When The Stars Are Aligned: How To Tell When The Taurus Man Loves You

I am sure that you know by now that love is a tricky thing. There are millions of songs spouting woes and celebrations of love, while Hollywood churns out a new romantic comedy what seems like every five minutes. Even movies that do not need romance to be successful – like action and adventure flicks – seem to be filled with love! However, characters in movies and music behave a lot differently when they are in love. Again, this is something you probably already know. But did you know that astrology can influence the way a person behaves when he is in love? Let’s take a closer look at one of the classic astrological signs, Taurus, as an example.

What Is a Taurus Man?

Men who are born between April 20th and May 20th are known astrologically as Taurus. These men can be tough to attract. Although they are kind and strong, as well as very thoughtful and romantic, he won’t mess around with anything he does not view as important. The Taurus man is thoughtful and respectful about those he loves, but he is also practical. He will be down to earth and slow to make decisions, lacking spontaneity entirely. A Taurus can also be incredibly stubborn, although this is usually considered by him as a strength and not as a weakness. The Taurus man thinks carefully about all of his decisions, which tends to make him successful in most areas of this life. Most areas, that is, except in romance. It can take a lot longer to develop a relationship with a Taurus man and you may have to be very blunt about your intentions. One of the best things you can do when courting a Taurus man is to drop plenty of hints that you are interested and won’t turn him down when he does get around to finally asking you out. Unfortunately, you may have to take some initiative and be the first to ask the Taurus man out. If he thinks you are trying to humiliate him, he will very likely say no to your invitation altogether. Make sure your asking him out is not subtle and definitely make sure that you do not do so out of the blue.

What Do Taurus Men Want Out of Their Relationships?

What are Taurus men looking for and who are the most likely type of people they will fall in love with? Knowing this information will help you figure out which behaviors will attract him most to you. In short, a Taurus man wants a woman who is both loyal and feminine. He wants a woman who is proud of her natural self and strong in her beliefs. A Taurus man is looking, essentially, for a woman who is able to be her true self, acting both determined and tenacious when she goes after the things she wants. A Taurus man also wants a woman who is feminine – yet also sophisticated. She should not act like someone she is not just to conform to a standard and she should have a positive, consistent pattern of behavior that assures him that she will be consistent in all areas of her life, too. Honesty, loyalty, and resilience are key in attracting a Taurus man. If you lie to him, you can guarantee that he will be gone and you will probably never see him again. Taurus men like to take things slow – they are not fond of taking risks. If you have a suspicion that he is falling for you, you might need to make the first move – even if he has been your friend for a long time. You might also need to put some work into things to let him know that you are interested in dating him. A Taurus man does not rush so do not expect him to make the first move.

Key Signs A Taurus Man is Interested in You

1) He Moves Slowly

An easy way you will know if he is interested? It seems to take forever for him to make a move. Taurus men are not like other men in that they do not tend to be very straightforward. Instead, they will take their time as they get to know the woman they care for. Taurus men will move slowly, but surely, only making a move once they have taken the time to get to know more about you and to take an interest in your life.

2) He Will Be Overly Confident With You

While a Taurus man might not always feel confident, he will definitely know how to fake it! The easiest way a Taurus man knows how to impress a woman is to sometimes do the unexpected. That can require a great deal of confidence and self-awareness, but sometimes, a Taurus might end up looking too bold. Try not to view this as him being a jerk – he might just be doing what he thinks is best in order to impress you. And to continue onto the next point…

3) He Might Seem Like He is Being Too Risky

If he seems normal and sometimes even hesitant at the beginning of your relationship, but now he does not think twice before jumping into new situations, he is definitely in love with you. Risks can be small, like going out to dinners with you when he knows he is sick and will likely only get worse later… or bigger, like skipping an important day at work just to spend more time with you.

4) He Wants to Get to Know You

A Taurus man will not express any curiosity in someone unless he has a particular interest in her. He may begin to ask about you, questioning around to find out more than your name. He may ask about your interests, your personal life, whom you spend your time with, and more. He will dig deeper because his feelings have done the same thing!

5) He May Seem Rude

A Taurus man might go so far as to seem shy or standoffish. If he is in love with you, he won’t be quick to jump into any situation and he may seem shy or downright snobby. Do not stress about this! It is a good sign. You do not need to confuse it with him acting disinterested. The Taurus man is definitely interested, but because of his innate tendencies, he will wait a while to make sure that you are invested as he is before he makes a move. Try to avoid playing games or waiting around idly for him to do something. Instead, prove to him that you are just as interested as he is, giving him signs that you care for him just as much as he does for you. This will make him more comfortable with you and more likely to reveal his feelings. Remember, you may even have to say something first, asking him on the first date, or telling him you love him before he even comes close to doing it himself. But trust me – it will be worth it.

6) You Will See Him Frequently

Most men follow this pattern, but it is especially true when it comes to a Taurus man. If he is in love with you, he won’t hesitate to spend every waking minute with you. If you see more of your man now than you ever did before, it is a clear sign that he has strong feelings for you.

7) He Tries Harder to Communicate

Many men, but especially Taurus men, have a hard time communicating. This is part of the reason why the signs Cancer and Taurus are so compatible – neither are big talkers. If you are dating a Taurus, you need to understand this about him. However, if a Taurus man is in love with you, he will likely make more of an effort to communicate with you on a regular basis. He will want to get to know you, and vice versa, so this effort will be pronounced, even if it is not always all that clear.

8) He Will Start Discussing His Finances With You

Once you are well involved with a Taurus man, he may start trying to get you invested in other areas of his life. For example, he might discuss budgeting and finances with you, suggesting that you stay at home, have a movie marathon, and get pizza delivered. These suggestions may be subtle or more obvious, but when a Taurus man starts opening up about these topics, it means that he is much more comfortable with you.

9) He Will Invite You Into His Inner Circle

Once he really gets to know you, the Taurus man will begin to introduce you to his family and friends. This may take a while, as the Taurus man is slow to invite anyone close, but since a Taurus is so loyal, it is a good sign to look for to determine whether he has stronger feelings for you or not.

10) He Will Appreciate it When You are Feminine

Taurus men won’t mind at all when you take charge, but he will really love it when you become feminine, acting, perhaps, more shy and coy. He will like it when you dress like a lady, particularly when you let your hair go long. He will also appreciate some grace and class, too.

11) He Will Try to Build the Relationship

A Taurus man will put every last effort into hanging on to the woman he has fallen deeply in love for. He will know if you are the right woman when he finds you, so he will go out of his way to nurture the relationship. It might call for him to change behaviors or to move outside of his comfort zone, but if he loves you, he will be willing to do this.

12) He Will Compliment You

If a Taurus man has fallen in love with you, he will go out of his way to throw compliments at you left and right. He will shower you with attention, noticing your new haircut, or the new perfume you have on. Nothing will go unnoticed.

13) He Will Demonstrate Major Loyalty

In the early stages of your relationship, you may have been frustrated with how long it seemed to take for the Taurus man to make up his mind. However, once he’s got his mind set on you, there is very little that will change that decision. On the contrary, you will have a hard time getting rid of him! Once the Taurus man has decided that he wants to spend his life with you, you can rest assured that he will have undivided loyalty toward you and toward your relationship.

14) He May Act Jealous

At the beginning of your relationship, the Taurus man may act somewhat shy or standoffish. This might make you believe that he is not interested in you at all. After all, he is not going to take the risk at the beginning of the relationship. However, when he begins to feel more invested in you or the relationship you have, the Taurus man will start to feel inklings of jealousy, such as when other men come to talk to you. The smitten Taurus man will be more confident and will make it clear to others that you are not single. His masculinity will begin to show, and while he won’t be overbearing or aggressive, his jealousy will be a clear sign that he thinks you are his.

15) He Will Try to Protect You

The Taurus man is a true gentleman and he will want to make sure that you are safe. Let him do this. He will want to make sure that you are safe at all times.

16) He Will Be Romantic

This might seem like a surprising tip, but it is actually quite true. A Taurus man who seems very rough and tumble might actually be hiding a warm, sensitive interior. He will hold the chair out for you, open the door of the car, give you his jacket when you are chilly – his romantic tendencies will know no bounds. These little gestures are what truly help to set the smitten Taurus man apart.

17) He Will Touch You

A Taurus man will show you his love through a consistent, yet gentle, touch. It may come across as subtle, but it will let you know that he is interested in you as more than just a friend. He will be soft, gentle, and reassuring with you, making you feel safe and loved. This touch will speak louder than words and is the Taurus man’s preferred method of communication.

18) He Will Be Considerate – Particularly in Bed

The Taurus man will be extra attentive to your needs across the board, but especially when the two of you are in bed. You will notice that he likes to cuddle and that he will go out of his way to help you orgasm – even after he has already finished. You may notice that he stays around after to cuddle more. He will do everything he can to please you, and he will make sex feel more like making love – which is undoubtedly how he will view it, too.

19) He Will Become Your Best Friend

The best lover you can find is the one who is also your best friend. The Taurus man is good at checking both boxes, and he will hang out with you and engage in all of your favorite activities just to make you happy. He will be up for any new adventure – as long as it is with you.

20) He Will Give You Gifts

Gift-giving is a love language, and it is one that the Taurus man is well-versed in. If the Taurus man is in love with you, he will put a lot of thought, effort, and, yes, money, into what he buys you. This is not exclusive to holidays or birthdays, either. He will buy you gifts of all kinds, just to show you how much he loves you. Pay attention to whether a Taurus man buys you gifts because this is a good way of knowing whether or not he has feelings for you. Do not put any expectations on him, but remember to express your appreciation for any gift, large or small, and he will go the extra mile to prove his love to you.

21) He Will Show His Support

The Taurus man wants nothing more than to feel supported by his lover. He will want to be with someone who is both loyal and supportive. He will tend to be more attracted to Virgo or Cancer women, which is why those relationships are so common and successful. He will be very supportive and will try to show you how much he cares by being supportive mentally, physically, or emotionally. This is a good way of determining whether your Taurus friend is interested in you as more than just a friend. As a friend, a Taurus man will maintain a boundary. He will be supportive, but he will not be as supportive as if he were your spouse. Instead, he will be in your corner but will go the extra mile if he is interested in you as a lover.

Help! My best friend is a Taurus and he’s falling for me!

Don’t panic. This is great news! If you think your friend is seeing you as more than just a friend, then you should go back through and reread the list above. Is he showing these signs? Is he acting as though he is in love with you – and more importantly, are you ready for him to be more than just your friend? You need to take the lead and decide because the Taurus man probably won’t. Luckily, you can rest assured in the knowledge that dating a Taurus is one of the few times where dating a friend almost always works. A Taurus man will show his love for you through his actions – not his words. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to what he does to see if he likes you and wants you to make the first move. You can’t rely simply on your comments. Instead, you need to do things to help the Taurus man move the relationship forward. Be warned though, do not rush him into things! When you push, he will push farther away. Make sure you show him lots of patience and this will help you get your man. He will need for you to be patient and to reassure him constantly. However, do this delicately. If you push too hard, he won’t take you seriously. Be careful, but do your best to make sure that he knows you care for him, too.

How to Hang On To Your Taurus Man

If you have fallen in love with a Taurus man – and he is in love with you – not to worry. Holding on to your Taurus man is not as difficult as you might think. The key here is all in your behavior and being consistent with your man. If you are constantly changing and acting unpredictably, the Taurus man will have a harder time staying in love with you. He will want to be in love with the woman he originally fell in love with. Try to hang on to the same behaviors and personal qualities. Show your femininity and be strong in your beliefs (and who you are!). The Taurus man will be loyal and slow to make decisions, so the likelihood that he will randomly leave you is slim. Just keep being the person he fell in love with and he will stay by your side – forever!

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