Lovense Hush – Your means to long distance spice and fun

Okay, there is no surprise or shock that sex in a long distance relationship is much like finding an oasis in the voyage through the drying sandy deserts. But wait, where there is a will, we make the way! If you have been circumventing around how you can still keep the relationship all heated up with the sexual tension and desire, you are not alone. Yes, it can still be satisfying, perhaps even better with the distance there. It’s alright, even if you do not get to snuggle every now and then, you have the advantage of tech at your side, allowing you to communicate with your better half whenever you want. And pleasure? Well, it too has been made accessible through technology. Try an app-controlled toy and I assure you, you will never look for anything else to pleasure yourself. Well, I recently tried Lovense Hush myself, taking my first ride with this app-controlled tiny plug that can help you get the fire back in the LDR. Control Him! with Hush

Lovense Hush Review

What Hush is

Let us not beat around the bush anymore. Hush is an advanced and powerful butt plug that can be used stimulate your pleasure spots in the anal area. It is smooth and sexy, but if you are wondering what makes it so different, we do have your answer – it is an app-controlled device. This means that it can be controlled either by yourself or a partner, regardless of the distance between the two of you. Wild, right? The toy has a Bluetooth chip that can be connected to either your phone or your partner’s. You can therefore control it with Wi-Fi. Needless to say, it seemed like the perfect mate for me since my man is obviously not here and I really wanted to do some experimenting in the sexual domain.

Enjoy Hush

The Hush can be used by any female or couple, like literally any. It has been specifically designed for some discrete public fun, erotic solo time, and of course, ever eager LDR couples. It can also be used in some sensual foreplay or when you want some alone time during your partner’s stay away phase. Unlike many guys out there, my partner isn’t really into anal play. I couldn’t wait, so I gave it a try all by myself. To be quite frank, I had been looking for something like this – an average sized head with powerful vibrations. Let’s just say it was perfect for me. I was way too excited and turned on but before I disclose how it felt, let’s get the tech part aside. Control Him! with Hush

How Lovense Hush Works?

Lovense knows how to package its products. The Hush comes in a stylish and sleek package. Resting in a velvet bag, the package also includes a user’s manual (like duh, we need it!), and of course the charging cable. In addition to that, I found there was a guide to setup and use this on their website. Well, Hush works on both Apple iPhone and the Android smartphone. To get started, you can simply download its application from the app store. You can then turn it on to see if it works. It might be difficult to see the light, but you can listen for the buzz as an indicator of successful launch. Once turned on, you can then follow the simple steps to connect the Hush and your app. You can then connect your partner as well. There is a long distance tab there, which you can use to add your partner’s contact. Once they accept your invite, you will see them on that tab. In the message section, you can chat with each other, letting each other know you are up for some sensual fun. And the best thing about starting with this is that the next time you connect, there is no long procedure. Just switch the hush on, and it will automatically connect with your device.

Hush time – Pros

Alright, time to let the genie out and reveal the secrets. Yeah, I loved it. It really did get my hormones flowing (a lot more than that actually). The plug is not exactly perfect. A bit of tweaking here and there could have made things far better, but I have to admit, it did give my partner and me some of the most sexually satisfying sessions and fun time. Silicone body and a matt rubber finish – it is quite the bouquet of style and technology. It is an appropriate size for me, but if you are new to the anal thing, you would probably need loads of lube to get it going. It looks elegant and classy – not a bad gift if you are thinking of buying one for your partner. The power button of the toy is at the base. To turn the toy off, you need to hold the button down for some time. It is good for the times when you are trying to pleasure yourself while sitting down. However, it is a bit tricky to turn off the toy completely. Once I left it on and ended up draining the battery. The vibrations, rest assured, are way too strong. From the subtle light ones to the more intense and wild – I certainly had a great time using it. The app is quite user-friendly – it allows you to set the speed and vibration mode in a much easier and better way. A gentle tap on the on-screen control mode and that is where the fun begins. You can move your finger up and down, but as soon as you take your finger off, the fun comes to an end. One of the best ways to enjoy this is to record a self-made playlist of vibration modes and then play it, which goes on and on. You can also switch to sample modes of vibration when you are not too into it and just want raw pleasure. In LDR, Hush is the perfect toy. After having tried it for quite some time, I handed it over to my partner to take control of it. As long as internet works for both of you, the distance will not be an issue as your partner will certainly be able to pleasure you well by controlling the vibrations from his end. He will have complete control of the mode, speed, and intensity- making you go in the rhythm he wants you to move in. If you would like to go for a more kinky side, you can keep the butt plug in, while your partner surprises you with a buzz every now and then! You can certainly sync both Lush and Hush together but trust me, it is not really a good choice as only one person gets to control them both. Hush is an excellent choice for sure, irrespective of whether you want it to be controlled from a short distance or from the other corner of the world. It was great for me because I love to have some alone time filled with fantasy play and other erotic dreaming. I didn’t experience any technical issues while using this. It was good. In fact, I loved the part where I could leave it in with some lube, and my partner would surprise me by buzzing it randomly. The plug is waterproof so you can pretty much do anything with it still in there.


There had to be the cons because as I said, it is not perfect. Now the makers describe it as the most discrete plug toy ever but here is the thing – it is quiet, certainly not the discrete fellow I imagined it to be. Push it to full-on power vibrations and you will have that little devil making all sorts of noise inside you, loud enough to be heard in a room with fewer individuals. Well, if you do want to try some really kinky and daring stuff, you can put it in and walk around in public while your partner gives you the slow mode vibrations for lasting pleasure. There was an issue with the curved antenna which was too hard on my tailbone. But I think that would be different for other girls out there. And finally, I wish there was some other way to charge the toy, without having to take it out. That would certainly make it fit for long-term wear. I will be honest – I didn’t really get acquainted with the controls right away. It took me a good amount of time and experimentation before I could finally use it with comfort. I didn’t like the vibrations being controlled by music. But then, perhaps that is just me and someone else might be too happy to have that function. But the feature I had the most fun with was its sound activated launch. Whenever my partner was back, we used to do more Hushing while in the same room. He used to activate it by chatting me up or calling me, making me go tizzy with the sudden vibrations in my butt. Another issue came up with the lube. The plug isn’t really small enough that it would go inside easily. Even though the makers clearly advise on using a water-based lube, I found it hard to keep it inside with the recommended one. There was the regular issue of reapplying after some time. Even though they say that the spirals keep the lube inside, I think it was more of a pain in the … you know where it goes, right?

More Long Distance Sex Toys

Is there a way around these cons? Of course there is, with the alternatives. The Nora and Max pair from Lovense is a great alternative with an added pleasure. The toys are synced well and can thus provide both you and your partner with an amazing experience, despite the LDR’s tormenting distance. Lush is also a good one and the best non-anal alternative for women. If you want to get into something more pleasurable and intense, you can always go for the Vibease or We-Vibe 4 Plus. These toys happen to be excellent when it comes to providing an overall simultaneous stimulation of the clit and G-spot. And what’s more, it can also be used in public due to the silent modes!

The Final Verdict

Control Him! with Hush As a part of the final verdict, I would like to say that the Lovense Hush is a great toy, even ideal for individuals who are into anal play and erotic excitement. In the long distance scenarios, it is a great wearable plug that can help you and your partner keep things sexy and fresh as well. In short, Hush and its counterparts from Lovense are absolutely worth a try!

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