21 Popular Games You and Your Significant Other Can Do By Text

Texting games can certainly liven up a couple’s relationship, strengthening it and making it more interesting. Typical texts involve asking how a person’s day is, what the weather is like, what a person plans to do in a few hours, etc. However, texting games can immediately bring a couple closer together. Some of the games are ideal for couples in a long-term relationship while others are directed about learning about each other. No matter what kind of games you play, it’s sure to be a lot of fun. Couples looking to stay connected won’t let distance and time stop them. They’ll use texting and any other form of communication to stay in touch. Want to spice up your love life? Consider playing these games with your other half

21 Texting Games You Can Play With Your Other Half

1. Would You Rather

The game “Would You Rather” is generally a face-to-face game, but can also be done over text. It uncovers the game’s intent – to reveal your significant other’s nature. The game starts with you asking a question that begins with “Would you rather” and add a hypothetical scenario, which can be as simple or complex as you want. Make sure the two options of your creative question have similar weight to each other, making it hard for them to decide. This can be a rather fun game because of the absurdity behind it. However, the questions can also be serious. Make sure to come up with questions that require people to think. The game can spurn conversations because you learn about each other and can debate about the options. Some of the questions can include:
  • Would you rather gain 100 pounds or lose your reproductive organs?
  • Would you rather live without hearing or sight?
  • Would you rather be dirt poor or be rich as Donald Trump’s housekeeper?

2. Song or Movie Lyrics

Music lovers will love this texting game. When you’re out of the house, it can be a game that can pass the time. How is it played? One partner will quote song lyrics through a text. Your partner must guess which song those lyrics are from. If you both have a love for music, this will be a fun game to play. You can also switch it up by quoting movies lines where your partner guesses which move the line was heard. Again, you need to both be movie buffs for this game to be successful. If you or your partner answers incorrectly, you need to agree to a form of punishment.

3. I Spy

Generations have families have played the “I Spy” game – typically played during a rather long car ride. However, it can also be fun played by text message. How so? You’ll have to begin the game by letting your other half know where you’re currently at. Take a look around, finding something familiar. Your other half will need to guess what you’ve been spying. Give them a clue by giving them the first letting of your “spied” object. Limit the number of guesses or add on more clues in the game.

4. 20 Questions

This is an easy, classic deductive reasoning, a two-person game that spiked in popularity in the late 1940s. A person will need to pick an object, and the other person asks 20 questions to learn what that object is. Make sure the questions can be answered yes or no. For instance, if you’ve chosen an iPad for the object, your other half will ask questions such as whether or not if it’s animal. You’ll answer no, and they’ll have to ask for additional clues. The game continues until the 20 questions are up or the correct answer has been given. Go with a harder subject to make it even more fun.

5. Abbreviations

While the Abbreviations game isn’t as popular as others, it does provide some excitement. Abbreviations can be found anywhere – company names, phrases, etc. For example, you can abbreviate laugh out loud by LOL, and your partner needs to guess what LOL means.

6. Never Have I Ever

This game typically involves multiple players who have been drinking. But, it can also be played by two people – to learn about one another. You learn about yourself and your other half. Each player will need to take turns making a “Never Have I Ever” statement – if your other half has done the action, they lose a point. The answers you get will expose some deep-profound secrets about both players.

7. Story Time

Writers will have a good time with this one. The game begins with one player texting the start sentence or phrase, and the other reciprocates with their own sentence or phrase. The game continues until the answers have a narrative and come up with a story. The back and forth texts set up the plot and lead to a conclusion. Overlook the story’s flow, as it’s bound not to make any real sense. The story’s twist and turns are bound to add some depth that entices the couple to continue playing. There should be some restrictions to the game such as limiting the word count in each text. Begin texting them with “Once upon a time” with your other half coming up with something else to keep the game going.

8. What If

With this game, you come up a “What If” scenario, asking them what they would do if they were faced with a particular set of circumstances. There no right answer nor wrong one, but it’s always fun to learn what their responses are. You’ll learn more about your other half. Consider adding some variations to your questions such as leaving them open-ended.

9. Personal Trivia

Another great, get-to-know-one another game is Personal Trivia – ideal for people who have just started dating or have been dating for a small bit of time. It gives you some good insight into your boyfriend/girlfriend. This game involves asking a lot of personal questions that are generally asked at a job interview. Ask them about their favorite place to live or visit, their middle, name, pet’s name, the kind of pet they have had, etc. If you really want to make things interesting, don’t craft questions that look like you’re interviewing them. A personal trivia game like this can unveil some interesting factors about your other half. The game can be simple and go on for a long period of time – days, weeks or months. Make the game fun but detailed.

10. Name Game

One of the easiest games you can play via text is the Name Game. Pick a topic such as animals, cities, countries, states, etc. One of you starts the game, texting with one word. The game goes on by the other person choosing a word that starts with the last letter of the word. The game can be continuous. If you’re unable to make a word from their word, you lose.

11. Hangman

Who remembers playing Hangman in school? This version occurs via text, with players setting a number of guesses a player can choose for letters of the chosen word. If a letter is guessed incorrectly, the player who’s trying to guess the word will lose a point. The winner chooses the next Hangman word. This can be a rather challenging texting game. This game should have an end goal in mind – some kind of reward for guessing the right answer. This is the kind of game that can kill the boredom that comes with regular texting. You can text a word with blank letters, providing them a hint. Or, text them a word with missing letters

12. Kiss, Marry, Kill

This is a rather fun online game that can also be played via text. The game includes names of people you both know, other people in your life or celebrities. You text a name of a person, and they have to guess if you’d like to marry, kiss or kill that person.

13. Celebrity Friendship

With this game, both parties pretend they are celebrities they like. You should understand how they’d react in certain situations. Text each other saying something the real celebrity would actually say. A person who doesn’t have any focus loses the game.

14. Truth or Dare

You play the “Truth or Dare” game by text like you would in person. However, you can make it even more fun by giving them a picture when you’re daring them. Be sure you delete the picture later on. If choosing truth, you must be honest with your answer. If you choose dare, you must use the phone’s camera to get proof of it. With this game, you tend to find out a lot about the person you’re dating. However, any question you ask should not be offensive to the other person. You don’t want to run the risk of hurting their feelings. It should be a fun, lighthearted game that generates more conversation about each other. You could also debate questions and answers without getting into a fight.

15. Silly Pictures

This isn’t really a texting game but a photo game. It’s a good but silly game. You’ll need to have your Internet-connected photo to find the funniest pictures, sending them to your other half. They should get a good laugh, and it can go on for hours and hours. Be sure to pick a particular category to make things really interesting. After several minutes of game playing, you both will find an array of funny pictures from the Internet. You should find, not just funny pictures, but those that require thinking. Look for unique pictures that you have no clue as to what they really are at first glance.

16. Emoji Translation

For this game to work, you both should be emoji smart on the smartphone. There are a lot of emojis that don’t look like they make a lot of sense, but they can be strung together in a way that makes them sensible to emoji-smart people. Be creative and communicate with emojis to make things even more fun. The great thing about the Emoji Translation game is that you’re not always going to be successful in talking via emojis. That’s what makes the game so great. You have to be creative while playing the game. You should be sure your phone has the latest keyboard to have as many options as possible.

17. Reversed Writing

This is a great texting game where the words of the message are written in reverse. Your response should also be in reverse. This is a wonderful way to spice things up or kill time. Regular texting can be boring; reversed texting is something new. This can certainly lead to laughs.

18. Rhymes

This is another great texting game, which begins with one word or phrase. Your partner follows it up with another phrase or words that rhymes. The game continues until one of you can’t respond with a matching rhyme.

19. Breakdown

This game can boost your vocabulary skills, which can decrease both your stress and boredom. It’s a simple game where a person picks a random word that’s broken down, and its letters rearranged to great as many words as you can. The game can last as long as five minutes or as long as you want. Whoever comes up with the most words wins the game. Time limits can make the game even more difficult, or you can earn additional points for each word typed. The longer your words are, the more points you earn. This game may come across as boring in the beginning, but it can be really fun. It’s the kind of texting game that establishes a bond with your other half. Plus, you can pass the time when you’re not doing anything else, or you don’t have anything to do at work.

20. Fill In The Blanks

With this game, you can be as flirty as you want by text. If you and your partner are close, this can be a great game if it’s been some time since you’ve seen one another. One person begins by asking a question about themselves and then leaving one-word blank for the other person to fill in. Bear in mind that this game may include your texting partner sending you something other than compliments or very graphic texts. Be sure to set rules if you want to keep the texts tame.

21. Where Am I?

This is a great guessing game for you and other half to enjoy for many hours. The game works by each of you talking about the area you are in. It’s similar to “I Spy.” In the “Where Am I” game, you need to describe a location that’s fairly generic that the other person can cause. You don’t want to be as specific to give it completely away. Avoid any boring subjects; go with flirty. It can be fun but sometimes difficult too. If your significant other is cute, let your imagination run wild. Be sure to set some rules in place, but keep it funny and interesting. Your description of the place needs to be done in five to six sentences where a person can guess the location in few minutes.

What To Keep In Mind?

Any of the above-mentioned games can be played via text, ensuring that you stay connected with one another. Since you can’t see their reaction, giving your text some personal touch can bring them a plethora of smiles and giggles. When it comes to playing these games, be sure you have an unlimited SMS package. You certainly don’t want to pay for each text message. You should also have an open mind and not be upset by the responses you get from your partner.

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