10 Tips To Keep Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Enthralled With The Relationship

Have you wondered how to keep your long-distance relationship spiced up – to ensure that the love you feel for each other is still there despite the inability to be there physically for each other? Don’t worry! You are not alone! Many couples worry that the distance will tear them apart. They worry that their significant other is losing interest or that they may find somebody else to be with (someone closer). Thankfully, technology is bridging the distance – it’s allowing people the chance to stay in touch. There’s an old saying, “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” and this is still true even with all the technology out there today. However, texting someone many times a day can start to get old real quick. So, what you can do to keep your boyfriend/girlfriend interested in the relationship? You need to consider implementing the following texting tips, but the most important thing is to make them want you as bad as you want them. It’s important you don’t constantly send the typical, “I miss you” texts – it gets old after a while, and it’s certainly not sexy. You want to send them “I want you” messages that keep them loving you even when the distance is keeping you apart. What are some of the best way to keep your significant other interested in maintaining the relationship even when the distance?

10 Long Distance Texting Tips To Keep Him/Her Interested And Begging For More

Take Pictures To Share With Them

Instead of sending them pictures every now and then, take pictures every day of the things you do. This gives them some insight into your world. Take pictures of your favorite places, where you’re walking, etc.

Remember All Events

Set up reminders about important events your other half has had such as learning a new language, finishing a huge project, asking about their first class, etc. You want to come across as someone who remembers, not just the big things, but also the smaller events. This shows them that you care about them and the things going on in your life.

Keep Them Updated About Your Daily Activities

When talking to your significant other, consider sharing with them the happenings of your daily life. Of course, you don’t want to listen to someone talking about a topic you know nothing about. The same goes for personal stories. They may seem funny to you, but your partner may not feel as jubilant about it.

Be As Detailed As Possible With Your Text Messages

Rather than using generic messages, personalize the messages. Give them compliments, tell them what you miss most and what you’d like to happen upon their return. For example, you can tell them:
  • You miss running your fingers through their hand.
  • You love to hear their voice – not just by phone but in person.
You can also flirt with them.

Express Positive Energy Toward Them

People love positive people, so don’t vent by text unless you really need to. If you have to vent, consider talking to a friend. Don’t come across as jealous either. Regardless of what people say, jealousy is not sexy. The following messages can destroy your relationship:
  • Where are you?
  • You didn’t call me last night.
  • Were you with anyone?
Of course, if you believe your partner is cheating on you, consider using Skype or any other video messaging program to ask them in person. Do not use text to grill your mate about a possible infidelity. For the most part, this isn’t going to end well for you.

Let Them Know How Much They Are Missed

Don’t just say “I miss you” without being specific about what it is you miss about them. Let them know what you plan on doing the moment you see them. Sweet texts are reminders that you love and care about them.

Play Flirty Games By Text

Consider games like “QuickFire” to shake your text messages up. Flirty text messages in a long-distance relationship can ensure it stays new all the time.

Don’t Overanalyze Your Texts

You do not want to waste your time on each text your other half sends you. If you notice vague text messages, you can decipher them a little bit at a time, but don’t become so obsessive about it.

Seduce Him By Text

Send your significant other seductive texts instead of sending them nude pictures. You want to leave them feeling as if they’re missing something, enticing them to come home as soon as they are able.

Leave Suggestive Voice Message

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, leave your other half a sexy voice message. Add some purring to the voice message, saying something that will blow their mind. Of course, you may feel uncomfortable by doing this, but it’s something to consider down the road.

What Should You Keep In Mind?

Remember what the end goal is – to ensure your significant other is kept enticed with any of the above-mentioned tips. You want your texts to be interesting and exciting, which is why you need to put forth your effort. A text can go a long way in igniting and flaming the passion within the relationship. It also helps to solidify the relationship. When talking by text, add a little extra to your communication. With enticing communications, your partner will want to read them continuously.

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