16 Getting Back Together Songs To Listen To When You Want Someone Back

There is something about music – be it slow, rhythmic tunes or fast-paced, lively beats. There is something in it which has the power to infiltrate the soul. With the right kind of music, you can soften the heart of the hardest hearted character and weaken the resolve of someone whose guards are always up or is unwilling to even have a conversation. Music is a great way to express your feelings to a lost love. Judging from the number of ‘getting back together’ songs produced by various artists, it is no doubt a common concept. You can listen to these songs when you feel like you want someone back. You can also try to persuade your ex to give your relationship another chance with these songs. Once you have decided on one or two songs which are most likely tug at their heartstrings, then find creative ways to deliver it to them. You could choose to set up a boom box outside their window and play it to them. Perhaps take him or her out to dinner and have a live band surprise them with the song. If they won’t go out with you, have the mall supervisor dedicate the song to them and play it on the overhead speakers when you know they are at the mall. Whatever method you choose, it is imperative that you have the right song. Here is a list of great getting back together songs to persuade your ex back into your life or simply help you get through the tough phase of a breakup.

Songs About Wanting Someone Back

1. Wish You Were Here by Avril Lavigne

In this song, Avril describes herself as a girl who is normally strong – one who is ordinarily tough and care fee on the outside. Under that exterior is a girl who really does care. She tells her love that he has walked through that exterior. Play this song to let your ex know just how you feel. It is a great way to get them reminiscing about the good old times.

2. Record Year by Eric Church

Eric Church’s Record Year is a great song to listen to if you want to keep your spirits up, while still admitting that you are having a hard time getting through a breakup. In the song, Church says to his lost love that he has had a record year ever since she left, listening to song after song on a turntable. He says he is doing fine even though she probably thought he wouldn’t. He says ‘I bet you thought I’d sit in silence by myself. Turn the house into a jail, slowly in a living hell.’ ‘But love has a funny way of keeping score.’

3. Picture by Kidrock

Picture is a 2002 duet written by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow. The lyrics revolve around two ex-lovers who parted ways and have moved on with other people. Both of them have stolen emotional moments where they look at pictures of each other. Both wish that they could be back together but also deal with tinges of guilt because they are now with other people. In the first hook, Kid sings ‘I put your picture away, sat down and cried today. I can’t look at you while I’m lying next to her.’ In the second hook, Cheryl Crow sings ‘I put your picture away, wondered where you’ve been. I can’t look at you while I’m lying next to him.’

4. I Miss You by Incubus

This is another sad love song expressing love for a girl who left just 10 days ago. The singer says he feels like he is wasting away even though it has not been long since she left. He says he misses her deeply and even smells her skin on the empty pillow next to him. Apart from missing her, he also expresses a sense of disbelief that this girl could have been with him in the first place. He says waking up next to her was a gift he did not think could be real. It feels like a dream that she had ever loved him the same way he loved her.

5. Here Without You by 3 Doors Down

This song by 3 doors down aptly describes what it feels like to be far away from someone but still have them on your mind all day. The singer says all the miles that separate them disappear when he is dreaming of her pretty face. If you are in love and when you go to certain places, people you see remind you of your love even when they are miles away, this is the song for you. Use it to express how difficult it is to go anywhere because you are afraid you will see something that will bring all those feelings flooding back. The singer, however, says that his love will not falter no matter how hard it becomes to get by.

6. Reunited by Peaches and Herb

Unlike other breakup songs, Reunited by Peaches and Herb is a happy and optimistic song. In the first verse, the singer says that he was a fool to leave his lover’s side. He says that being away from her has made him sad and lonesome. The chorus, however, switches beat to a happy time when the two are reunited. Both have realized that they are a perfect fit for each other. This song would be ideal if you want your ex to see how happy the two of you would be if he or she reconsidered their stand. You will basically be telling them to see how happy the couple in the song is – and that is how happy you could be together again.

7. Who Knew by Pink

Who Knew by Pink is another sad breakup song. It is filled with mixed emotions – from sadness and reminiscing about the good times to disappointment because she never expected that she and her love would one day part. A touch of anger and regret is clear in the words ‘Remember when we were such fools.’ From the strength of these words, you would think that she wants nothing to do with this lost love. But she continues to express hope and longing for reconciliation. She sings ‘I’ll keep you locked in my head, until we meet again. My darling, I miss you. This is a great song to have on replay when you are dealing with mixed emotions which come with a breakup. You are angry, disappointed… but still so in love.

8. Baby Come Back by Player

This song was written by Peter Beckett and J.C Crowley who were the two founders of the group. It is an emotional song with a sad feel to it. The singer admits that he wears a mask of false bravado to hide the tears. When evening comes, the empty feeling comes upon him again. It is a unique reconciliation song because it carries all the important elements to persuade his love to come back. There is an expression of remorse, there is an apology made through the words ‘I was wrong’ and a little begging when he asks her to give him a chance to make her see his intentions. There is an invitation extended to his love to blame him for everything and a touch of flattery when he says ‘any fool would see there was something in everything about her.’

9. I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz

The primary message in this song is one of sheer determination. Like the title ‘I won’t give up’ says, the singer expresses a strong resolve to keep fighting for the relationship even when challenges arise. In the chorus, the singer says he will not give up on their love even when the skies get rough. He pledges to give her all his love because he is still being optimistic and still hopeful that they will overcome the challenges. He also promises to give his girl as much space and time as she wants if she needs to do some ‘navigating.’

10. I Miss You by Blink182

The songwriters behind this song were Mark Hoppus, Thomas Delonge and Travis Barker. Its title is pretty much says it all. Judging from the endless number of times these 3 little words are repeated, the singer is expressing a deep longing for a lost love. The singer tells his love that there is no need to waste her time telling him what he has done wrong because she is already the voice inside his head. He begs her to come back with the words ‘will you come home and stop the pain?‘

11. November Rain by Guns n Roses

November Rain was a hugely popular song when it was released in the early nineties. Some have described it as the greatest power ballad of all time. It depicts a situation where two people have to break up because they feel that the relationship can’t work, despite the fact that they still love each other. It is even more painful when only one of the two in the relationship wants to break up. This is the kind of love outlined in this song. If you and your love can relate to this kind of situation, do not be afraid to play it over and over again. The words truly seep deep into the heart. One interesting detail about this song is that it is very long. If you get the chance to have a dance with the one you love, choose this song. It will keep you dancing, holding them close for almost 9 minutes.

12. The Scientist by Coldplay

Coldplay is not short of options for you when you are looking for a heartwarming ballad to play for your ex. In The Scientist, the singer is pleading with his love to give their relationship a chance. He acknowledges that it is hard and wishes they could go back to the start. He hopes to persuade her by saying that nobody said it would be easy. It would be a shame for them to part. When Christopher Martin, one of the 4 songwriters behind this song was asked to comment on the song, he responded by describing love as a weird feeling. Even when there is so much else going on around you, be it a crash of global economics and environmental related crisis, when you are in love, that is always at the fore of your mind.

13. Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

This is the ninth studio album by Pink Floyd, a popular English rock band in the seventies. The lyrics came out of the composer Roger Water’s feelings of alienation from the world and were inspired by the founder of the band Syd Barrett. It has been interpreted in different ways but is basically about the contrasts in life. There will always be highs and lows, good times and bad times. There is always a right and wrong to choose from. The chorus describes the composer and his love as two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl. It is as though they are running over the same ground year after year and always finding the same thing… the same old fears. Missing someone is like running on the same road over and over again and still end up feeling like life can never be the same without them.

14. The Bed’s Too Big Without You by Police

This is a sad song of heartbreak, missing a lost love and regret. The singer describes how he was full of pride when his love left. The look on his face was nothing but pride. He had no love, no regrets and no tears. However, he never thought he would miss her so much. He says that when she left he was cold inside. And now he realizes that he has made a mistake. He continues to say that he gets through the days but the nights are difficult because the bed is ‘too big without her.’ This is a sweet song to not-so-directly persuade your ex to come back. It tells them that you miss the very essence of their presence. The simple warmth of them in your bed is what you miss most.

15. Missing You by Steve Perry

If all you want to say to your ex is ‘I miss you’, this is another great ballad from the eighties which will get the message home. It is a slow, rhythmic tune with a sad feel to it. The singer admits that he could have given more to the relationship but now regrets not making the effort. He says he would make it up to her, if only he could. If this is how you feel about a past relationship, this is the ideal song for you.

16. Unbreak My Heart by Toni Braxton

This is a classic R&B song which gained instant popularity when it was released in the mid-nineties. You can feel the pain and hurt expressed by the singer who describes a blistering heartbreak. She begs a former lover to ‘Undo’ his actions which have broken her heart and are causing her so much pain. If you have been in a relationship which makes you feel like the best way to handle the problem is to hit the rewind button, undo all the hurt and start over, then this is a perfect song for you to express yourself. This song won the best Female pop artist award at the Grammy Awards in 1997.

Some Last Thoughts

It has been said that music is food for the soul. Our bodies need food and water to stay alive – much in the same way our souls need music to thrive. Music can connect with the subconscious and that is why it is such an effective way to get through to a person’s heart. It is the best way to say ‘I love you’ to a lost love. If that is what you need to say, find a song that fits your message and click the play button. It is also a great way to relax. After a breakup, it can be what you need to get through the darkest patches. The lyrics of different love songs can help you achieve better clarity of your own emotions. Most commonly, these words can help you finally have that nice long cry you needed to get that heavy feeling off your chest.

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