What are the qualities of a good Muslim wife?

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She is in a state of constant submission, certain of our Lord’s love, compassion, forgiveness and providence. When she encounters a problem, she knows that Allah has provided a solution in the Qur’an, and that what matters most is her continued sincere love, submission, and trust in Allah.


How do Muslims treat their wives?

Wives’ Role

Muslims in most countries surveyed say that a wife should always obey her husband. In 20 of the 23 countries where the question was asked, at least half of Muslims believe a wife must obey her spouse. Muslims in South Asia and Southeast Asia overwhelmingly hold this view.

How can a Muslim marriage be successful?

How to maintain a healthy marriage? An Islamic perspective

  1. Spend time with each other. Married partners need time together in order to grow strong.
  2. Negotiate conflict.
  3. Be respectful.
  4. Don’t forget yourself.
  5. Focus on emotional intimacy.
  6. Explore common interests.
  7. Pray together.
  8. Express your love.

What are the rules for a Muslim wife?

The woman should not deny her husband sexual pleasure for no genuine reason.” “She should not disobey him in any way except that which runs against the will of Allah”. “She should protect herself from any illicit act as well as protect her husband’s properties in the home”.

How to make love to your wife in Islam?

The Prophet (SAW) instructs husbands to first of all, make their wives comfortable in bed with him. The husband should sexually arouse his wife before having sex. It is indeed selfish on the husband’s part that he fulfils his sexual needs and desires, whilst his wife remains unsatisfied and discontented.

What is foreplays meaning in Islam?

FOREPLAY. Foreplay between the spouses before actually engaging into sexual intercourse is immensely important (especially for the wife) and a vital ingredient for a happy and prosperous marriage, that which should never be neglected. The husband should sexually arouse his wife before having sex.

What are the duties of a woman in Islam?

The Muslim woman, like the Muslim man is called upon to believe in Allah, the Day of Judgement, the Book, the Angels, and the Prophets, etc. She is also asked to perform prayers, pay out the Zakat duty, fast in the month of Ramadan and perform Pilgrimage to the Holy Places if she can do so.

What are the 4 reasons to marry in Islam?

A woman is married for four reasons: her property, her status, her beauty, and her religion; so choose according to religion. As for Mu’awiyah, then he is a poor man without any wealth (and cannot provide for you), and as for Abu Al-Jahm, he frequently beats women; rather, you should choose Usama.

How to impress your husband in Islam?

Showing Your Love

  1. If your husband likes physical affection, kiss and hug him when you greet him.
  2. If he likes to be told that you love him, tell him freely.
  3. If your spouse responds to compliments, look for something to compliment him about every day.
  4. Some husbands love gifts. Arrange treats that are special to him.

What is husbands duty to wife in Islam?

A husband is commanded by the law of Allah to treat his wife with equity, to respect her feelings, and show her kindness and consideration, especially if he has any other wife.

The 3 duties of the spouses to each other are:

  • Live together.
  • Observe mutual love, respect, and fidelity.
  • Render mutual help and support.

What is forbidden in Islam marriage?

Prohibited to you are your mothers, your daughters, your sisters, your paternal aunts, your maternal aunts, brother’s daughters, sister’s daughters, your mothers that are those who suckled you, your sisters from suckling, mothers of your women, your step-daughters in your guardianship from your women you have entered …

What do Muslims call their wife?

One’s spouse is also a mahram. A woman does not need to wear hijab around her mahram, and an adult male mahram may escort a woman on a journey, although an escort may not be obligatory.

What Allah says about wife?

The Qur’an recommends that wives be obedient and adaptable to their husbands. Wives should also keep the secrets of their husbands and protect their honor and integrity.

What is the age of marriage in Islam?

in Muslim contexts

Setting the minimum age of marriage at 18 is ‘un-Islamic’ because it goes against the practice of the Prophet Muhammad, who married Aishah when she was six years old, and consummated the marriage when she reached puberty at the age of nine.

Can we touch our private parts in Islam?

Thus, the restriction in this hadith doesn’t reach it to be prohibited. According to the above discussion, in our opinion, touching private parts with the right hand is makruh tanzih and not prohibited.

Can Muslims marry non Muslims?

In general, the Quran tells Muslim men not to marry Non-Muslim women, and it tells Muslim women not to marry Non-Muslim men, but it makes an allowance for Muslim men to marry women of the People of the Book (usually Jews, Christians, and Sabians). No such allowances are made for women.

What is wife Sunnah?

Be kind and generous to your wife

Prophet (SAW) treated all his wives equally and with utmost respect. He catered to their needs, and always kept them above himself. He never hesitated to show how much value they hold in his life. Show them their real importance and always treat her with kindness.

Can Muslims have two wives?

Many of the countries that permit polygamy have Muslim majorities, and the practice is rare in many of them. Fewer than 1% of Muslim men live with more than one spouse in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran and Egypt – all countries where the practice is legal at least for Muslims.

What do Muslims call their mother?

1. Omm (أم) or Ommi (أمي) These terms are used commonly throughout the Arabic-speaking world to refer to mothers. Literally, Omm (أم) means “mother”, and Ommi (أمي) as “my mother”.

What are the duties of wife?

As a wife, she is expected to serve her husband, preparing food, clothing and other personal needs. As a mother, she has to take care of the children and their needs, including education. As a worker, she has to be professional, disciplined and a good employee.

What should a wife do for her husband?

25 ways you can be a good wife

  • Be warm and affectionate. One of the best traits of a good wife is someone who knows how to show love to her husband.
  • Be understanding.
  • Tend to your husband’s needs.
  • Give him space.
  • Support his goals.
  • Know how to argue.
  • Be healthy together.
  • Respect him, especially in public.

What is the importance of wife in Islam?

A wife in Islam helps her husband to obey the commands of Allah, be the color to his world, share his burdens and help him face his ups and downs also respect his family and do things that make him happy. And most of all respect him and be loyal and shower each other with abundant love.

How can I satisfy my husband in bed Islam?

How to Make Love to Your Husband in Islam?

  1. Be ready to Serve your husband when he Desires.
  2. Cleanse Yourself Before & After Making Love.
  3. Obligatory to Perform Foreplay Before Making Love.
  4. Islamic ways of making Love to your Husband.
  5. Have the intention of making love to please your husband.
  6. Wear Perfume while Making Love.

What is a husband duties to his wife?

The role of a good husband is to be respectful to his wife, communicate openly with her, and be there for her. Apart from this, a good husband should be loyal, passionate, and make an effort to make the marriage work. However, actions speak louder than words.

What parts can a woman show in Islam?

In front of her husband: There is no restriction in Islam on what body parts a woman may show to her husband in private. The husband and wife can see any part of each other’s body especially during sexual intercourse. In privacy: It is recommended that a person cover his or her sexual organs even when alone in private.

What are the essentials of marriage in Islam?

Marriage is contracted by the parties themselves (if major) or by their guardians itself. Under Sunni law, presence of witness is essential else the marriage would be irregular. At least two male or one male and two female witnesses should be present and the witness should be a major, of sound mind and a Muslim.

Is 4 wives necessary in Islam?

Muslim societies allow for up to four wives, but not without specific rules and regulations.

What is the best age to get married in Islam?

The ideal age of the marriage is when the marriage parties attain the complete maturity, namely 25 years old.

What is the value of husband in Islam?

Society often forgets that Islam actually advocates the concept of husband and wife seeking the approval of Allah and the approval of each other. The approval of God is also often equated in value with the pleasure of the husband. It is as if, that if the husband is pleased, then God would also be pleased.

Does a wife inherit from her husband in Islam?

In Islam, a wife is entitled to a quarter share of her husband’s estate upon his passing if she has no children. In the instance that she does have children, she is only entitled to one eighth.

What are the wife rights on husband?

The Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 grants women the legal right of a wife over the husband to divorce without their husband’s approval. Adultery, cruelty, desertion, eviction from the marital home, mental illness, and other reasons can be used to get a divorce. The act also allows for divorce by mutual consent.

What are female Muslims called?

The experiences of Muslim women (Arabic: مسلمات Muslimāt, singular مسلمة Muslimah) vary widely between and within different societies.

How do you say daddy in Islam?

“daddy” in Arabic

  1. volume_up. بابا
  2. أَب
  3. والِد

How can I romance my wife physically?

You can even recite her a poem or call her in the middle of the day to tell her that you are looking forward to seeing her later. Show physical signs of affection, like hugging her from behind or just holding her hand to pull her closer to you for a small kiss. The most important thing is to be genuine and spontaneous.

What can I do to make my husband happy?

Spitters are quitters.

  1. Give it up more often. Sleeping with your husband should not be work.
  2. Step up your sex game.
  3. Quit bitching!
  4. Let him look at other women.
  5. Don’t use the kids as an excuse.
  6. Stop trying to change him.
  7. Let him do the things he enjoys.
  8. Stop keeping score.

What are the duties of a wife in bed?

Activate your mind to enjoy sex, tantalize your husband, and imagine him inside of you.

What a wife must do for her husband?

  • Tell Him He’s Great In Bed.
  • Support His Friendships.
  • Put Your Phone Away.
  • Talk Him Up.
  • Give Him A Little Space.
  • Support His Goals.
  • Say “Yes”
  • Take A Beat Before Criticizing.

How do you make your husband want you all the time?

11 ways to Keep your husband interested in you

  1. A lot of people lose spark in their love life shortly after getting married.
  2. Being a little too nice can be disastrous.
  3. Indulge in sexual exploration.
  4. Smell the scent of seduction.
  5. Appearance matters.
  6. Pamper him randomly and regularly.
  7. Respect him.

What do men want in a wife?

Like women, men want a life partner who will be trustworthy, faithful and reliable. They want a wife who will stand by their side and, considering divorce rates, it’s no surprise that dependability would continue to be attractive.

What do husbands need most from their wives?

Husbands want more physical affection and touch from their wife – and not just sex. So cuddle up to him while you watch a show, give him a big hug and kiss hello, a back rub or some foreplay. Initiate sex! Make an effort to show some physical affection towards him consistently.

What is love in Islam between husband and wife?

The relationship between a husband and wife is a beautiful, fulfilling, and tranquil thing. It is a companionship, the yearning of which has been placed in every human heart by Allah Himself. The Quran speaks highly of this relationship, which shows us its importance.

Is shaving private area haram?

Pubic Hair & Shaving for Women

As per the article’s opening hadith, it is advised for Muslim men and women to remove pubic hair and armpit hair as a way to remain clean.

Do Muslims have to marry each other?

Islamic tradition generally accepts interfaith marriage for Muslim men as lawful (halal), while it clearly prohibits interfaith marriage to Muslim women.

Can Muslims drink?

WHAT DOES THE QURAN SAY ABOUT ALCOHOL? Drinking alcohol is considered haram, or forbidden, in Islam. As proof of the prohibition, Islamic scholars and Muslim religious authorities typically point to a verse in the Quran, the Muslim holy book, that calls intoxicants “the work of Satan” and tells believers to avoid them.

How do Muslims date?

Dating for Muslims can be very different from Western practices. Within Islam, a halal, or permissible, way of dating means getting parents or a third party involved early on; abstaining from casual dates, hookups and sex; and talking about marriage right off the bat.

What to do on nikah night?

Things to Do in Your Wedding Night

  • Prepare Yourself from Your Spouse.
  • Bring Gifts.
  • Keep Some Sweet Foods to Eat.
  • Admiring Your Spouse.
  • Offering 2 Rakah Salah.
  • Dua.
  • Engaging in a Conversation.
  • Having Intercourse.

How many husbands are allowed in Islam?

“The Quran says that a man can take a second or a third or a fourth wife but only from among orphans and widows and that he must treat them all equally. Anything else is a violation.

Can Muslims have dogs?

While of course opinions vary and the elite in many Muslim countries keep dogs as status symbols, the majority of Muslims see dogs as dirty, impure, sometimes even evil.

Can Muslims have tattoos?

The majority of Sunni Muslims believe tattooing is a sin, because it involves changing the natural creation of God, inflicting unnecessary pain in the process. Tattoos are classified as dirty things, which is prohibited in Islam.

How do Muslims treat their mothers?

God does not leave a mother’s efforts unnoticed. In Islam, there is an understanding, that Paradise lies at the feet of the mother. One way to attain Paradise in the after-life is by being good and taking care of the mother.

What happens when a woman’s husband dies in Islam?

In Islam, iddah or iddat (Arabic: العدة, romanized: al-ʿidda; “period of waiting”) is the period a woman must observe after the death of her husband or after a divorce, during which she may not marry another man.

What are the property rights of a wife in Islam?

A wife is entitled to a quarter share of her deceased husband’s estate if she has no children. If she has children, she is entitled to one eighth. Sons usually inherit twice as much as their sisters when one of their parents dies.

Does wife have rights to husband’s money?

The wife has no right over the investments made by his husband under his name. She can also not claim any insurance for which payment has been made under the name of the husband.

What are the rules of being a wife?


  • Avoid arguments.
  • Don’t nag.
  • Don’t drink or eat to excess.
  • If you offend your husband, always ask forgiveness before you retire.
  • Compliment your husband liberally.
  • Budget wisely together.
  • Be sociable and go out with your husband.

Can a wife just leave her husband?

In other words, the courts can’t force you or your spouse to stay in a marriage. The one who abandons the marriage will not be forced to return, but they will be held financially responsible for things such as child support, spousal support, and property division via a divorce court order.

How old can you date in Islam?

There is no set age in Islam where individuals are considered old enough or mature enough to enter into a relationship. Islam encourages individuals to marry young so that they won’t fall prey to the temptation of fornication before marriage.

Which month is best to get married in Islam?

month of ShawwalPick wedding date and time preferences. Muslims favor weddings during the month of Shawwal and avoid weddings during the sacred months of Muharram and Ramadan.

What is forbidden in Islam marriage?

Prohibited to you are your mothers, your daughters, your sisters, your paternal aunts, your maternal aunts, brother’s daughters, sister’s daughters, your mothers that are those who suckled you, your sisters from suckling, mothers of your women, your step-daughters in your guardianship from your women you have entered …

Do you have to shave your private area in Islam?

Muslim men and women are required by the Sunnah to shave their pubic hair and axillae. Also, Muslim men are not supposed to shave their beards, but are encouraged to shave their moustaches, according to the Sunnah.

What is the position of wife in Islam?

Thus, in the Islamic tradition, a woman has an independent identity. She is a responsible being in her own right and carries the burden of her moral and spiritual obligations. Women have as much right to education as men do.

How property is divided in Islam?

In Muslim Law, sisters get half the share than a brother. For example: if there are two sisters and one brother and the mother and grandparents are no more. The property will split into four parts. Each sister gets one part and the brother gets two parts of the property.