5 Best Long Distance Sex Toys for Your LDR Dates

One of the most strenuous and least favorable phases in a relationship is that of the long distance. It is not an easy thing to accept the distance and get over missing your partner. Your partner not being there around in the home or right there beside you can be frustrating. And then, it becomes worse – no physical bonding anymore, no sexual satisfaction. And perhaps the distance makes the desire intensify with time, the feelings itching to break the barrier within us. Without the physical satisfaction, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep the bond intact. In order to make sure that the relationship survives this phase, both you and your partner must adapt to the circumstance. This would even mean changing the very meaning of sex for the two of you. A modern touch to this craving along with the assistance from technology can help in keeping the fires of desires burning in both of you. This will make you crave each other even more. No, not just video chat, it is the sex toys that you can now use and make your sex life a lot better than it ever was. Ah! You need not worry if this is your first time choosing sex toys. Even if you have never used them in a long-distance relationship, we are here to help you choose the best suited one for your heightened pleasure.

Our top picks for Long Distance Sex Toys

1. Lovense Max 2 and Nora

And you might have guessed already – Max is ‘his’ while Nora is ‘her’ toy. They can be controlled from a distance with ease (Mind you, any distance). Now, while your partner is busy enjoying controlling your Nora, you can speed up and control his Max to achieve orgasm at the same time, without even being together in the same room, let alone on the same bed. Nora has an arm that vibrates to arouse the female by stimulating the clit. Its internal beads intensify each sensation. The rotation of beads and the vibration will be controlled by your partner. Being waterproof, it can be used in the bath or shower too. Max is quite realistic itself, providing a skin sleeve that stimulates the penis with vibration and contraction for added pleasure of stimulated sex. Max & Nora

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2. Lovense Lush

If you want to use your vibe or want to see your partner control it, Lovense lush is definitely recommended. Now most vibrators are placed inside the panties, but the Lush is more of an internal vibrator and hence, more discrete as well as secure. The antenna for Bluetooth extends longer than other Bluetooth vibrating toys. Safe to say, it is easily controlled from a distance and can be easily used by your partner to pleasure you. One of the best and sexiest things about this toy is that it is an internal one, unlike others that have to be put right on the spot with support of the panties. Once inside, it keeps on vibrating in silent mode and hence, there is no chance of anyone catching any noise except for your moans, if you do not manage to control them!

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3. Kiiroo

Kiiroo toys are best for sex play in a two-way manner. Two-way manner? It means that both you and your partner get pleasured. Kiiroo allows both you and your partner to enjoy the pleasures of a vibrator that can be controlled by a remote. Even though it costs more, it is really worth its price when it comes to the pleasure quotient. Even if you are a novice in the sex toys domain and their use in a relationship, you can be assured of intense orgasmic bliss. At first, your video chats might seem awkward and demanding but once you get into it, you will definitely love it! Kiiroo has its own video platform and hence, you can say that it has been designed in a creative manner for maximum pleasure for the long distance lovers. Pearl is the vibrator designed for females and the Onyx is the masturbator for males. They share the same video and audio data platform. The synchronization of movements in both the toys allows a far better experience than pleasuring yourself alone, quite similar to masturbating each other. Some couples have even compared it to virtual sex! However, there is still a drawback. The Pearl and the Onyx are priced ridiculously high at a tag of $369. However, I would say it is worth a shot if you and your partner are into video chats or would like to connect on a more sexual note instead of the routine boring chats. Kiiroo also has some great “same sex” couple toys for both males and females.

4. Vibease

It is perhaps my most loved toy of the lot. It is a good first toy if you have never had one before. Vibease is priced to suit everyone’s budget, and frankly, it is quite the sexy addition you need to keep things hot between you and your partner. Loads and loads of fun are on your way with Vibease. Not as good as the Lush, it still is quite silent and sticks to the panties well for a good experience. With the ability to be controlled by an app, the distance between you and your partner is not going to be an issue anymore. The funkiest part of this amazing toy is that you can select a story from their store to get into the mood while you begin to drip down there. Even though there is no partnering toy, the fun of controlling and being controlled with Vibease even in public places, is far sexier than any other experience. Stay Intimate Anywhere — Check what people say about Vibease

5. We-Vibe 4 Plus

Not really a sexy name, but when it comes to experience, We-Vibe is a small sex beast. It is remote controlled and a bit similar to Vibease, but its unique design is what makes it stand out – it can stimulate both the G-spot and the clit at the same time. Oh yeah, what more can a girl ask for? There are 10 speeds and modes to choose from. These include the pulse, standard vibrate, wave, cha cha cha, bounce, and the intensifying euphoric peak. Your partner can make a totally new playlist by playing different modes to seduce you or you could do it yourself, making him control it. Trust me, you are in for some blinding orgasms with the We-Vibe buried in your thighs. There are several long distance sex toys out there and regardless of the one you choose for your long distance relationship, never shy away from experimenting. Pick one or a load, solo ones or the synced ones – simply remember to be the master of your pleasure!

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  1. I wish there was a mix of the clone a part and lovesense toys. You make a clone of your genitals as does your partner and they can transmit the same feelings as the techy ones.


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