How to Tell That a Woman Really Wants To Sleep With You

When it comes to sex, a man’s instincts tell him to jump into bed with a woman, satisfy his desires, and move on to something else. It is all about the act. Women, on the other hand, are more concerned about the process. The sexual act comes in the middle of a process which should be followed to the letter. So the fact that she still feels that it is not time to take off her clothes when you think you all should have had sex ages ago should come as no surprise. She needs time to weigh the situation, think, and consider if you are a right fit for her. Women are also different from men in that they generally prefer not to make it clear to a man that they want to sleep with him. She would rather keep it a secret while he is happy to declare it on day one. So how is a man to know if a woman wants to sleep with him? How should he know if there is any point in continuing to pursue her at all? Here are a few tell-tale signs to look out for. There are no clear cut indications and each individual woman is different, but there are some giveaways to look out for. Here are top 15 signs she wants you.

Signs A Woman Wants To Sleep With You

1. She Wants to Sit Right Next To You

When a woman wants to sleep with you, she is disturbed by the physical space between the two of you. She consciously (or subconsciously) tries to close it. When you are in a place with lots of room, she still prefers to sit right next to you. This need for physical proximity indicates a feeling of emotional proximity. It is one of the most clearly observable signs that she is ready to take the next step.

2. She Wants You To Kiss And Cuddle Her

Everyone likes to be touched, cuddled, and kissed, especially women. When a woman wants to sleep with you, these are the first things she will crave for. If she is a bit conservative, she will probably be more comfortable starting out with a little kissing and cuddling before getting down to sex. It does not matter how many hours you spend together, talking, getting to know each other, and all of that stuff. Nothing beats kissing as a preamble to great sex.

3. She Dresses Up For You

If she is the kind of woman who dresses rather modestly even when she is going out on dates but today, she is in a figure-hugging, scarlet dress with black lingerie peeking out and she is all dolled up for her date with you – then something is definitely up. The fact that she went to all the trouble to look good for you could be an indication that she likes you and wants to sleep with you.

4. She Compliments You Often

You are wearing the same clothes you have always worn and have not changed your haircut or your cologne. Suddenly, your lady is complimenting you on all these things. Didn’t she notice them before? Well, not really. She did not like you in the same way then. Now that she does, her eyes have ‘magically’ opened to your grooming prowess. Now she feels free to compliment you on your nice abs and even tells you your ass looks great in those pants. Compliments from her may start to flow because she wants you to warm up to her. Once you do, she will probably begin to throw louder hints that she would not mind you getting her into bed.

5. She Drops Suggestive Hints

Few women are forthright enough to come out openly to a guy and tell him what they want. Most women prefer to make suggestive jokes and throw seductive glances. Laughing at all your jokes and lightly touching your chest in conversations never gets old and are usually signs that she is ready to have sex with you.

6. She Touches Your Sensitive Spots

Okay, when I say sensitive spots, I am not talking about your groin region. Remember when I told you that it is about the process for women? I am talking about her touching your chest, neck, and maybe the back of your ears. Yeah, that’s the kind of sensitive I am talking about. When a woman touches you in any one of these areas, she is clearly telling you she wants to get physical with you. If she is in a playful mood, she may touch your feet with hers under the table too.

7. She Feigns Indifference When it Comes to You

Before we go any further, I hope we are in agreement that women are indeed complicated beings. There is no other way to explain it. When a woman wants to sleep with you and is considering a long-term relationship with you, you may be put to the test. She may pretend that she is no longer interested in you. She suddenly stops picking up your calls or responding to your messages. If she does respond, it is a day or two later. If this happens and you genuinely like her, do not worry. She wants to see if you like her enough to continue pursuing her despite her silence. Once you pass this test, she is all yours. She will feel free enough to tell you about her feelings for you and show her interest in sleeping with you.

8. Sharing Food Comes Naturally

If she feels comfortable enough to take bites of food out of your plate, she definitely feels close to you. She may even be comfortable sharing a spoon or fork with you as you share a meal. Think about it. For anyone, the thought of sharing a spoon with a random person or even a not-so-close friend is just plain disgusting, right? If the thought of exchanging saliva through a shared fork does not bother her, she is ready to exchange a lot more bodily fluids.

9. Random Seductive Touch

Physical touch, no matter how light it is, could be her way of telling you that she is ready to take the next step. Although some women do it subconsciously, you can be sure that a seductive touch is a very conscious action. When you are out having a meal together and she reaches across the table to wipe a piece of food off your chin, she is probably trying to tell you something. Did she just wipe some cream off your lip and eat it off her finger? That is a cue you cannot ignore.

10. She Is Curious about Your Past

When a woman is considering getting into a long-term relationship with you, she thinks about more than the sex. She wants to know about your past relationships and perhaps why they ended. Yes, it is not the most comfortable conversation in the world but she will want to have it. If she is thinking about the possibility of condom-free sex with you, she may ask that you both get tested. It is best for both of you to be completely honest about your past and be understanding about the other person’s past choices too. Complete honesty makes her trust you and gives her confidence to delve into an intimate relationship with you.

11. She Tries to Plan Ahead

As a man, your thoughts about getting her into bed end at the point it finally happens. Your lady, on the other hand, thinks beyond the point of sex. She thinks about what can be done to make it just right. Most women, and some men, like to spend time cuddling and just talking about anything and everything after sex. For them, it is part of what makes the whole experience so great. If you are planning a Friday night date and she asks what you are doing on Saturday morning, she is probably trying to see if it will be a good night to get intimate and enjoy a slow morning of cuddling and maybe some more action. If your lady is thinking about getting intimate with you and perhaps getting into a relationship with you, she may ask questions about your schedules and your general routine. This will give her an idea of when and where the two of you would spend time together. She may also ask if you live with any roommates and if you do, how many. This is her way of establishing privacy. This is her way of sneakily finding out if she could she get you alone, all to herself, for how long, and how often

12. She Sexts You A Lot

If she is sexting you, she wants you. There is absolutely no doubt about that. The question will perhaps be how long she is going to tease you before she gives in. She may start by sending you photos of herself dressed in something skimpy and silky. After that, her sexual preferences get sneaked into conversations and that opens the door to downright steamy erotic talk. It is unlikely that a woman who sexts you does not really want to sleep with you but that is no reason to jump on her immediately after you received a sext from her. Take your time and enjoy the process. It will eventually get her into your bed. Sometimes the journey is just as much fun as the destination.

13. You Get an Invitation to Her Place

Women do not randomly invite men to their houses. If she invites you to hers, she wants a little more out of the relationship. It may not be that she wants to have sex with you immediately, maybe she just wants to spend some time alone with you. It does not have to end up in bed. Even so, it definitely means you are on the right track. It is only a matter of time before she is ready to go all the way. It is alright if she invites you to hers a couple of times and nothing happens. Spending time alone with you helps to build trust and closeness. When it eventually happens, you will be glad you waited.

14. She Gives You the Green Light

Truth be told, you only get a woman into bed when she lets you. When she gives you permission to come into her private sexual space. The last thing you want is to do is to come off as pushy. Instead, allow yourselves to ease into a place of intimacy. A man who is too eager to get into bed is a huge turn off for most women. Make sure she gives you explicit permission to take every step because this will make her comfortable enough to tell you exactly what she wants and likes. Your job is to keep the conversation about intimacy going. Tell her you are happy to move at her pace and that you are willing to wait until she feels ready. Assuring her of this may cost you some time and call for a lot of patience, but when she eventually is ready, you will have a phenomenal sexual experience. Great sex never comes out of manipulation or deceit. It is always worth it to wait until she gives you full consent at every step.

15. She Just Comes Out With It

Some, though few, women have absolutely no qualms about openly and directly telling a guy what they want. She may initiate sexual games just to lure you and make things more exciting. Even then, always wait for her to give consent. When a forthright woman is ready she will simply say to you “I want to sleep with you.” She may make it as brief as “I want you now.” Of course, this is a dream come true for any man. Which man would not want to skip the headache of wondering if she wants him or not? But until you get a clear sign of consent, take it slow. Wait for her to give you the green light.

Final Thoughts

You know how doctors always advise that you should not worry about whether you have a condition unless you display more than 40% of documented symptoms? Same goes for this list. Make sure your love interest shows at least 6 of these signs before you even start to speculate that she might be interested in having sex with you. Once you have confirmed that she does meet the threshold for speculation, take things at her pace. Listen to her, take note of her conscious and subconscious cues as well as always letting her give you consent first.

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