50 Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend in a Text

While for some people flirting comes naturally, most people wonder how to go about it. Flirting is an age-old social behavior used to communicate interest in a potential partner. Most cultures generally frown upon open and direct advances. Therefore, flirting serves to clearly but subtly communicate interest in someone. Flirting also has its place in an already existing relationship. It helps to maintain the spark even long after the first date. If you feel totally clueless, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people spend hours trying to come up with the perfect words. Wondering if a text message is too long, too corny or maybe just inappropriate. Dating is actually a very challenging process. One of the most difficult parts of it all is coming up with those sweet, loving words to communicate your feelings to your partner.

Sweet things to say to your partner in a text

Here is a list of sweet messages you could use to express yourself. Feel free to use some of them, or simply draw upon them as inspirations to come up with your own. Be careful not to over analyze every little word. Allow yourself to freely express what and how you feel. 1. When I met you I never expected to feel like this. I really like you, and can’t believe how often you are on my mind. I didn’t see this one coming, but I’m not complaining. This is a deep, candid message which hits straight at the heart. It not only reveals to them that you are often thinking about them, but also that these feelings have come as a pleasant surprise. 2. You make me smile. Here is a delightfully brief but very powerful message which you cannot go wrong with. 3. It is difficult to explain just how awesome you are. This message will make their day. It is touching because you are admitting that you have a hard time just coming up with the appropriate words to describe them. Wouldn’t you feel special too if someone sent you this message? 4. My heart melts every time I see you. This is a cute line with a little bit of room for creativity. They will love reading this one. It will definitely put a smile on their face. 5. You have changed my life. This is a classic. However, it is bound to leave the recipient with questions as to how they have changed your life. Be sure to follow this message with a couple of reasons explaining how your life has been better since you met. 6. We must meet up soon. I really miss you. It always feels great to know that you are missed. Kill two birds with one stone, let them know they are missed and ask them out, all in one message. 7. For you, I would wait a lifetime. That is a strong statement. A lifetime’s a lot more than a couple of months. Only the most amazing person is worth waiting for. You’re telling them that they are that ‘most amazing’ person. 8. I will never stop loving you. This is an ideal text message for a girlfriend in a long-term relationship. 9. I can’t get you out of my mind. Take a minute to remind them that you are thinking of them even when you are not together. They will love reading this. 10. I feel privileged to be your boyfriend. You will certainly touch their heart with this message. It is a straight-forward way of saying you not only enjoy being with them, but that you recognize how fortunate you are to have them in your life. 11. Waking up next to you would make me so happy. This is a great message for those in a serious relationship. It will warm their heart to know that simply waking up by their side would bring you so much joy. 12. I will do whatever it takes to make you happy. You are saying that you love them and that their happiness is very important to you. They mean so much that you would spare no effort just to put a smile on their face. 13. I am awed by you. A short message which says you just can’t get over how wonderful they are. It will make them feel special every time. 14. My life is perfect. Now that you are in it. This is an immensely flattering statement. It tells them that they have had a huge impact on your life. It lets them know that because of their presence, you feel that your life is whole and flawless. 15. I need you and only you. I love you [insert name] When in doubt, say ‘I love you.’ These three common but powerful little words are always a sure bet. They never get old. Pile on the love by declaring that you desire nothing else but them. Personalize it further by including their name in the message. 16. You give me butterflies in my stomach. Do you still get that fuzzy feeling of anxiety when you are around that special person? If you do, then the love bug might have had its bite on you. This message tells them that you feel drawn to them. For some people the ‘L’ word is more unnerving than heartwarming. If they are one of those people, simply avoid the word and use this message to let them know how you feel. 17. You set my heart racing by just being you. A racing heart or the feeling of a skipped heart beat are a lot like butterflies in the stomach. They are all indications that you are falling in love. 18. I want to hold you forever. Who doesn’t treasure the feeling of holding on to a loved one? However, many times, that is followed by the awful feeling of having to let go and return home on your own. If that is how you feel, go ahead and speak it out loud. They will feel cherished despite having to let go. 19. You are my Prince Charming / you are my gorgeous angel. Literally speaking, describing him as your prince charming may be unrealistic. However, you’re telling him that you see him as your strong, tough guy. Needless to say, every man wants to be perceived as such. Calling her your gorgeous angel will make her feel beautiful. Every woman wants to feel beautiful. 20. The love I have for you is forever. The age-old ‘I love you’ words are great but why not raise it a notch higher? Send a message declaring that your love for them is forever. They will love reading it. 21. You brighten up my life. This message will make them feel that they are a significant part of your life. 22. I am really looking forward to seeing you again. If you are eager and excited about seeing them again, don’t keep it to yourself. Let them know. It makes them feel that you genuinely enjoy spending time with them. They will also look forward to seeing you again. 23. I live for your hugs and kisses. Send this message and you can be sure of an increase in your daily ration of just that – hugs and kisses! It will inspire them to keep it up as well as make them feel appreciated. 24. You make me whole. This is a brief message, but one laden with sentiments of fondness. It expresses that they have become a vital part of your life, and that you would be a different person without them. 25. You have become a part of me. This one is very similar to ‘You make me whole.’ 26. I don’t know how I would live without you. If you think about it practically, this statement may not be entirely true. You lived without them before you met them and you could certainly live without them again. Nevertheless, it is something many people like to hear so why not use it? 27. You have stood by me and for that I am truly grateful. I couldn’t have done it without your help. You will be surprised at how often we forget to thank the people close to us. Sometimes, this one magic word is all they need to feel appreciated. They will be happy to hear it. 28. Loving you is second nature to me. A comparison to nature is an excellent way to express that loving them is effortless for you. You are also saying that it would be difficult for you to stop loving them since it comes so naturally. 29. You + Me = Together Forever in Happiness. The use of simple arithmetic makes for a uniquely cute message. It expresses hopes of a happy, lasting relationship. It will make them smile every time. 30. If loving you is a crime, I will be a contented jailbird for life. Here is a message with both exaggeration and humor. It will make them smile, maybe even laugh. Most importantly, they will feel loved. 31. You have taught me what love is. Some people find it hard to admit that they don’t know something. This is a heartening admission of a life lesson learned through them. 32. Your smile gives me so much joy. The idea that something as effortless as a smile makes someone else so happy will melt any heart. 33. It is a wonderful feeling to live my life knowing that you are in it. I wouldn’t change a thing about you. I love you. This one will melt even the hardest heart. 34. Friends come and go. I am here to stay. No one likes to feel alone. This message is a beautiful assurance that you will always be by their side. 35. There is no one else for me. You simply cannot go wrong with this one. Go ahead and send it. 36. Whoever wrote the alphabet should have put U and I together. They have probably heard this one before but it will still make them smile. 37. I’m thinking about you because I adore you. Use this to let them know that they are always on your mind and it is no mystery why that is so. 38. What would be more perfect than cuddling up with you right now? You will be perfectly cuddled up in no time. 39. The sound of your voice makes my day. Call me so I can hear it. Send this now and you will receive a phone call very soon. 40. When I found you, I found the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle of my entire existence. Yes, you could get a little bit more original but they may just like it. 41. I only miss you for 24 hours, 1440 minutes, and 86400 seconds every day. If you are looking for creative ways to say you always miss them, this is a great message they will love to read. 42. For someone who knows nothing about cardiology, you have taken very good care of my heart. Thank you. You can be romantic and humorous at the same time. It is a creative way to tell them how you feel without getting too sentimental. 43. I love my sleep but I’d choose you over it any day. You stayed up late talking to them and ended up getting only two hours of sleep. Send them this message when you wake up dead tired the following morning. Make it clear that you have no regrets. 44. Finding you was the best thing that ever happened to me. Falling in love with you was the next best thing. They will love reading this message. They will probably read it over and over again. 45. I like gazing at the stars in the sky; but I love gazing into the ones in your eyes. The ‘I love your eyes, they’re beautiful!’ comment is timeless. Here is a creatively tweaked version which your special someone is bound to love. 46. Even though I miss you so much, it gets easier every day. Each passing day brings me closer to the next time I see you. Wouldn’t that pass for lyrics of a beautifully romantic love song? 47. I love to love because it is fresh, I love it more because it is pure; but I love it most because I’m loving you. Poems are a fun and artistic way to express yourself. Send this and put a smile on your special one’s face. 48. Ages have come and gone before us, and eternity awaits us tomorrow. Our joy lies in our today. It shall not pass before I tell you that I’m thinking of you. Give the common ‘I miss you’ and I’m thinking of you’ messages a rest now. Add some excitement with this option. 49. Something big, warm and fuzzy is coming your way. It’s a big hug from me to you… or did you have something else in mind? Go ahead and send out a big warm hug in the form of a text message and have them second guessing themselves at the same time. 50. If kisses were raindrops, I promise you showers. If hugs were time, I assure you of forever. If love were color, I give you rainbows. If joy were a drop, we shall have the sea. A wonderfully romantic poem that will melt anyone’s heart.
Whether you have just started dating or have been in a serious relationship for years, these sweet, endearing words will go a long way in building your relationship. What some refer to as ‘sweet nothings’ could mean a whole lot. They help to build intimacy, strengthen bonds as well as reassure partners that they are on the same page on the entire relationship, so don’t be afraid to use them!

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