1. Know that my prayers are covering you.
  2. I am always here for you, no matter what or when.
  3. Praying for you to have peace during this difficult time.
  4. I know this is hard. I love you.
  5. You can cry, talk, go take a nap, or be silent around me. I won’t be offended, I just want to support you.

Do long distance friendships last?

For people concerned about not seeing long-distance friends in person – especially as the pandemic has ruined so many of our travel plans – there’s good news: Research suggests that friendships can flourish even without face-to-face interactions.

Why are long distance friendships so hard?

Distance can cause friendships to fade, which is natural when you spend less time with someone. It can also be hard to keep in touch since you have to make more of an effort to call and visit each other. And, with time zone differences, as well, timing can get tricky.

How do you comfort a friend?

How to Comfort Someone: 76 Ways to Show You Care

  1. #1 Text a photo of a fun memory.
  2. #2 Start a project together.
  3. #3 Acknowledge their feelings.
  4. #4 Bring them a surprise dessert.
  5. #5 Ask 36 Deep Questions.
  6. #6 Pick up the phone.
  7. #7 Send a thoughtful text.
  8. #8 Show gratitude with a handwritten letter.

What to text a friend who is feeling down?

Find your words

  • “I’ve noticed that you’ve been _____.
  • “Lately I’ve gotten the feeling that you’re having a difficult time, and I’m worried about you.
  • “It seems like you are going through a lot right now.
  • “You seem really down lately, and I’m starting to wonder if you might be depressed.”

How can I be supportive over text?

  1. “Whenever you need to call, I’m here.” …
  2. “I wish I could be there right now.” …
  3. “You’re still in my thoughts.
  4. “Your family is lucky to have you through all this.” …
  5. “Maybe I can’t be there, but there’s definitely something I can do.
  6. “Hey, get well soon.
  7. “You’re doing a great job with a major responsibility.

How do I make my long distance friend feel special?

Seven Ways to Make the Most of a Long-Distance Friendship

  1. Stay in Touch.
  2. Find Something You Can Do Together, Apart.
  3. Be Accepting of the Situation.
  4. Don’t Fear Lack of Contact.
  5. Communicate in a Different Way.
  6. Use Distance As An Opportunity.

How do you comfort someone long distance?

Share your get well wishes with these tips.

  1. Order food for them.
  2. Send a get well gift or care package.
  3. Read aloud to them.
  4. Send them something to make them smile or laugh.
  5. Call or reach out in the evening.
  6. Schedule time to reach out.
  7. Send a comfort item.
  8. Watch a show or sporting event together.

What do you say to a friend who is struggling?

A good framework for replying to your friend’s troubles is: summarize what they’re going through, from your perspective. validate how they feel about what they’re going through. ask how you can help (or express that you know nothing will really help, but you want to be there for your friend through the pain)

What is a sweet message to comfort a friend?

You are a gift not just to me and the people around you, but to the whole world.

  • Let go of what is hurting you.
  • The best is yet to come, so sit up straight and stop the tears.
  • I always knew that you could do anything.
  • It’s okay to feel down today, and perhaps even tomorrow.
  • Words can’t describe how proud of you I am.

What do you say when your friend is sad?

What to Say to Someone who Feels Down or Depressed

  • You’re right, this sucks.
  • You don’t walk this path alone.
  • I believe in you…
  • How can I help? …
  • I’m here if you want to talk (walk, go shopping, get a bit to eat, etc.).
  • I know it’s hard to see this right now, but it’s only temporary…

How do you comfort someone over text when they are sad?

4 Text Messages You Can Send to a Sad Friend

  1. #1 “I’m here if you need anything.”
  2. #2 “It’s okay, you’re not weak.”
  3. #3 “You can talk to me and I’ll listen.”
  4. #4 “Take your time, I’ll be waiting.”

How do I make someone feel better?

50 Things You Can Do to Make Someone Feel Better

  1. Donate blood whenever you can, it may help a friend or family member in the future.
  2. Bake them a cake with a funny message on it.
  3. Make them dinner.
  4. Send them flowers.
  5. Send them a card.
  6. Send them a get-well text.
  7. Send them an inspirational book.
  8. Bring them a chocolate shake.

What are two lines for best friend?

Best friends are the people in your life who make you smile brighter, laugh louder and live better. Best friends make the good times better and the hard times easier. Friendship consists in forgetting what one gives and remembering what one receives. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for those who are really my friends.

How often should you text a long-distance friend?

Stay connected as often as possible

Friendships will stay strongest if talking regularly becomes part of your routine, whether that means daily, weekly, or monthly. Text your friend about the little things, like the great new ramen place he’d love or the embarrassing story you know will make her snicker.

What do you text a long-distance friend?

50 Sweet, Heartwarming Things To Say to Your Long-Distance Partner

  • 1. ” I love you so much, honey.”
  • 2. ” Every day we are apart my love grows stronger for you.”
  • 3. ” I miss you more than ever, and I can’t wait to be with you soon.”
  • 4. ” Thank you for loving me unconditionally and selflessly.”
  • 5. ” …
  • 6. ” …
  • 7. ” …
  • 8. “

How can I ease the pain of a long distance relationship?

Here are a couple of ways that can help you and your partner get through depression brought on by the distance between you both.


What is the most comforting thing to say?

24 non-wrong things to say to the sad person in your life

  • Can I help by doing x y or z? …
  • This is a temporary-yet-painful situation.
  • It IS hard to imagine a way out of this mess.
  • I’m here to listen whenever you need me.
  • I’m so glad we’re friends.
  • I’m sorry you have to go through this.

What do you text someone going through a hard time?

Ideas to consider include:

  • “Thank you for all you do for us, but now is a time to take care of yourself as well.” …
  • “I’m proud of you.” …
  • “I hate that you’re going through this, but I know that you’ve got this.” …
  • “Remember when you were there for me? …
  • “Here’s how we’re going to take care of your work while you’re away.”

How do you help someone who is struggling emotionally?

What emotional support can I offer?

  1. Listen. Simply giving someone space to talk, and listening to how they’re feeling, can be really helpful in itself.
  2. Offer reassurance. Seeking help can feel lonely, and sometimes scary.
  3. Stay calm.
  4. Be patient.
  5. Try not to make assumptions.
  6. Keep social contact.

How do you encourage someone in difficult times?


  1. “I hope you feel your inner strength building day by day.”
  2. “This is tough, but you’re tougher.”
  3. “I’m proud of you for walking this road, for doing what’s right for you.”
  4. “You’re making a big change, and that’s a really big deal.”

When should you walk away from a long friendship?

If your friend doesn’t respect your feelings, it’s an unhealthy relationship. Feeling anxious or negative in your friendship is a sign that it may be best to end it. Your friend is dishonest or holds back information. “Deep connections require trust,” Schmitt says.

How many years do best friends last?

Maintaining a lifelong friendship isn’t easy. In fact, a 2009 Dutch study found that a large majority of friendships only last about seven years. Like any relationship, friendships take work if you want them to last.

What is the hardest part of a long-distance relationship?

Mistrust is the one aspect which LDR are very prone to. Because of the physical distance between partners, they may find it difficult to trust each other completely. Due to the lack of trust, partners may start pulling apart mentally, causing more harm than physical distance.

How do you keep a friendship alive?

How to Create and Maintain Strong Friendships: 6 Tips

  1. 1) Create and capitalize on time together.
  2. 2) Be honest with each other.
  3. 3) Show them that you care.
  4. 4) Embark on new experiences together.
  5. 5) Provide support and encouragement.
  6. 6) Treasure the little things.

How do you make a long-distance friend feel less lonely?

25 Little Things You & Your Long-Distance Partner Can Do To Feel Less Lonely

  1. Leave Voice Notes. Ashley Batz/Bustle.
  2. Get A Couple’s App.
  3. Send Care Packages.
  4. Leave Surprises When You Visit.
  5. Treat Them With Their Favorite Meal.
  6. Send Flowers.
  7. Keep Making Future Plans.
  8. Tag Them In Social Media Posts.

What are some short best friend quotes?

Short Best Friend Captions For Instagram

  • Friends ’till the end.
  • A true friend is one soul in two bodies.
  • Your vibe attracts your tribe.
  • Friends don’t let friends do silly things alone.
  • I’ll even send you the photos I look bad in.
  • Besides chocolate, you’re my favorite.
  • Love is beautiful, friendship is better.

What is the best friendship quote?

Short Friendship Quotes

  • Friendship is another word for love. – …
  • Squad goals! – …
  • It’s the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter. – …
  • The only way to have a friend is to be one. – …
  • A friend is what the heart needs all the time. – …
  • The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it. –

Do friends text everyday?

Friendships differ, and so do texting habits between friends. There’s no “normal” amount to text your friends. A lot of people text their closest friends every day. You might text other friends a few times a month.

How do you text a friend to check in?

‘Just Checking In to See How You’re Doing’ Messages for a Friend or Family Member

  1. I’ve been missing you and wanted to say hi.
  2. Hey, how are you doing? …
  3. I was just thinking of you and wanted to say hi.
  4. I’d love to catch up on what you’ve been doing!
  5. I wanted to see if everything is OK.
  6. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

Why friends don t text back?

But more often than not, it means they have a busy schedule, they don’t prioritize their phone, and/or they don’t view texting as the best way to communicate. So ask yourself a few questions. Is your friend someone who’s always down to FaceTime?

How do you keep in touch with distant friends?

Here are some tips:

  1. Figure out what your friend needs from you.
  2. Set parameters about how you’ll stay in touch.
  3. Remind your friends that you think about them.
  4. Remind your friends why they’re special, and why their friendship is special to you.
  5. Talk about the future.
  6. Pay attention to the details.
  7. Share things about yourself.

Why do long-distance relationships hurt so much?

It is a born feeling to know what the other partner is doing and where they are. This feeling of possessiveness or insecurity can be really difficult to overcome. You sometimes start panicking when the partner doesn’t reply back within a few minutes. Distance makes trusting difficult and aids towards possessiveness.

How can I make him feel better long-distance?

7 Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special Long Distance

  1. #1: Send Your Boyfriend a Lovebox.
  2. #2: Surprise Them With Their Fav Food Right at Their Door.
  3. #3: Give Him a Special Shoutout on Social Media.
  4. #4: Write Him a Sweet Letter.
  5. #5: Send Him a Good Morning Text Everyday.
  6. #6: Send Him a Care Package With His Favorite Things.

What are red flags in a long distance relationship?

Long-distance relationships require an extra level of thought and communication. Because of this, red flags can often be more difficult to identify in long-distance relationships. Reluctance to communicate, gaslighting, and frequent arguing can all be long-distance red flags.

How do you send a caring text?

10 Quick Text Messages to Show You Care

  1. “Just wanted to let you know I am here if you need to talk.”
  2. “Believe in yourself.
  3. “I love you and I am here for you.”
  4. “Do you need to take a break?”
  5. “You are and always will be enough.”
  6. “You are smart and will do great.”
  7. “Stay strong.
  8. “I am always here for you.”

What to text a friend to make them smile?

What to Say to Someone

  1. You are more fun than anyone or anything I know, including bubble wrap.
  2. You are the most perfect you there is.
  3. You are enough.
  4. You are one of the strongest people I know.
  5. You look great today.
  6. You have the best smile.
  7. Your outlook on life is amazing.
  8. You just light up the room.

How do you uplift a sad friend?

How to help

  1. Start a conversation. Let your friend know you’re there for them.
  2. Help them find support.
  3. Support them in continuing therapy.
  4. Take care of yourself.
  5. Learn about depression on your own.
  6. Offer to help with everyday tasks.
  7. Extend loose invitations.
  8. Be patient.

What to text her if she is sad?

“I can’t imagine how you feel. I know this can’t be easy.” “I’m sorry that you’re upset. Please let me know if I can do anything to make it better.”

Ask her what’s wrong.

  • “How’re you feeling?”
  • “Hey, is something bothering you lately?”
  • “You seem upset.
  • “I’m here to listen if you want someone to talk to.”

How do you make someone smile with words?

All the Best Things to Say (Or Text) To Cheer Someone Up

  1. 1 Compliment them genuinely.
  2. 2 Crack a few jokes to make them laugh.
  3. 3 Give some words of encouragement.
  4. 4 Express your gratitude.
  5. 5 Offer to help them.
  6. 6 Share that you thought about them recently.
  7. 7 Ask them if they need anything.

What do you say to someone who is struggling emotionally?

What to say to someone with a mental illness

  • “Do you want to talk about it? I’m always here for you.” …
  • “What can I do to help?” …
  • “That sounds really difficult.
  • 4. ” …
  • “I’m really sorry you’re going through this.
  • “Are you looking for my perspective or would you rather I listen?”

How do you make someone feel less lonely?

Beverly’s Hot Tips For Building Resilience, Combatting Loneliness and Celebrating Cheer Up The Lonely Day

  1. Let your friend or family member know that you are thinking about them.
  2. Let them talk and vent.
  3. Give them a hug.
  4. Take them out.
  5. Play.
  6. Ask what they need.

How do you make someone smile when they are sad?

How to Make a Sad Person Happy

  1. 1 Affirm and validate their feelings.
  2. 2 Listen without criticizing or judging.
  3. 3 Offer to complete a task for them.
  4. 4 Give them a sincere compliment.
  5. 5 Cook them their favorite food or treat.
  6. 6 Go for a walk with them.
  7. 7 Bring your pet over to help cheer them up.

What should I say to my best friend in one word?

best friend

  • bosom buddy.
  • close friend.
  • companion.
  • confidant.
  • dear friend.
  • pal.
  • soul mate.

What strengthens a long-distance relationship?

All the same, you’ll often find that open communication, honesty, respect, and trust go a long way toward helping your relationship go the distance, so to speak.

What is an unhealthy long-distance relationship?

A red flag for an unhealthy relationship and controlling behavior is if your partner is messaging you constantly, asking where you are or demanding that you send pictures of people that you’re with. They might say, “I want to make sure you’re not with anyone I don’t like,” or “I’m just checking in on you.”

How do you save a struggling friendship?

5 ways to repair a friendship (or leave it behind if toxic)

  1. Reflect and write down the good. Before you face a difficult conversation with a friend, pause and reflect.
  2. Choose a different way to communicate.
  3. Give it time and try again.
  4. Shuffle the “friendship furniture” …
  5. Follow the red flags.

What are the 6 secrets of strong friendships?

Though every bond evolves in its own way, I have come to believe that there are six forces that help form friendships and maintain them through the years: accumulation, attention, intention, ritual, imagination, and grace.

What are the 3 most important things in a friendship?

So, how can one recognize a true friendship? In my opinion, there are three crucial pillars of true friendship: acceptance, trust, and support. This is applicable to any setting: casual and professional.

Can friendships survive distance?

For people concerned about not seeing long-distance friends in person – especially as the pandemic has ruined so many of our travel plans – there’s good news: Research suggests that friendships can flourish even without face-to-face interactions.

Why are long distance friendships hard?

Distance can cause friendships to fade, which is natural when you spend less time with someone. It can also be hard to keep in touch since you have to make more of an effort to call and visit each other. And, with time zone differences, as well, timing can get tricky.

What to do if a friend is distancing himself?

What to do when friends distance themselves from you

  1. Take the initiative and ask to meet up.
  2. Check that your expectations are realistic.
  3. Check that your friend is OK.
  4. Ask your friend why they have become distant.
  5. Avoid overwhelming your friend with messages.
  6. Take a close look at your own behavior.

How do you write a comfort text?

Comforting Texts to Send to a Close Friend

  1. “My deepest sympathies go out to you, my friend. May you find comfort and peace during this difficult time.
  2. “I heard the news, my friend.
  3. “I was deeply saddened to hear about your brother’s passing.
  4. “I’m sorry for your loss.
  5. “I’m so sorry to hear this sad news.

What age do you make most friends?

According to “The Friendship Report,” a global study commissioned by Snapchat in 2019, the average age at which we meet our best friends is 21-a stage when we’re not only bonding over formative new experiences such as first love and first heartbreak, but also growing more discerning about whom we befriend.

What is stonewalling in a relationship?

What does it mean to stonewall someone? In simple terms, stonewalling is when someone completely shuts down in a conversation or is refusing to communicate with another person.