Top 10 first date fails in 2021 to avoid |

You can find your soulmate on the Web quickly enough if you trust your intuition and use reliable sites so as not to communicate with people hiding behind fake profiles or, even worse, scammers. To make everything run smooth, try using sweetydate, one of the most trusted online dating platforms, or check out Dating.Eduzorro best dating websites ratings. And so that your first date in real life does not turn into a nightmare, we will tell you about 10 top mistakes and ways to avoid them! More: The 30 Most Romantic And Cute Ways To Ask For A Date

Having too high expectations

Naturally, you look forward to meeting a nice person. But don’t expect to start building a common future right away. Don’t make jokes about your life together early in the first evening. “I think you’ll be a good father/good mother” is definitely not the phrase one wants to hear on the first date!


Does your partner ask you to chill your red wine, or think that the last part of “Pirates of the Caribbean” was the most successful? Restrain the urge to explain to him why you disagree with him and do not criticize!


Good conversation means that you both listen to each other, ask questions, and share something about yourself. But often one person is so carried away by his own story that he forgets to ask questions. Don’t make that mistake, and you will make a good impression and learn more about your new acquaintance.

Excessive persistence

If you are ready to have sex after the first date, do not pressure the other person. No one will be comfortable with someone who does not understand the word “No”. Be confident in yourself, but take rejection calmly. This behavior seems to be the most attractive!

Talking about politics

The situation in the world is now very tense. But don’t dive into a political debate right away. Think if you can talk about it calmly. If you need to weed out people with opposing political views, wait until the second date. If you really can’t wait to talk about it, let your partner at least finish the first drink!

Wrong conversation topic

In addition to talking about your exes and work, many other topics are recommended to avoid when meeting with your new acquaintance. These are health problems, hang-ups, religion or politics, earnings, etc. By the way, if you both want everything to run smoothly, then each, in turn, needs to answer all the questions and then look into each other’s eyes for a few moments.

Wrong clothes

These are any uncomfortable clothes that do not correspond to the time of day, the place of your meeting, or the weather, too bright or, on the contrary, too gray outfit. Choose classic and comfortable clothes (but not a shapeless hoodie), preferably red, and you won’t go wrong!

Behaving like a too introverted person

Some find it difficult to talk about themselves, but without it, you’ll get a one-sided conversation. Be sure to share something. For example, when an awkward pause occurs, start talking about your interests and hobbies!

Bad mood

If your mood has taken a sour turn, then there is nothing you can do about it except change the conversation topic or leave the date. But showing up at a meeting in a terrible mood means minimizing your chances that your partner will want to see you ever again. So if you are in a bad mood, it’s better to rearrange the date!

Fuzzy intentions

Everyone expects something different from the first date. As a result, misunderstandings often occur. Sincerely tell your partner about your intentions right at the beginning of your acquaintance. It is not necessary to state this right from the spot, but it is not worth delaying. Be honest about what you’re looking for right now: no strings attached, dating, or sex!

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