The Four Steps Of Organizing A Romantic Treasure Hunt

Are you looking for an absolutely delightful and one-of-a-kind way of celebrating the next milestone in your romantic relationship? Whether it is for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or just to make one day extra meaningful, we have a fantastic idea for you! Take your partner on a romantic treasure hunt and they will surely know how much you love them.

How to Plan a Romantic Scavenger Hunt for Your Loved One

Step 1: Designing the treasure hunt

The easiest way to plan a romantic treasure hunt is to work backwards. So, the first thing you need to do is decide on the location of where the last treasure will be. With a firm grasp on where and what the final outcome will be should help you with your planning of how to get there. The final treasure should be in a place that has a special meaning to both you and your partner. It could be the spot where you have had your first kiss or an extra romantic restaurant – anywhere that holds the most meaning for the both of you. While you can include many different locations in the course of the treasure hunt, the final destination must be very special. Now, write down a list of all activities and locations that hold a special meaning for you as a couple. You do not have to use all of them but listing them down could really help with planning the best route for the romantic treasure hunt. If you need inspirations, you could browse through your photo albums and look for places like your partner’s favorite hang-out spot, a cafe that both of you spend a lot of time together, etc. Taking a walk down memory lane will very likely give you great ideas for this. It is up to you how long you want the route to be. Bear in mind that the longer the route, the more activities and treasures you will need to plan for. Also take into account your partner’s fitness level and practical things like making sure there are some toilet breaks if the route is very long. For something simple, you can organize the treasure hunt to be just inside your house. For something elaborate, you can take your partner all over the city. The entire hunt could last for less than an hour or the entire day – it really depends on what you want and what you think will fit both of you best.

Step 2: Creating clues

When you are trying to make the clues for the romantic treasure hunt, first decide on what type of clues you want to give. You can utilize the same type of clues throughout the treasure hunt to keep to a theme or mix them up a bit to make it more interesting or more fitting to the particular clue/ location. For a place that is especially meaningful to you and your partner, use romantic clues. There are many ways that you can do this. The clues can be very straightforward like “the place we first met” or “the place where you first said “I love you“, etc. You can also make it more interesting by incorporating poetry into the clues like “A place that I will never forget, for it was where our eyes first met”. If you really want to make it more challenging, you can even use riddles as a clue so your partner will have to use both their brains and physical bodies to get to the location. But beware, do not make it too difficult or your partner might end up going to the wrong place and deviate too much from the set route! Be sure to incorporate some of your partner’s favorite spots and activities. For example, you can lead your partner to their favorite ice cream shop (this is great to add in a break if the route is long) or if the treasure hunt is just at home, you can try to lead them to their favorite sofa. For clues with words written on them, you should make sure that your words are clearly written and legible. The words should not be too small and difficult to read. Use a light colored paper with dark colored ink so that your partner does not have to strain their eyes to read the clues. Apart from using words, you can also use pictures to guide your partner to the different clues. Let your creative juices flow! You can make it more challenging by showing just a part of a whole picture so your partner has to first figure out what it is. Or simply use a photo of both of you together at a particular place to make it easier. To keep things interesting and motivate your partner, give them a small gift every time they cracked a clue. The small gifts can be unrelated or it could be something that is connected to the final grand surprise. For example, if the final location is the bathtub at your house which you have adorned with flower petals and candles, ready for a romantic bath, then your gifts can be soaps, massage oil, a small towel, body lotion etc. So, once you have reached the final destination, your partner could use all the items they have collected there.

Step 3: Constructing the treasure hunt

Now that you have finished planning everything and know exactly what you need, start gathering the supplies. Do it discreetly so that your partner will have no idea what is in store for them. You can get all the supplies at once or do it separately so that your partner will not notice them. Once you have everything, sort out which are the items you need for each location and label them. You can use numbers so that you can set up the clues according to their order. When everything is ready, head over to each of the locations in the treasure hunt to set up the clues. You can tape them to a construct, hang them on a tree branch with a rope, hide a clue behind a picture frame, or weigh them down with an object. If a particular location is not suitable to hide a clue without something or someone moving it, you can have the clue on you and when your partner reaches the location, hand them the clue yourself. Another way is to get someone else involved so that they help with delivering the clues to your partner. Should you want to have a clue inside a private establishment like a cafe or a shop, be sure to talk to the staff members there first. Get their permission for setting up the clue or even employ their help! Now that the romantic treasure hunt is all set up, you will have to do a test run yourself. This is to ensure that the route is feasible and that everything works the way you want them to be. The test run will help you spot any problem with the treasure hunt and allow you to make any necessary changes before your partner embarks on the real treasure hunt.

Step 4: Let the hunt begin!

Hand over the first clue to your partner and send them on their way! You can ask them to video the entire experience on their phone so that you can be part of the treasure hunt that you have organized too. It will also be a great way to record one of the most special memories of you together. Now, make sure you are there at the final destination to meet your partner when they get there!

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