What are two ways you could help a friend who has an eating disorder?

Best Answer: You could try the following:Include them in social activities.Keep meal times as stress-free as possible.Find safe ways to talk about it.Help them find good information and avoid bad sources.Share stories from other people.Encourage them to seek professional help.FAQHow can I help someone with ED?These six suggestions can make it easier to cope with … Read more

How do you help a friend who got arrested?

Best Answer: If a friend/family member/loved one has been arrested, assure them that they will be OK, that you will find a lawyer to represent them and that you will work to arrange for their release (should bail be set). Be sure that they have your contact information so that they can call you when … Read more

How do you help a person who has an addiction?

Best Answer: Here are seven tips that family and friends can reference to support an addicted family member or friend.Tip #1: Educate Yourself.Tip #2: Get Support.Tip #3: Get Counseling.Tip #4: Seek Specialty Help.Tip #5: Don’t Enable.Tip #6: Have Realistic Expectations.Tip #7: Take Care of Yourself.FAQWhat not to say to someone who has an addiction?What Not … Read more

How do you help a friend with a troubled marriage?

Best Answer: 10 Ways To Help A Friend’s Struggling Marriage1) Listen. Listening doesn’t mean simply hearing.2) Don’t give advice.3) Don’t make the problem worse.4) Help them think outside the divorce box.5) Encourage them.6) Help them find the right help.7) Connect them with a mentor couple.8) Refer them to helpful websites.FAQCan a horrible marriage be saved?Financial … Read more

How do you comfort a rejected friend?

Best Answer: Be prepared to help them heal the pain with these few suggestions.Let them be sad.Remind them it isn’t personal.Tell them how proud you are of their hard work.Distract them.Get them excited about other options.Remind them that pain will pass.FAQHow do you get over a girl’s rejection?What to do if a girl rejects youRespect … Read more

How do I help my friend deal with a breakup?

Best Answer: Reassuring a friend going through a breakup that you’re still present in their life can help smooth the transition. “If in doubt, ask your friend how you can keep supporting them,” Catchings says. “What feels good to them?” Maybe they’ll want a movie night, a few long weepy phone chats, or just an … Read more

How do you help a friend who is struggling?

Best Answer: How to support a friend or family member who’s struggling with their mental healthDO listen and validate.DO ask what they need from you.DO offer to help with everyday tasks.DO celebrate their wins, including the small ones.DO read up on what they’re struggling with.DO check in with them regularly.FAQHow do you comfort an unhappy … Read more

How do you get a urine sample from a female child?

Best Answer: Wash your hands with soap and water. Ask your child to start weeing and then use the container to catch their wee. Do not collect the first few drops – wait a second or two before starting to collect. Pour the sample from the container into the urine sample bottle (using a funnel … Read more