Consider These 3 Things Before You Try Skype Sex

We live in the age of technology, and thanks to that it is much easier to maintain a long distance relationship than ever before. While it still isn’t exactly the same as being together physically, being able to send messages at the drop of a hat anywhere you are does help a lot. Not only that, you can even have virtual dates by using video chatting tools like Skype to “see” your partner. One of the biggest hurdles long distance couples have to overcome is the lack of intimacy. However, frequent texting, calling, and video chatting can help make you feel closer to each other even when you are thousands of miles apart. When you have built a strong emotional connection with your partner, it is only natural to want to inject some sexual intimacy into the relationship too. There are many ways to introduce a sexual aspect to your long distance relationship, including flirting by email, sending suggestive text messages or even an occasional naughty picture or two. But if you want to get as close as possible to a real sexual experience, then you are probably considering Skype sex. Here are some things you should consider before taking the plunge:

3 Things To Think About Before You Get Virtually Naked

1. The experience can be more intimate than you think

Many people believe that since Skype sex isn’t the real thing, couples will never achieve the closeness that real sex could bring. After all, there isn’t any physical contact and all you can use are words, sounds, and action. Right? Actually, not exactly. While it is true that you are technically not touching any parts of your partner physically, it does not mean that words and images cannot invoke the same feelings that a physical touch could. The mind is a very powerful thing and sometimes, stimulating your partner’s imagination can help both of you reach sexual orgasm even without touching. Skype sex can be something very intimate so think carefully about whether you really want to engage in this activity with your partner. Because it could generate such strong feelings of intimacy, you should only try it when you are ready. Do not get pressured into doing something you do not want to do. There are many different levels of Skype sex you can try, and you should definitely discuss about setting some boundaries with your partner before you get naked. Talk about how far you are willing to go and respect your partner’s decision too. Some couples may want to start out slow by flirting and maybe just stripping down to their underwear while others go all the way and watch each other pleasure themselves.

2. It could be awkward at first

Even when you have slept with your partner countless times and have been in a committed relationship for a long time, if you have never tried Skype sex before, it is bound to get a bit awkward the first few times. You may have your partner on your screen, but you are still alone in your room and in front of your computer. It is very different from the real thing but do not let this scare you off. You can start things slow and then just go with the flow as the passion builds up. Practice makes perfect and being creative could help you ease the tension and become more comfortable.

3. Be aware that you could be putting yourself at risk

There are incidents where after a bad breakup, someone in the relationship wanted to hurt the other so badly that they posted explicit photos or videos of their ex-partner on the internet. You might think that this could never happen to you and you know your partner very well, but this has happened to people who thought the same about their ex too. Holly Jacobs was in a committed relationship with a person whom she completely trusted then. They were in a long distance relationship and she agreed to participate in sexual video chat sessions with him privately. However, this person had secretly recorded their sessions without Holly’s knowledge and after they broke up, he posted explicit pictures of her on the internet, along with her real name and contact information. You should fully understand what you are getting yourself into. Your partner could record everything with a click of a button without your knowing about it. Most people are usually not as vindictive as Holly’s ex-partner, but there is a certain risk involved when you bare yourself over the internet, even in a private video chat with somebody you trust. With the right words and attitude, Skype allows you to “touch” your partner in an intimate way even when you are very far apart. Skype sex could draw you closer to each other and help keep the fire burning in your long distance relationship. Although the risk is small, there remains the possibility that if things ever go sour between you and your partner, your private Skype sex sessions could be posted online for the world to see. Never let yourself get pressured into doing anything you do not want to do, and you should only proceed at a pace that you find comfortable. A word of caution, just like any romantic relationship, if you end up having sex more than talking, you might be heading in the wrong direction.

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