Three Alternatives To Skype Which Are Great For Kids

In this modern age of globalization, many people have to travel far from their home – whether it is for business, being deployed, or you have simply moved away to live in another place. Children are sometimes separated from their aunts, uncles, grandparents, and even their parents. However, they can still experience the excitement of being in a long-distance relationship. It is not difficult to let a young kid participate in a Skype conversation with the help of an adult. However, it will be quite difficult to keep them focused which usually results in a short conversation, leaving the adult wanting more. After the initial excitement of seeing the person they care about wears off, young children tend to get distracted by other things or could wander off. This is why it is generally easier to hold a conversation with them in person than over Skype. Thankfully, there are now Skype alternatives which aim to solve just this problem. These apps deliver so much more than just serving as a video chatting tool. They make the entire experience a lot more engaging for young children with many features that will hold the interest of young kids for quite some time.

Video Chatting Tools Designed For Kids

Quality Time Lab

Not only does the Quality Time Lab app have a vibrantly colorful interface, it has so many functions integrated with video chatting that we will not be able to list them all out here. While you chat with your little one, you can hold a virtual tea party, read stories together, draw things together, and even play a game of chess. The activities you can do are endless and all the while allowing you to seamlessly talk to the young one. The app is available to download on your desktop computer, iOS or Android devices.

YouTube video


Tellybean is an app that can be downloaded via Google Play to your Android TV. After you have installed it, you can use the big television screen to chat with young children. This is especially helpful because many kids lose interest quickly if they had to chat with someone via a small computer screen. The life-size image of you on the television screen allows you to easily chat with a group of people. With more interaction between different people, the experience will be closer to chatting in real life, making it more engaging for young children.


Skypito is an accompanying app you can use with Skype. While you still have all the functions of the Skype app, Skypito has a large library of games for young children to play with their family or friends. It is free to download so it is an add-on that you must have if you have young children that you often Skype with. If you have any other suggestions for kids-friendly video chat apps, we would love to hear it. Please share it with us in the comments below!

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