The Top Co-Op Video Games To Play With Your Long Distance Relationship Partner

Being in a long-distance relationship doesn’t mean that you have to always be alone or only do passive things together like watching a movie. Video games are a great way for couples that are far apart from each other to do something active and engaging together. There are so many types of video games to suit any tastes that you’ll surely find something you love to play with your partner. People in a long distance relationship will find it more difficult to do things that require you to be physically together. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Normal couples sometimes game together and now, so can long distance couples! Thanks to advancements in technology, video games have evolved to be highly engaging, immersive, and it doesn’t even have to be expensive! Nowadays, there are hundreds of multi-player games available right at your fingertips, all you need is a computer or game console. These games give more than just entertainment for couples. Because of how realistic they can be, you’ll feel like you’re spending time together in the real world. The games can also help you improve your social skills and create a deeper bond with your partner. So why not try something a bit out of the ordinary this weekend? Instead of the usual dinner and movie, why not ask your partner to engage in some fun co-op gaming?

The 8 Best Co-Op Video Games for Couples

1. Portal 2 (Local/Online)

No list of co-op games will be complete without mentioning Portal 2. The experience is akin to figuring out how to build a piece of furniture together in the smoldering heat. While this might not seem like a fun experience, working together to beat a common enemy could make the bond between you and your partner stronger. If you can survive the game and come out victorious, it will also develop your relationship for the better.

2. ibb and obb (Local/Online)

If you’re looking for something that will put a smile on your partner’s face, ibb and obb will be the game for you. Filled with extremely cute wide-eyed characters accompanied by relaxing background music, the game promises a fun and engaging experience. You and your partner will play as ibb and obb who are two tiny adorable creatures that hop through the stages figuring out gravity-based puzzles. A great game to play together when you want to chill and best enjoyed with a bottle of wine!

3. LittleBigPlanet (Local/Online)

Since you’re not able to travel together, LittleBigPlanet offers you and your partner a way to embark on a unique adventure together. Explore the vibrantly colorful universe of LittleBigPlanet by guiding Sackboy and his friends around. This is a game that includes puzzles to figure out, doodling to expand your creativity, a bit of action jumping from platforms to platforms, and you can even help each other customize your characters. Get ready for a fun and entertaining time together exploring the wonderful world of LittleBigPlanet!

4. Borderlands 2 (Local/Online)

If cute and adorable aren’t your cup of tea, then play Borderlands 2 to get a dose of adrenaline by shooting someone’s head off, right there with your partner. This is a co-op shooting game where you scavenge a bleak, frozen wasteland and take out monsters with your guns.

5. Risk of Rain (Local/Online)

Warning, only play this game with your partner if you both have a taste for deprecating humor. Perhaps the toughest game on this list, this game offers both local and online multi-player action. Things will get harder the longer you play the game and you’ll both definitely encounter multiple deaths along the way, only to be brought back and to try again. Beware, the death messages are notoriously snarky. With simplistic graphics and suspenseful tension to offer, the game can put your relationship to the test, but you know you’re right for each other if you can win the game together.

6. Sid Meier’s Civilization V (Local Hot Seat/Online)

This game can be enjoyed with up to six couples at a time so you can go for a big-scale couple’s night that includes world domination! You can team up with your partner or if you really want to put the relationship to the test, be on different teams. There’s nothing like the feeling of dismay when your partner invades your capital with their troops, slaughtering your citizens and pillaging your city. However, revenge can be sweet when you deploy a sneak attack on his or her underdefended and most populous city a few turns later. All’s fair in love and war!

7. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (Local)

Enough with the soul-crushing killings and let’s head back to something fun yet adorable. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime adopts a science fiction theme but with cutesy characters. You and your partner must escape the alien’s attack by piloting a hot pink spaceship out of danger. You’re armed with laser cannons that can be used to blast at enemy ships, increasing your chance of survival. The game starts off easy enough, but end-game stages can be a bit tricky. This game requires you and your partner to communicate efficiently, which is something you can learn to apply to your real-life relationship too.

8. Broforce (Local/Online)

Retro reminiscence is the trend now, and there’s nothing like Broforce to propel you back to the ‘80s and ‘90s. While the graphics aren’t powered by the most cutting-edge technology nor are they the most sophisticated, the 8-bit visuals coupled with ludicrous cartoon violence and things that blow up give a kind of humorous entertainment. This is the perfect game to play with your partner if you’re looking for something fun and doesn’t need much brain power as you shoot or slice your way through different war campaigns. Choose your favorite bros like Rambo or the Brominator and get ready for a time spent together filled with many laughs and merriment. These are certainly not the only games that couples in a long distance relationship can enjoy together. What are your favorites to play with your partner?

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