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Winston Churchill thought of Russia as “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.” True enough, this mysterious country has us wondering how different they are from before or the ones we heard from the news. Russia, and the people that live in it, has that puzzling vibe in a beguiling kind of way. If you, too, are trying to wrap your heads around the character, traditions, and contemporary values of Russians — Russian men in particular — then this article is for you. Find out the exciting dating traditions in Russia, and prepare yourself for tips on successfully dating a man from the country. This article focuses on the Russian dating scene and how to win over any man’s heart in the country. All these will undoubtedly tickle any woman pink.

Russian Men’s View on Dating: Then and Now

Russian men are charming, handsome creatures — no questions there. They have a hard exterior that makes them look attractive to most women. But behind that seemingly tough facade is a soft and warm interior. To understand Russian guys better, let’s go back to their dating traditions and compare them to the modern dating scene in the country.

1. Gender Equality and Patriarchy

Russians are traditional to the core then and now. But, compared to their slightly modest system today, the Russian society used to hold a high value on men’s strength and knowledge. They were the provider of the family, and only their voices mattered. Meanwhile, Russian men treated women like porcelain dolls — fabulous and fragile. They thought of women as someone that needed constant protection. They only saw women as a cook, caregiver, and housecleaner. Today, the best way to a man’s heart is still through his stomach. They still prefer their woman to cook for them. However, unlike before, a woman’s role doesn’t stop at the house. Women in the country could be anyone they wished to be, with or without their husband’s approval. This isn’t much of an issue now, as modern-day Russian men support their partners in all their endeavors. Now, men treat women equally.

2. Romantic Dinner Date

In the past, men thought they were romantic if they picked up the tab for the women. They felt the need to choose their date’s food even when the other person wasn’t ready to order yet. Russian men thought they were respectful if they did all these for women. Unlike today, men only went out with a woman with whom they’re sure to spend their lives together. However, with today’s call for feminism, men now think it’s respectful and romantic to ask their dates what they want to eat. Even for men who still value chivalry, they consult with a woman if it’s alright to foot the bill. But, if the other disagrees, they’d respect their date’s decision.

3. Premarital Sex

Due to men’s high regard for their family obligations and respect for religion, they condemned premarital sex. Although it wasn’t uncommon, it was a horrendous topic to discuss. Men in Russia avoided doing it in fear of punishment and taught their children to do the same. For them, sex was a sacred act of love, which only married couples should practice. Modern Russian men, however, do not have an issue with premarital sex. Today, men saw it as an act of love — something couples in a relationship do. They don’t box their choices and actions to societal obligations but listen to their hearts instead.

Why Russian Men are Perfect for You

Time and experience shaped Russian guys to be the best version of themselves. Russian men today are polite, romantic, and respectful, to name a few. They were the ideal prince charming in our princess daydreams when we were little girls. Without a doubt, they are perfect! If you need a little more convincing, below are the top reasons Russian men are perfect for you. We also added a few tips to help you win over their hearts.

1. Chivalry never died in Russia

It’s hard to turn our heads away from the modern gentlemen in Russia. When you date a Russian guy, it will feel like dating a knight in the 21st-century era. Men in Russia are chivalrous. If you date them, you will notice them offering their seat on public transportation, opening the door for you, or walking outside the sidewalk. For Russian guys, it’s something that shouldn’t fade in time despite the casualness of contemporary dating.

2. Russian men have that bad boy facade

Most movies feature that bad boy with a soft heart. We fantasize over their oozing charm, and somehow, we found ourselves hoping to get one someday. Dating a man from Russia would be like having that exact man in the movies. Men in the country look rather intimidating at first. They won’t smile or acknowledge your presence if you bump them in public. Russian guys do not smile without reason because, for them, it isn’t normal. They feel like hypocrites when they give fake ones. They’d like their smiles to be genuine and heartfelt. Women that have dated men in Russia even compare them to coconuts — hard on the outside but soft on the inside. Once you get through their core, they’d open up their soul.

3. Russian men can be assertive

There is no tiptoeing around feelings and not much playing nice when you date a Russian single. Men in the country are very assertive. They love making all the decisions in the relationship. On a first date, they’d love to order the food for you or foot the bill. However, always let them know if you hate feeling like a dense woman or a prized possession if they do all this for you. Let him know of your feelings and standpoint on this matter. It will be doubtful that he’ll get offended because of that.

4. They are crazy romantic

Despite Russian men’s assertive nature, they can be crazy romantic, too. Dating a man in the country would be like going back in time when romance was still alive. Russian guys would give generous compliments and overtly show sweet gestures. All these, in high hopes of sweeping you off your feet. Romantic gestures like bringing flowers on a first date or helping you wear your coat are natural in the Russian dating scene. At first, you may get very uncomfortable with this. However, in the long run, you’d find yourself constantly looking forward to them doing it.

5. They are fun to hang with

They say you’ll only ever know someone if you travel with them. One of the many perks of dating a Russian man is having your personal, local tour guide that will take you to Russia’s most beautiful spots. During the trip, you’d see how resourceful, patient, and fun they are to be with. Besides the whole travel experience, the entire dating scene with a Russian guy is also an exciting adventure. While you’re still dating, you’ll see their carefree personalities. They also won’t say no to occasional drinking — others would even make up occasions to get an excuse to drink.

6. They are very helpful

There’s a great sense of community in Russia, and this is why they are known for being helpful and accommodating. They hardly say no to a friend who’s in dire need of their help, even when they are unavailable. Expats even have high praises for Russians’ helpful character. In an interview with Russia Beyond, a Youtube channel, one said he’d trust a Russian friend to help him should he be stuck on the road in the middle of the night than his other expat friend.

7. Russian men are respectful

Notwithstanding the cultural gaps or their high regard for patriarchy, Russian men are very respectful. Even when they prefer to do things differently, they won’t push their beliefs or interests. A Russian gentleman will respect your wishes. They won’t even make you feel guilty just because you hold different opinions or viewpoints on a particular matter.

8. Russian men are not racist

One important character that makes Russian men adorable is their ability to see things with an open mind. Among many others, they are not racist. Russians see everyone equally. They will not even insult or offend a tourist because of race. And perhaps, this is the top thing any interethnic relationship should have.

9. They are very opinionated

Russians prefer to talk about the fundamental discussions in life. They hate arguing about nonsensical and fluffy topics as they see them as a waste of time. Perhaps, this is the reason why Russians are very opinionated. True, they would respect your viewpoints, but you need to undergo a healthy debate with them before winning the argument. During the friendly discussion, Russian men rarely hold back and give out their opinion on a matter. Moreover, Russians will also tell you what you need to hear, especially if they know it will be good for you. That is even when you don’t want to listen to it.

10. They have a good sense of humor

Russian men are funny, too. If you date a Russian guy, expect non-stop laughter. They love to share funny jokes as they highly believe that it can foster a relationship. But a word of advice — Russian jokes can be dark. They love to throw punch lines about death. But you’ll eventually get used to them. However, if this is a dealbreaker for you, always let them know your thoughts. It could also help if you try to understand their culture so you could ease in and throw funny jokes back, too.

Loosen up, be genuine, and enjoy!

Being in a cross-cultural relationship can be exciting and challenging. At first, the language and traditional barrier would be mind wrecking and annoying. While you’re in this phase, be patient. Take this as a learning opportunity. Try to learn their customs and traditions and show compassion and patience throughout. When you date a Russian guy, be sure to be genuine with your feelings. Give the love you can muster and enjoy the journey. Good luck!  

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