14 Songs To Listen To When You Like Someone

Being in love is a feeling that we all have experienced in our life. When we fall for someone, we find it very difficult to pass even a single moment without the thoughts of our special one. We try to figure out what happened to us, but in vain. Our dire desire to see the special someone makes us feel like floating on air like the lightest of feathers. When we do get to see our special one, our heart starts to beat faster. This feeling is magical, though a few find it painfully beautiful, especially if your love is unrequited. Regardless of the kind of feeling growing inside you, there will always be a nice, romantic song suitable to your sentiment. Here are 14 songs that describe this state of mind best and could help you revel in the emotions you feel about that one special person.

Songs About Liking Someone

You’re Beautiful by James Blunt

Did you know that James Blunt served in the military prior to his music career? It is quite refreshing how he turned into one of the most romantic voices you will ever come across. His first album took the music world by storm, back in 2004. Since then, this British gentleman has never disappointed us with his music. This particular song immediately reached the peak of top charts not long after it was released, both in the US and the UK. How did that happen? Well, James Blunt took inspiration from an incident that happened to him. In fact, all his songs were based on true events. The story of a one-sided love-at-first sight incident was outlined in wonderful lyrics along with a melody that invokes all depths of emotions. We can feel his agony of a broken heart when the last line comes. This brilliant song is one of the most amazing pieces of modern-day song writing.
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I’m Yours by Jason Mraz

When it comes to relaxing songs with classic acoustic music, very few can do this better than Jason Mraz. I’m Yours fully expresses the feeling of a man who is entirely drowned in the charm of a woman he fell for, and now his love-hungry heart wants to send this romantic message out to that special person as soon as possible, before the time is over.
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You Make Me Wanna by Blue

This is arguably the greatest creation from the English boy band, Blue. The lyrics, music and expressions used in this song are totally on point. It describes how you might want to call your beloved when everyone is asleep in the middle of the night. When you are feeling lonely on a starry night and are having thoughts of your crush, this song can be your best companion. Blue has not been on the spotlight for quite a while, but this song is evergreen.

Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want by The Smiths

If you have watched the movie “500 Days of Summer”, then you must have heard this particular song for sure. The emotion exuded by this song pulls at your heartstrings. This song depicts how luck stands in the way of two people being together. It talks about a moment when the singer’s crush gives a light of hope, and the singer wants to grab that with both arms. The plead to fate in this song will touch anyone’s heart and remind them of their crush.

Every Time by Britney Spears

It is quite a shame that this is one of the most underrated songs from Britney. This song deserves a lot more recognition compared to the other hits from this pop icon. The song starts with mesmerizing soft music and then the soft vocal of Britney comes in to show how the feeling of having a crush on someone really looks like. She describes the authority her crush has over her and how tough it is to live without him. She is like an angel unable to fly because she is bounded to Earth by her feelings for him.

Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

Teenage life is that point in time when we first get introduced to the concept of liking someone. Moreover, it is that period when falling in love is at its purest form. No interest or logic is attached to that. Probably that is why we tend to experience massive adrenaline rushes when our crush is with us, or even talks to us. Katy Perry’s song describes these feelings very thoroughly. She brought out the feeling of when our crush likes us back, and how we feel like we are at top of the world. You will definitely go back to your teenage days with this hit from Katy Perry.
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Clumsy by Fergie

Clumsy is one of those songs that helped Fergie to reach the peak of fame she is currently at. This song is very catchy and refreshing which you will likely play in your head over and over again. Those of you who feel extremely nervous to the extent of becoming tongue-tied whenever your crush is right in front of you, would certainly appreciate this song.
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Every Time We Touch by Cascada

Cascada is Natalie Horler’s German music act, which started back in 2004. Every Time We Touch is one of the mega hits from this legendary act. Though this song has multiple different versions, the original one still holds a special place in the hearts of their first listeners. This song explains your desire of getting close to your crush, how you feel her or his touch in your dreams. When you like someone, you think about them every now and then, whether you want it or not, and this song describes it perfectly.

Lullaby by Paradise Fears

Ever thought of becoming your crush’s lullaby when they are sleeping alone at night? If you did, then this song is written especially for you. Lullaby will bring back the memories from your high school and remind you of how you felt butterflies in your stomach when your crush then noticed your or talked to you.
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Sweet Pea by Amos Lee

Amos Lee is such an incredible singer and his songs take us back to our coffee house days. Moreover, his songs are easy to hum to and even play on a guitar or piano. Songs that you can sing and play along are the best ones when it comes to songs about liking someone and this one certainly ticks all of those boxes.
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All This Love by Donell Jones

You definitely remember the way you wanted to find an excuse to start a conversation with your crush for the first time ever, right? You were probably confused and nervous too. But yet you wanted to go forward with it anyway and so you mustered all your courage to approach him or her. This song is just about that. Donell Jones sings his heart out describing the lack of restriction and endless possibilities when a fresh conversation between two people is about to start. Donell does not care about the boundaries or limitations, and the song is perfectly written by keeping that in mind.

Just In Time by Dean Martin

Probably Frank Sinatra’s version of Just In Time is the more famous one, but Dean Martin’s rendition is the real deal. You will barely find a song as stimulating as this one, and every time you listen to it, your heart will swell like crazy and get filled with the thoughts of your crush.

You Got It Bad by Usher

Usher has blessed us with some brilliant songs and massive hits over the years. When You Got It Bad was released, Usher was signed with Arista Records. It is quite refreshing to know that this superstar could create such blissful music even in his lesser-known days. This song is about when you start liking someone, you want to change yourself according to their peers. The lyrics say it well, it tells how much you want to be with them and what their presence means to you. The listeners can connect to this song in such a way that it seems like the real story of their own lives. No wonder this song held onto its rightful place on top of the billboard for a week.
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When I See You by Fantasia Barrino

When I See You is the biggest hit ever from the American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino. It is one of the most innocent songs you will ever come across. This song speaks about a crush in a way that just seems so real. The lyrics may sound simple, but every word and phrases are very well thought-out. The listeners can easily relate to the song in many ways to reminisce their memories of spending days after days of having a hopeless crush. The stories and incidents described in the song are quite sweet and innocent. Apart from the lyrics, Fantasia’s emotion-filled vocal depicts a very clear picture of romantic feelings when you listen to it.

Our Final Thoughts

The feeling of having a crush never gets old. You will always have those butterflies in your stomach fluttering about and the excitement will be same every time you see your crush. These are the songs that understand your feelings better than anyone could. So give this playlist a go and feel free to share your own songs that you like to listen to when you like someone.

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