Should You Purchase The Vibease To Keep Your LDR Sexually Satisfying

The Vibease was developed to help couples in long-distance relationships stay in contact with each other sexually. Although this is the case, you may be wondering if this is something your relationship needs or if you should forgo it altogether? In this review, you’ll learn about the Vibease – what it is, what it’s designed to do and how it works. You’ll learn about the positive and negative aspects of the sex toy, ensuring you make a decision that’s right for you and your significant other. Stay Intimate Anywhere — Check what people say about Vibease So, what should you know about the Vibease?

Vibease Review

First off, it’s an external vibrator, that’s worn by putting it into your underwear. The vibrator has buttons you push on it or can be controlled by the app. This is what makes the device so great for long-distance relationships. The app allows your man to control it no matter where he’s at in the world. You just connect the vibrator to the phone through the Bluetooth and then connect to the man’s phone. If you’ve never had long-distance sex before, the Vibease is the perfect start to trying it. That is the simple version of the device. If you want to know how it really works, you need to read on and learn from my own experience with the device.

Long Distance Relationships and Sex

Okay, ladies, we’re going to have a chat about sex. When it comes to a long-distance relationship, the most frustrating thing about it is the lack of sex or sexual contact. You start missing the little things such as seeing your other half when you want. However, let’s be honest, it’s the physical contact you miss the most. When I first began my now-husband, we were dating long-distance. I vowed not to let our sex life go boring. I was willing to try sexting, sexy videos, Skype, etc. If you could think of it, I was more than willing to try it. But, like everything else, it got boring too. At that point, I started to do some research on how to make long-distance sex more exciting. That’s when I came across long-distance sex toys. Yes, I knew about vibrators and even had a few myself, but I had no clue about the sex-related technology out there for long-distance couples. Life was about to change! I came across Vibease, which offered to send me a remote-control vibrator. I said yes right away. After all, it’s hard to turn down the offer of a sex toy to try out. What kind of experience did I get from this sex toy and should you try it for yourself? Clue? You should try it!

A Look At The Vibease Vibrator

  • The first thing we need to discuss about the Vibease is its aesthetics. I’m under the belief that a sex toy needs to look pretty. If they look odd, are bulky or comprise of an ugly material, they take away from the experience. You don’t think sexual thoughts about your significant other if the vibrator has a resemblance to a kitchen appliance.
The Vibease vibrator, thankfully, is pleasing to look at. It comes in the colors pink or purple, is small and curved. You can easily place in your underwear, which puts a bit of pressure on the clit. The material is comprised of silicone that feels similar to actual skin.
  • Another key aspect of a vibrator – and the Vibease demolishes it – is that it should be quiet. Who really wants to have a loud vibrator? After all, a quiet vibrator means you’re the only one that knows you’re using it. If you want to use it at work, you can do it without your boss inquiring where the buzzing noise is coming from.
Keep in mind that it’s not totally silent, but it’s not enough to be discernable on where the sound is coming from. When using it at home, you can bet the household noise or music can drown it out. Of course, your nerves may make you overly aware of the noise it’s making – even the small noise.
  • Another interesting Vibease aspect is the fantasy stories that Vibease users can submit. Who doesn’t like to read a good erotic story while using their Vibease or other sex toy? The Internet-controlled device can sync up to audio that causes climax to happen as the story’s climax takes place.

How Does The Vibease Vibrator Work?

How Does The Vibease Vibrator Work? The Vibease vibrator is really easy to use, which is great because you don’t want a lot of distractions when using it. It comes with two buttons – an on/off button and a five-mode vibration button. The key benefit of the device is the wearable ability. Instead of using the buttons, you can use the app or your other half’s phone to control the vibrator. In the past, you may have had to hold your vibrator, but Vibease is different. You just put it in your underwear where it stays tight. If you plan to walk with it, it may move out of place. If you want to keep it in place, you’ll need to wear some tight underwear. Bear in mind that not all vibrators fit the same, so the shape and size that works for me may not work for other women. Due to the shape, it can press up against the clit. This can cause some powerful stimulation and orgasms.

A Look At The Vibease Chat App

The Vibease can be downloaded to either your iPhone or Android device for free. Once downloaded, you’ll need to set up a profile such as choosing a nickname, gender and profile picture. While you don’t have to upload a picture, the app reminds you that your partner would probably like to see you. Since other users can’t get into the app with you, you don’t have to worry about strangers seeing what’s going on. There are instructions on how to connect the device, but it’s important that your Bluetooth setting is on. The app will also let you set the Vibease’s pulse setting.

What Was My Experience Like Using The Vibease?

There were two ways I used the device – on my own and with my other half. In the beginning, I used the device while he and I were apart. Since there were no trips apart from each other in the near future, I decided to wear mine to work one day. This is a bit risqué for some folks and depends more on where you work. Since I have my own office, I didn’t have to worry about not having an orgasm with co-workers nearby. We also didn’t set a time on when we’d start fooling around – I wanted to have some element of surprise to the action. I put the Vibease on and nearly forgot that I was using it. Around noon, my husband began texting me some naughty things, which I responded back. Since the Vibease connects to the app, I knew my husband could start controlling it when he felt like it. Once he started, the vibrations felt really good without being overly intense. I won’t go into full details, but I enjoyed the experience I had. My husband did as well. Although he didn’t get a physical favor in return, just knowing I was being pleased made him excited. The next time the Vibease was used, I did it myself. When my husband left one night, I paired the device up to a fantasy story. I tried one of the ones on the phone but got nothing from it. I needed something a bit more erotic. I went into the app’s fantasy market and found a plethora of stories I could pick from. The great thing about adding erotica into a masturbation is that the experience can be extended for however long you want. It was the first time I’ve ever listened to Vibease, and it was definitely a life-changing experience.

Should You Purchase The Vibease For Yourself?

The Vibease definitely ranks high up on my list of must-haves but still could be improved upon. My biggest complaint is the app, as it doesn’t work as it should and losing connections at the most inconvenient times. I’ve only experienced it once, but that was enough. The app is easy to use, and I like the idea of the audio erotica and chat function. I would also like a vibrator that offers both internal and external stimulation, but maybe that’s not what a wearable device is intended for. Of course, this will depend on your body type, and you desire if it gives you the jolt you want when away from home. It will when it’s used the traditional way – like a handheld vibrator. The Vibease runs around $120, but it certainly adds some spice to a long-distance relationship. It’s an Internet-connected and controlled vibrator that will give you the action you’ve been missing when your other half is gone. Simply put, it does what a long-distance vibrator was designed to do.

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