The Discrete and Powerful Vibrator – Lovense Lush Review

Long distance relations can become boring quite easily and hence to keep things heated up, you and your partner need to take special efforts. Talking dirty, sexting, and fantasizing while chatting to each other is good but you have got to take things to the next level for an addicting experience. For this, you can easily just put your money in for a good remote-controlled sex toy designed especially for LDRs. My partner and I have probably explored all the sex toys available on the market (the prominent ones) and let me tell you, there is a toy for every girl or couple out there. Lovense Lush is a new one to hit the circuit and its growing popularity is just the proof necessary to show that people love it in their bedrooms. Lovense Max and Nora have already been quite impressive. They form the perfect pair of toys. So when I heard about another one from Lovense, I just had to give it a try. My experience is shared in the following review.

Lovense Lush ReviewGet more information about Lovense Lush 2(Official Lovense website)

Here are a few highlights about Lovense Lush:

  • If bedroom fun and way too naughty outside are what suit you the best, then Lush is definitely the toy for you. Now most of the little vibrators stick to the panties and hence taking them out of bedroom is tough. But Lush is an internal vibrator which can be used for discrete fun outside the bedroom as well.
  • It is a powerful remote-controlled vibrator with a design that has been put together to hit a woman’s G-spot perfectly. Could anything be better?
  • The Bluetooth antenna in this one is flexible and extends longer than usual which is why the Lush has more range. However wearing Lush under clothes will decrease the connection strength and range. The LDR option can be used by your partner with the help of the app and thus, he can begin to stimulate you anywhere, anytime.
  • Needless to say, the material of this vibrator is comfortable and high end. The Lush perfects silent mode as it is quite the discrete vibe device even in full power. No one will get wind unless they catch you orgasming and moaning.

Lovense Lush Review

Unpacking the Lush

Lush arrived and finally put an end to all my anticipation and eagerness. The packaging was not at all discrete (preferred discrete). On unboxing it, I realized that perhaps, I was yet to see a sexier toy than this unique vibrator. Lush is curved and quite thankfully so, because this allows it to hit the G-spot well (trust me, too well). Apart from that, it has a weird shaped antenna, but let’s just forget about that for now. The portion of the vibrator that can be inserted is roughly 3 inches long and 1.4 inches thick. The antenna might be an issue during the wearing of the device. Apart from that, a USB cable with user manual were provided as well. Clean it before you use it. After all, it is going in your sweet spot and should be cleaned well. Make sure that the device is fully charged before use! Plugging it in for an hour or two will do the job. The Lush has been made from silky silicone, which is why it is super comfortable and amazingly safe. For lubes, make sure you use the water one as silicon-based lube or other gels could damage it.

How the Lovense Lush Works

In order to begin, you need to get the app from the app store. The app you download will help you through the process of connecting yours and your partner’s phone. The connected vibrator can have its own name and password for secure management. To achieve a device-phone connection, make sure that your Bluetooth is on. It took less than 5 minutes for a technical novice like me to complete the entire process, although I have heard that many users take longer than usual to get this done. On successful connection, your phone and your partner’s phone become the remote control for the Lush. You can use real-time controls to change the vibrations or mix it up as you like it. You can also set the vibrations to go off to the sound of your favorite tunes, helping you get in that sexy mood, all turned on. Whenever you want, you can shift to chat mode and connect with your man to coordinate with him. He can set a new pattern for the vibrations, control it live to see you getting turned on and ready to release or might just send you a good image (you know, the one you’d like to see). It took my partner quite some time before he finally figured out the noodles in the bowl and I made him know that he was doing just fine!

How the Lush Feels

Lush 2 Control Her. Anytime. Anywhere. One of the best things about the Lush – it is an internal vibrator and the ease of use has been taken care of. Whether it is a love egg, bullet vibrator or simple vibrating panties, I haven’t really encountered something as little and as powerful as this. Depending on the average female body, the Lush will definitely hit your G spot with its unique design. The vibrations needless to say are powerful, intense and quite discrete, allowing you and your partner to have tremendous amount of fun. Lush was designed for stimulating the G-spot and hence you can say, it was limited to internal use. However for most of the women, the odd elongated tail is able to provide intense clitoral stimulation, adding to their pleasure like never before. Long story short, the Lush can also be used as a clitoral stimulator, providing powerful vibrations that can be controlled through the app by you or your partner. Even though Lush boasts the best range of all Bluetooth powered vibrators, it isn’t exactly perfect. For 360-degree standing, we were able to connect the Lush with the app from as far as 30 feet away. From the sitting position, the range decreased down to a meager 5-10 feet away. And now a word of advice for you, the naughty folks out there. Lush is great especially for wearing it around in public. But as I mentioned, the range is significantly decreased when the signal of Bluetooth is obstructed by a layer of cloth. I wouldn’t recommend going commando but if you really have to wear it in public, I suggest you give it a test run first. Adjust the vibrator well so that it will be comfortable for you and doesn’t cause any issues or discomfort. The wrong position or discomfort won’t really cause any pleasure. Be in the line of sight of each other as this makes sure your connection (the app and device) remains stable. The thrill of getting caught and trying to seduce each other in front of so many people – it is sexy as hell. But beware; do not walk around at silent places as you might just broadcast about your crotch being on fire by moaning too loud. Lush is great for going solo, but my recommendation would be to go for it with your partner.

The final say on Lovense Lush

Lush 2 Can you hold the moan? Whether it is inside the bedroom or out in the public, the Lovense Lush can definitely spice things up for you and your partner. From G-spot stimulation to the intense clitoral stimulation, from erotic foreplay to public seduction and teasing – imagine all sorts of fun that you can have with these bullet vibrators. Even though I have heard people complain about the Bluetooth, I would say mine worked fine and I simply love playing with it. You can buy the Lovense Lush at a special discount and one-year warranty at the official site here.

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