The ‘Most Likely To’ Questions Game

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of party games is probably children. Children’s birthday parties, musical chairs and too much candy. While that is a lot of fun for kids, there are lots of options for fun activities for adults’ parties as well. Fun at a home party shouldn’t be a preserve of the kids. The ‘most likely to’ game is a fun question game which can be played by a group of adults. The secondary aim of the game is to spur interaction by revealing something about each of the players. It also helps players learn of traits which others have observed in them; even though they themselves may be unaware of them. The primary aim of the game is… yes you guessed it… to just have a great time.


    • A set of index cards
    • Pens
    • List of ‘most likely to’ questions
    • Drinks for everyone

How to Play

1. Assuming there are six players, each player will need to hold a set of six index cards. On each card should appear the name of each of the players; which is one card with the holder’s name written on it and the rest with each of the other five players ‘names written on each card. It is important that all index cards be completely identical. 2. The first player then begins by posing the first question, for instance ‘Who is most likely to appear on a billboard?’ The players then place on the table the card with the name of the person they feel is most likely to appear on a billboard. The person who posted the question then gathers the cards on the table and shows them to the group. The person whose name appears the most times takes a drink and proceeds to pose the next question. Below are a few pointers on how to maximize your fun with this game 1. Examine your audience. Determine how well you know the players and how well they know each other. If you have just met or have not known each other long, then stick to ice-breaker questions. These are general questions which do not require a deep knowledge of each other. If you have all known each other long and are significantly comfortable with each other, delve into the deeper, more confidential questions. 2. Ask gently. Some questions may be difficult to answer so let players take their time to give their answers. 3. Exercise caution. Leave out any questions which you feel may be overly offensive to the group or to some of the players. Feel free to leave out anything that could prevent players from having fun. 4. Have Fun. You don’t have to go through each and every one of the questions as they appear. Select those that are of interest to you and the other players. Here is a compilation of our best ‘most likely to’ questions. These are categorized based on the kind of information revealed by the answer. ‘Most likely to’ questions pertaining to the members’ finances are listed in the first category, while those touching on an individual’s love life follow. Questions which reveal something about the individual’s personality are listed in the third section. In the fourth section, questions revealing a person’s strengths or weaknesses are listed. These are followed by questions which tell us something about an individual’s likes and dislikes.

Really Awesome Most Likely To Questions

I. Money Questions

1. Most likely to give all their money to charity

Which member of the group is considered to be the most generous, selfless person? This is the person who easily puts the needs of others before their own and derives joy from it.

2. Most likely to be the next national lottery winner

For some unexplained reason, some people seem to be luckier than everyone else. People who win stuff in random raffles and have been selected as the lucky shopper of the week during routine grocery shopping. This is the most likely lottery winner in the group. Turn this question around and ask who the most unlucky person in the group is. Who has had more than his/her fair share of bad breaks?

3. Most likely become a multi-millionaire one day

Some people are content to have just what they need to live a modest, comfortable life. The idea of immense wealth is not particularly attractive. Who is on the opposite end of the spectrum? Who has a burning ambition to be stinking rich one day?

4. Most likely to have the most lavish lifestyle

Who in the group is financially endowed? Who has done well for themselves and made some big money? Perhaps someone from a wealthy family? On the other extreme, who is most likely to be struggling to get by financially even many years from now?

5. Most likely to leave their spouse after winning the lottery

We all have varying levels of materialism. Who is the hardcore materialist in the group? Who would drop all their loyalties in an instant for the opportunity to eat life with a big spoon?

6. Most likely to kill someone for money

The saying ‘God made man, man made money and money made man mad’ has some truth in it. Is there anyone in the group who has such an insatiable thirst for money that they would kill for it? II. Love Life Questions

1. Most likely to criticize their ex

Is there someone in the group who just can’t stop talking about their ex-boyfriend/girlfriend? If there is, they probably don’t realize just how much they talk about their old flame. Therefore it may come as a surprise to them when the rest of the group names them for this question.

2. Most likely to find themselves in a loveless marriage

You will probably have multiple people named for this question. It is a sensitive topic that will leave those named a little embarrassed.

3. Most likely to get married and have children soon

In a group of young unmarried friends, it is common to play games to predict who will be the first to get married and settle down with children. The sweet, polite motherly girl usually gets voted as the most likely to get married first.

4. Most likely to marry a foreigner

There is something fascinating about foreigners. Which guy/girl would be happy to spend the rest of their life with someone from a distant land?

5. Most likely to get into a same-sex marriage

Is there a self-declared homosexual in the group? This is the person most likely to make a lifetime commitment to a preferred partner.

6. Most likely to get a divorce

This may be a sensitive subject because it requires people responding to tell the harsh truth of what they really think. Who in the group is in a marriage that is on the rocks? Who in the group is most unlikely to persevere the challenges of marriage when they do get married? Different people will have varying perspectives which are all worth listening to.

7. Most likely to have the most sex in a typical week

Who is that guy/girl who is always talking about sex? Who never seems to get enough and always has a third eye open for another opportunity to get some?

8. Most likely to suffer STDs from multiple partners

Which guy/girl in the group loves sex and has no reservations about casual sex with multiple partners? Although common stereotypes dictate that the person meeting these criteria will be a guy, this may not necessarily be the case.

9. Most likely to get cheated on by their spouse

Here is another sensitive question. This one may point out the person considered to be most gullible; or the person whose current partner is considered to be less than trustworthy and likely to be unfaithful.

10. Most likely to be a serial cheater in marriage

Who never seems to be satisfied with one partner? Who cannot resist the temptation to have multiple partners?

11. Most likely to be the first to lose their virginity

This question is appropriate for a young crowd. Who in the group is most eager to explore their sexuality?

12. Most likely to have relations with an influential person for better opportunities

Which member of the group will do whatever it takes, no matter how crazy, to get what they want? Determination may mean different things to different people. III. Personality Questions

1. Most likely to rule a great nation of the world

Who seems to have an unusually strong desire for power and control? Does someone in the group have a grandiose image of themselves and believe they are far more powerful than they really are?

2. Most likely to have the strongest presence on social media

In this day and age, practically everyone you know has at least one social media account. The most popular being Facebook. Statistics say that there are about 287 million internet users in America, 214 million of these are Facebook and/or Twitter users. That said, some people are extremely active with ever-increasing numbers of followers. Who among you is the social media enthusiast with the highest number of friends/followers?

3. Most likely to be a no-show at a group event

There is always someone in a group who is known to back out on plans at the last minute… usually giving some not-so-convincing reason. The person named will probably not like being called out for this one.

4. Most likely to refuse to accept defeat in a board game

This is the overly competitive personality who just can’t enjoy a game unless he/she is winning. He/she probably does not realize how antagonistic they get and will be shocked to hear the others name them for this one.

5. Most likely to shave off all their hair

Shaving off all of one’s hair is no doubt a bold thing to do. Some have referred to it as ‘pulling a Britney.’ This is in reference to artist Britney Spears who voluntarily shaved all her hair. With this question, the players are asked to name the person who is most likely to make a sudden, bold decision that will shock everyone.

6. Most likely to take a foreign language class

Learning a foreign language is a difficult process. Anyone who voluntarily takes up the task is a personality who embraces hard work and is excited by a new challenge. Who among you can be described as such?

7. Most likely to be a lifelong friend

Friends that last a lifetime are a rare gem. Is anyone in the group likely to be that rare gem for you?

8. Most likely to have the highest number of body piercings

Body piercings, particularly the non-conventional ones are generally associated with eccentric personalities. Someone with numerous body-piercings probably displays lots of other out of the ordinary behavior. Which member of the group has notably peculiar traits? If more than one person is named, it will be even more fun to have the contenders reveal just how many piercings they have.

9. Most likely get a tattoo on their private parts

Who is obsessed with tattoos enough to get some done on their not-so-public regions?

10. Most likely to go bungee jumping

Which member of the group is a fun-loving adrenaline junkie? This person will never shy away from adventurous, perhaps scary escapades.

11. Most likely to make a comical scene in public

Do you have in the group one of those comical, clownish personalities who will do the most ridiculous things in public with little regard for other people’s opinion? That is your guy/girl. You will enjoy talking about some of the bizarre things this person has done to earn this reputation.

12. Most likely to go through a self-reinvention process

The process of reinventing oneself takes courage, strength and a whole lot of determination. Who is the strongest, most courageous and strong-willed person in the group?

13. Most likely to worry about other people’s opinion

Which one of you takes public image very seriously? Is there someone in the group who would do anything to create or maintain a positive image of themselves? Who is overly concerned about what other people think of them… even when it doesn’t really matter? This is the personality who would be enraged if you cracked a joke on him/her publicly.

14. Most likely to be the most loyal during tough times

Some people take friendship very seriously. They truly live by the saying ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed.’ Who is the most loyal friend who would quickly drop anything to help out a friend? Explore the converse with a question asking who is most likely to disappear when a friend is in need.

15. Most likely to be the dark horse in situations

Who wouldn’t like to be named for this one? Infuse some hope into someone feeling hopeless and discouraged.

16. Most likely to relentlessly seek wealth and fame

We all wonder what it would be like to be famous, with loads of money at our disposal. However, it’s the most determined who end up achieving this and other goals. Who is the most determined person who relentlessly goes for what he/she wants and will not stop until they get it?

17. Most likely to elope

Who is the most impulsive, spontaneous character in the group? Some people choose to elope to avoid pressures associated with a traditional wedding. Which one of you could actually do that?

18. Most likely to fart in public

Yes, it is perfectly normal to pass gas, but common etiquette dictates decency and discretion. Whoever is most likely to be caught violating this code of conduct is one who has violated it many times before and doesn’t care anymore. Who has done it before?

19. Most likely to spend a fortune on their partner

Some people take pride in spending on their partners to impress them and the world. Which player will do anything to excite their partner?

20. Most likely to star in a porn movie

Who is the kinkiest guy/girl in the group? They may receive the kinkiest person in the group prize with pride or be more embarrassed than they have ever been before.

21. Most likely to get beaten up in public for inappropriate behavior

Who easily gets under other people’s skin because of their course behavior? Is there someone whose ways often rub people the wrong way? Would you be surprised when the guy who likes to grope girls at the bar gets slapped in public?

22. Most likely to make out inappropriately in public

Which member of the group really doesn’t care what the world thinks?

23. Most likely to risk losing everything over a whim

Point out a friend’s improper impulsive behavior through this question. Spontaneity is not always considered a negative trait but it will be seen as such if practiced to the extreme. Which one of you makes sudden, impulsive decisions which may have dire consequences on them or others?

24. Most likely to disrupt an ex’s wedding then torment them for months

It takes an extremely vengeful person to crash a wedding and deliberately make an ex-lover’s life a living hell. Who in the group has vengeful tendencies?

25. Most likely to be a drama queen for life

Whoever is a drama queen today, and doesn’t admit it will probably be as such for the rest of their days. This question would be a good way to point out someone’s tendency to overreact.

26. Most likely to have a lot of plastic surgery

The answer will most likely be a girl in the group. It will point out the girl who is most concerned about her physical appearance. This is probably the girl who wears the most make up.

27. Most likely to be abandoned by their children in old age

Who is the most difficult person to get along with? Who is most likely to have a poor relationship with his/her children because of their ways?

28. Most likely to live a miserable life

Who is the carrier of all things negative? This is someone who sees the negative side of everything and fails to see the bright side of anything. Who likes to attend their own pity parties?

29. Most likely to sleep with a relative

Yes, it is taboo to have any kind of sexual relationship with a relative. Who is most likely to overlook this just because an opportunity presents itself?

30. Most likely to be the social media stalker of the group

Every group of friends has one of those quiet, introverted members who follow the extroverts on social media… a little too closely. Who is the somewhat mysterious personality? IV. Strengths and Weaknesses Questions

1. Most likely to waste all their earnings on impulse shopping

There is always someone in a group who believes in and lives by the YOLO (You Only Live Once) school of thought. This is someone who has been known to make some hasty, reckless decisions with money. According to psychology experts, some people have a personality trait known as the ‘Impulse buying tendency which could be detrimental if left unchecked.

2. Most likely to lock his/her car keys in their car

This question asks the players to name the most forgetful, absent-minded person in the group. It will be fun to have a laugh as the group recalls things this person has forgotten in the past.

3. Most likely to bring home a lost kitten

Who has a big heart… for both people and animals? Who cannot stand to see a homeless animal in need? For the animal lover in the group, this will not be a strange concept. They almost certainly have brought home adorable little creatures many times before.

4. Most likely to become a poet

Which member of the group seems to have a way with words? A budding poet most likely has a lyrical twist even in his everyday speech. Who loves to read and express themselves on paper? If this describes anyone in the group, that’s your guy/girl.

5. Most likely to become the next president of America

Who in the group has strong leadership qualities and is passionate about politics and governance. Is there someone in the group who everyone knows not to start a political conversation with because it will not end?

6. Most likely to venture into stand-up comedy

Is there someone in the group who effortlessly makes people laugh? This personality most likely has a larger than life presence and doesn’t mind attention. When everyone else would cringe at the thought of standing on stage to address an audience, this guy/girl loves the limelight.

7. Most likely to venture into entrepreneurship

Is there someone in the group who sees business opportunities where no one else does? Someone who would sell their shoes and gleefully head home barefoot just because they got a good offer. Who is the guy/girl with an innate entrepreneurial spirit?

8. Most likely to make a living from gambling

Professional gambling takes a great deal of risk tolerance. It also requires an ability to make calculated predictions, not to mention a fair share of luck. Who among you would make a successful professional gambler?

9. Most likely to stagger into a tattoo parlor at 3 am

Everyone’s got a crazy drunk story to tell from their own experience. There’s no doubt that the brain takes a break when the liver is working overtime. Which member of the group gets drunk most often? Better still, who has been known to do something really crazy after one too many shots? While on the subject of tattoos, find out who is most likely to have the most embarrassing tattoo? Are they willing to show it to the group?

10. Most likely to forget significant dates

Even in the era of electronic calendars and reminders, some people are just terrible at remembering birthdays, anniversaries and events. If you are terrible with dates, you probably already know it. Feel free to vote for yourself and have a good laugh about it.

11. Most likely to come up with the next great invention

Is there is someone in the group who is always trying to come up with step by step solutions to problems… even the most inconsequential ones? This is the most likely Thomas Edison of our time.

12. Most likely to author the next bestseller

Do you have anyone among you whose mind is a bottomless hole of ideas? All sorts of ideas, great ones, mad ones and even terrible ones. This personality probably loves to read and may not even know that they would make a great author.

13. Most likely to lose sleep worrying about trivial things

Who is the worrywart? Go ahead and name that person who is constantly worrying about even the unimportant stuff. He/she probably won’t agree that they are indeed a worrywart even if the vote is unanimous. It will be fun to see if he/she eventually admits it or not.

14. Most likely to over-analyze situations

Goals are achieved by thinking and acting. However, failure to act after a lot of thinking is a common weakness. This has been referred to as ‘Paralysis of Analysis.’ That is when one spends too much time considering the benefits and consequences of an action but never actually takes the action. Which one of you is the ‘serial analyzer?’

15. Most likely to get into a fistfight with one of the other group members

This question essentially asks the players to name the person in the group with the shortest temper. It takes a person with a fairly short fuse to get into a random fight, especially with a friend. It will probably sting the person named a little bit.

16. Most likely to star in a commercial or reality show

No need to beat around the bush on this one. It’s the pretty girls and handsome guys who star in commercials right? Name the pretty girl whose face would look great on screen and the hunky guy who would make a billboard look cool.

17. Most likely to become a YouTube superstar

Who is the most creative person, most likely to come up with something the world will love?

18. Most likely to become an alcohol or drug addict

Who loves their drink? Who likes to drink and is known to have little willpower to resist binge drinking?

19. Most likely to bend over backwards for their parents

Who has the strongest, closest relationship with their parents? Is there someone who can genuinely say that one or both their parents are their best friend?

20. Most likely to ask stupid questions

Who is that person in the group who is always the last to grasp a concept or get a joke? Will the real blonde please stand up?

21. Most likely to be a victim of social media trolls

This question is a subtle caution to someone in the group to be a little more responsible with their social media posts. Yes, they will not like being on the spot with this one, but he/she will certainly get the message.

22. Most likely to fall asleep in a meeting or a class

Somebody in the group is going to be turning red with embarrassment. Which player is a sleepy-head who never seems to get enough sleep? Who is always tired and sleepy for some reason or other?

23. Most likely to cry in a public place

There’s always someone who is more emotional than the average person. Whose tears will flow at the drop of a hat? Who cries at movies?

24. Most likely to embarrass themselves in front of a guy/girl they like

Some people get crazy, clumsily nervous when in the presence of someone they like. Who has been known to get tongue-tied, spill their drink or trip over themselves when their crush is around?

25. Most likely to score lowest on a random test

This question essentially asks the players who they think is the most unintelligent person in the group. Whoever is named, this one is sure to offend someone.

26. Most likely to be the most frugal person

We all have different kinds of relationships with money. Some people are spendthrifts while others are painful misers? Who is the stingiest person in the group? Who takes the penny-pinching prize?

27. Most likely to defend his/her partner over parents even when the partner is wrong

Somebody is about to get embarrassed as this exposes an unhealthy dependence on their partner. Is someone in the group overly protective of their partner? Who sees their partner as an angel who can do no wrong?

28. Most likely to kill their partner in anger

Anger management challenges are a real problem for some people. Who in the group has a ragingly hot temper? If they are not already aware of the problem, this answer may help them realize it.

29. Most likely to choose a one night stand over lasting love

Who doesn’t believe in love? Is there someone in the group who is terrified of commitment? V. Tastes and Preferences Questions

1. Most likely to be the next person to order in a pizza

About 30 billion dollars are earned from pizza sales in America every year. Pizza is ranked the second most popular fast food in America after burgers. The average American eats 46 slices of pizza annually. Just going by the laws of probability, someone in the group likes pizza and will be ordering some soon.

2. Most likely to be comfortable to sleep anywhere

Some people are extremely choosy about where they can sleep, what kind of bathroom they can use or where they can take a shower. Others, on the other hand, are far more easy-going and will be satisfied with absolute basics. Who in the group is the happy, adventurous camper who could spend a night anywhere?

3. Most likely to be a fan of classical music

Even though there is no scientific evidence to prove it, it is believed that lovers of classical music are of above average intelligence. Who is the smartest of you all? Do they like classical music?

4. Most likely to travel the world

Some people live to travel. We would all give different answers to the question ‘What would you do if you won a billion dollars?’ For some, the answer would be instant… ‘Travel the world.’ Which member of the group is always talking about famous world destinations and is fascinated by foreign cultures? This question can be followed by interesting discussions on destinations you would all like to visit.

5. Most likely to move to a big city

Who among you loves socializing, fun and all the trappings of city life? Who would fit in perfectly in a fast-paced world? This person would enjoy living in a big city. You can turn this question around and find out who is most likely to move to a small rural town.

6. Most likely to stay up late watching a romance movie

Who is a hopeless romantic? Who just can’t get enough of those sweet, romantic love stories? While the answer to this question is most likely a girl, it may just be a soft-hearted, emotional guy.

7. Most likely to get caught watching porn

It’s too late to avoid humiliating someone now so go ahead and laugh about it. Who is the porn lover in the group? Follow up this question with one asking who is most likely to be caught by their parents having sex.

8. Most likely to hate underwear

Taken in the literal sense, this may be someone who is currently not wearing underwear or has been known to give those little garments a miss every now and then. On the other hand, it may be the person in the group who is known to hate rules, regulations and anything representing restriction in his/her life. VI. Random Most Likely to Questions

1. Most likely to die as a result of murder

Who lives a more than averagely risky life? Is there a cop in the room for instance? He/she will probably name himself as well.

2. Most likely to be the first casualty in a zombie apocalypse

The Zombie Apocalypse is arguably the most common scenario within apocalyptic fiction. Combine this with the reverse question… Who would most likely survive the apocalypse and why? This question will be fun for the group because everyone will give an explanation to support their opinion. There will be funny reasons for each answer.

3. Most likely to be Batman in real life

Is there someone in the group who is always missing in action when his friends are out at the bar at night? Where does he go anyway? Does he remind you of Bruce Wayne?

4. Most likely to find himself/herself on the wrong side of the law

Who in the group has been arrested before? If there are two or three partners in crime in the group, they will know best. Conclusion Whether you play the game in a large group or a few close friends, you are bound to have fun. You will get to know someone else a little bit better and more importantly, learn something you didn’t know about yourself.

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