Weird yet Effective Things to Try If You Are Struggling With Love |

We all know the importance of love in our life. It has an immense effect on our mental peace and physical well being. Without love in our lives, we often suffer from a constant feeling of loneliness. So why do we have to struggle so much to find love in our life? The primary reason is that we all want partners who have similar interests to us. Our minds are always looking for activities and the heart yearns for a partner in crime. These interests have become our priorities in life. We associate them with our self-worth and feel the need for constant affirmation from others. Every kind of relationship goes through different phases. There are good times and there are bad ones. You might hit an obstacle in your relationship or you might face hurdles looking for the right one. In either case, you should address it like any other problem that needs a solution. Sometimes we try and fail at the conventional routes and must find other ways to tackle them. Here are a few weird yet effective ways to deal with the struggles of your heart.

Consult a Relationship Psychic

You may or may not be aware of the reasons behind the problems of your love life. Even if you know what the problems are, you may not have the knowledge to solve them. In either case, it is advisable to consult a specialist. Psychics are experts in these matters as they possess the gift to see beyond the obvious. Psychics can use their intuitions to come up with extra-ordinary solutions. They can help if you are single and looking for ways to meet the right person. They can also provide solutions to couples who are facing issues. Psychics can give you an insight into your life and find the root of the complications. Some psychics can see into your future and give you the possibilities that you must consider. But beware of the tricksters out there. Always consult genuine and reviewed psychics. You can find some of the best psychics available online in this list.

Get Your DNA Matched

Love is all about chemistry, real chemistry. From pheromones to neurotransmitters, every stage of love can be mapped with chemistry. Dating sites ask for personal information, likes and dislikes, photographs, and your expectations. But some sites have taken it a step further and used science to take care of the matchmaking process. Participants receive a DNA testing kit which is then sent to a lab. They take your immune system data and match it with the ones that complement yours. Once you get the results back, you have to fill in your personal information on their website. They suggest the profiles that are compatible with your genes. Takes the concept of spit swapping to a whole new level, doesn’t it?

Sniff out Pheromones

This is also about the chemistry involved in love. I am not asking you to go out on the streets and start sniffing people. Pheromone parties have become popular in London. In these parties, instead of your mouth, your nose does the talking first. Pheromones contain clues about immune systems that can get decoded by our brains. You will have to bring a t-shirt which you have worn for three straight days. Then you need to start sniffing the ones assigned to you. If you like a particular one, you can then talk to that person. Talk about smelly affairs!

Wear a Mask to Speed Dating

I am not talking about metaphorical masks. You have to wear an actual eye mask and attend these speed dating events. The intention is to get to know the real person in a short conversation, irrespective of how you look. Participants write a few lines about their personality before they meet someone.

Arrive Naked for Your Date

Yes, you read it right. After VH1’s reality show in 2014, dating naked became quite popular. But if you think you like the idea already, think again. It can get intensely awkward and you might not even know where to look when you talk. The goal is to get you to be more open and honest during your conversation. If you do attend this one, make sure you take extra care of personal grooming.

Play Some Games

No, I am not talking about relationship games. I am talking about multiplayer video games. I’ve read interviews of couples who met playing Minecraft over Skype. One couple got introduced to each other when the girl killed the guy’s character while playing Halo. Multiplayer games have options to chat with each other. Since you both are playing, you already have one common interest to start with. Existing couples can also try their hands at this. Maybe shooting each other in a video game resolve your issues. If you meet your future wife through any of these methods, you must publish your story. It might get selected as the script for the “How I Met Your Mother too”.

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