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long distance relationship songs

15 Songs To Help You Ease The Pain Of Being Away From Your Partner

Put these 15 Long Distance Relationship Songs into a playlist for when you feel particularly lonely and need to boost your mood until you can hold your partner in your arms again. Although being far...

20 Great Books To Read If You Are In A Long Distance Relationship

Opps~ Read These 15 Books If You’re In A Long Distance Relationship
Top 20 Flirty Yet Fun Questions You Can Ask a Guy over Text

Make Him Think You’re Sexy By Asking Flirty Questions

Waiting around for the guy to make a move is so yesterday. Modern girls are assertive and confident enough to take matters into their own hands. Whether it's to attract a guy you're into...
The 10 Types Of Clubbing Girls

The 10 Types Of Clubbing Girls

The nightlife scene is often vibrant, entertaining, and you get to meet all sorts of people. Going out at night can be a diverse experience from dancing at loud parties to chilling at a...
long distance lover

3 Steps to Satisfy Your Long Distance Lover

It's no secret that it can be awfully difficult to maintain a happy long distance relationship. Because you don't get to see your long distance lover in person that much, you may sometimes feel...
long distance break up

How to Survive a Long Distance Breakup

Long distance relationships require a lot of effort to maintain and are perhaps the hardest type of relationship to keep. With temptations all around us on top of geographical limitations, it can be quite...
she lied to me

A Single Lie Could Shatter Trust And Destroy Relationships

According to psychologists and leadership coaches, Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend, there are two types of liars. These two groups of people lie for different reasons with different intentions. Some people lie out...
long distance texting

10 Tips To Keep Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Enthralled With The Relationship

Have you wondered how to keep your long-distance relationship spiced up – to ensure that the love you feel for each other is still there despite the inability to be there physically for each...