Reasons and Signs of Emotional Infidelity |

Signs of emotional infidelity in your partner

Estrangement. You talk less and less, and if this happens, then mainly on everyday topics. If you previously discussed the events that occurred during the day, now the partner is limited to a couple of dry phrases thrown your way. You notice that your partner spends more and more time on social networks, chatting with strangers for hours. Even if you know their interlocutor, you should be alarmed by the fact that they spend a lot of time communicating with that person and not with you. Your partner has a friend of the opposite sex, with whom they spend a lot of time, which cannot but affect your relationship. It is important to understand that innocent friendships with the opposite sex can sometimes grow into something more. In her study, the American psychologist Shirley Glass concluded that romances on the side begin with the appearance of a new friend in the life of a husband or wife. At that moment, a trusting relationship develops between them, and no one feels the imminent danger. In conversations with a partner, the phrase “You don’t understand me at all, not like Joe (Jessica) …” is a quite frequent one to hear. If you don’t want to continue your relationship with a person, then there is no reason to torment yourself. Here’s a great brides search site – come and meet hot women online.

Reasons for emotional infidelity

Violation of proximity. We are talking about coldness, ignoring feelings, unwillingness to listen, in the absence of the ability or desire to allocate time for communication with a partner. Fading feelings. The passion has long passed, the partners want new sensations that they cannot find in each other. In this case, they try to satisfy their emotional needs on the side. The reluctance of partners to recognize and solve problems in relationships. The appearance of a happy marriage is not enough. If the apple is rotten inside, it doesn’t matter how beautiful it looks, as nobody will eat it anyway. Low self-esteem. There are times when one of the partners feels dissatisfaction with themselves. It seems to them that they are no longer attractive to others in terms of sex. A person wants to prove the opposite to themselves; therefore, they seek to establish relationships on the side. In our time, this is the easiest thing to do – you just have to go online via your phone or laptop.

Preventing a disaster

Let’s agree on something, gluing a broken vase is many times more difficult than preventing it from falling in the first place. After the “emotional infidelity,” the soul of the partner you betrayed will be broken, and your relationship will no longer be the same as before. It is important to remember the following:
  • If something does not suit you in a relationship, you can always discuss this with your partner. Silence and concealment of problems will never lead to anything good. This can result in a major quarrel. And the suppression of negative emotions negatively affects health.
  • If you can’t solve the problems yourself, you can contact a psychologist or psychotherapist.
  • If it seems to you that your feelings have cooled down, and you are mired in the “household,” you can always refresh the relationship. Take everything into your hands and organize a romantic evening or go out to watch a movie together. Imagine that you are 17-18 years old again. What did you like then? Experiment, surprise your partner. Remember how your feelings arose, and change the environment, make gifts and surprises, communicate, get to know each other again. Do not be afraid to take the initiative.
  • Try to devote more time to each other. After returning from work, do not rush to headfirst into social networks right away, tell your partner about how your day went by, what new things you learned, invite them to share some news with you as well.
  • Create your own “rituals of tenderness.” For example, take the habit of kissing and hugging your partner before and after work. It is believed that a person needs eight hugs per day to feel happy.
  • Spend more time together. Watch movies in the evenings, discuss the books you’ve read, walk on weekends in the park, go to the movies or to the gym. Even a couple of hours of mutual pastime will positively affect your relationship.
  • Support each other in difficult times. Do not turn away, offer help, be tolerant. And most importantly – do not compare! People often think that a neighbor has a better lawn, a home is more comfortable, a wife (husband) is more caring. Instead of complaining, take care of your soulmate, and then everything will be fine.

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