What do you do when your little is far away? Long Distance Relationship Rules

Even when you are separated from your little by a vast distance, your responsibilities as the caregiver should not change. Littles are usually very delicate and cannot look after themselves very well on their own. Just like a real child, when they get into their little space (the headspace where they become like a little child and exhibit child-like characteristics), they will need a lot of love and attention. Understand that littles are just like any other human being who experiences ups and downs in their life. Sometimes they might not want to get into their little space while other times, they cannot help but act like a child. There are also times when they want to get into their little space but cannot seem to do it. Here are some ways that the caregiver can do to help his little get into that headspace when they are separated by distance.
  • Watch your little play with her favorite toys like a soft toy or anything that she fancies.
  • Talk to her like she is a child. For example, call a train “choo choo” or call food “nom nom.”
  • Refer to yourself as the mommy or daddy
  • Play games with them over video chat like peek-a-boo
Every little is unique and once they are in their little space, each little will want to do things differently. Some might want to play with a toy while others might want to watch cartoons. Let them do what they want and do not force them to do something you have in mind instead. When your little is in the right headspace, there are many things that you can do with her even with thousands of miles between you. Here are some ideas that you could do with your long distance little:
  • Use an app to sync a cartoon show so you can watch the same show together in real time while talking to each other about what is happening on the show.
  • Eat delicious snacks together over video chat like cookies, candies, cupcakes, and more!
  • You can read her a story via Skype.
  • Attend her tea party using video chat along with all her other toys.
  • Draw something together and show each other your work of art.
  • If your little is in the right mood, you can even have some sexy Skype sessions.
Your job is to ensure that your little feels safe and secure at all times, even when they are living away from you. You are your little’s support system and they draw strength from your love, no matter where you may be. If you feel that you are not able to provide this, then perhaps you are not fit for the role of a caregiver. It is crucial that you understand what your obligations are once you have accepted to be someone’s caregiver. You need to make sure that your little is performing the most basic things in life like brushing her teeth, having healthy food, getting enough exercise, and so on. When there are a thousand miles between you and your little, it does get a bit more challenging to fulfil your responsibilities. However, it does not mean that you are unable to perform them – it just takes a bit more effort. Here are some suggestions on what you can do to maintain your long distance CGL relationship:
  • Constantly be in touchthrough text messages, social media, phone calls, Skype or anything that both of you find convenient to use.
  • Be a good listener – Listen to what your little has to say carefully and never interrupt her.
  • Give them presents – Littles love surprises and giving them small gifts frequently will cheer them up a lot.
  • Design a routine for her – Littles need rules to get through their daily life, especially when they are on their own a lot.
In fact, the most important thing is to implement a set of rules for your little to follow. The rules are in place so that your little is safe and healthy. They also create a routine for her so that she can have a sort of much-needed stability in her life. Some of the rules you might want to implement are:
  • Check in with the caregiver at set intervals
  • Always take at least one shower/ bath a day
  • Must brush her teeth before bedtime
  • No watching Netflix more than three hours a day
  • Never ever harm herself
  • No talking back to the caregiver
  • Never keep any secrets from the caregiver
  • Must eat at least two portions of vegetables every day
  • Wake up at a set time
  • Go to bed at a set time
If your little is obedient and has been sticking to the rules, you should reward her to encourage her to keep it up. Here are some things you can do to show your little some appreciation:
  • Add in some extra TV/ internet/ play time.
  • Send them a gift of their choice.
  • They can go to bed an hour later than usual.
  • A sexy Skype session (if this is what she wants).
  • She does not have to do chores for one day.
  • Add a sticker to the sticker chart.
  • If you have a reward point system in place, she can earn points to exchange for something if she keeps to the rules.
While you should constantly show your love and support, you will also need to be strict with your little especially when she breaks the rules. It is important that she sticks to the pre-agreed routine so that she won’t spiral out of control. Therefore, you must punish her if rules have been broken. However, it is of utmost importance to remember that sex should never, ever, be used as a form of punishment. You might have seen this in movies and think that it is a viable and sexy punishment but it really is not. This is the rule number one to keep to as a caregiver and you must always remember it. Now, the punishments must be discussed first and agreed upon. You can talk about what the punishment is if your little breaks a particular rule. The punishment must fit the crime and cannot be used as a form of abuse, but rather it should be a lesson learned for the little. It is important that you have a safe word in place so that you know to stop your actions immediately when your little says the word. Here are some punishments that you can implement in a long distance CGL relationship:
  • Stand in a corner for 20 minutes if the little talks back at the caregiver
  • Go to bed early if she has stayed up longer than she should.
  • Make her write the rule 50 times if she has broken that rule, then show it to you as proof.
  • Ask her to spank herself on the lips if she has lied but do not use this as a punishment if she likes self-spanking.
  • Watch her kneel on objects like pencils if she had not done her chores.
  • If she has done something extremely bad, the ultimate punishment is to have no caregiver contact for an entire day. But make sure you tell her that before going off the grid and still check up on her at the end of the day.
Now that your little has been punished, it is imperative that you perform the aftercare. You will have to reassure her that you still love her and that she was punished for her own good. You can get them to take care of any boo boos like massaging sore spots or putting some lotion on them. Ensure that they have learned their lessons and you can do this by asking your little to tell you what they have learned today. The caregiver must make the little see that punishments are there to ensure their well-being and it is not to abuse them. However, what if your little just would not perform the punishments and instead, kept on breaking the rules and going out of their routine? Remember, littles are people too and they might be feeling especially naughty on certain days. When this happens, the caregiver must remember to keep his cool. You must never show your little that you are not in control of yourself. Never scream, shout, or lose your temper with your little because that might be exactly the reaction that they want to get out of you by being naughty. Remain calm and apply the pre-agreed punishments accordingly. If your little does not listen to you, you can start counting down from 10 in a very stern voice – this usually does the trick! Littles are very playful and it is not uncommon for them to occasionally break the rules. On the other hand, if they consistently display disobedience and will not listen to you after many attempts, you might need to have a serious talk with your little. Make her understand that you cannot fulfil your role as a caregiver if she does not fulfil hers. Being in a CGL relationship is dynamic, just like any other relationship and communication is always the most important thing.

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