Long-Distance Sex Toys: Lovense Max & Nora Review

Lovense was designed to bring long-distance couples a little closer, but is this sex toy something to consider for your relationship? What should you know about it – good and bad? Is this what you were looking for to spice up the relationship with a partner who is miles away from you? Let’s be honest… a long-distance relationship takes a lot of work to get right. Communication, trust, and honesty are huge factors in surviving a long-distance relationship. However, many couples feel sex is an important part of the relationship too. What do you do when your partner is hundreds of miles away, and you don’t want to feel alone? Thankfully, there’s something known as teledildonics to help long-distance relationship couples survive the distance that can take a toll. What is teledildonics? It sounds a bit robotic, right? Actually teledildonics is the amalgamation of technology and sex toys. These are toys that will help you feel closer to your partner even if they’re not in the same room or, most importantly, the same time zone. With teledildonics toys, the distance between you and your significant other just fade. Interested?

Lovense Max & Nora: Long-Distance Sex Toys Review

One such teledildonic toy that you can consider is the Max and Nora sex toys. What are they? And, how can they help a long-distance couple stay committed to each other, ensuring the flames of their relationship are kept burning?

A Look At Max and Nora Sex Toys: How Do They Work?

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What are Max and Nora sex toys? They are his/her sex toys that are usable alone or with a significant other. Best all, the significant other doesn’t even need to be in the same home or time zone as you to control the toy. What are some of the pros and cons of each sex toy?

A Look At The Max Sex Toy

Simply put, Max is a masturbatory sleeve that was developed to imitate the feel of the vagina. The idea is to make a man have an orgasm. The majority of people are unfamiliar with male sex toys compared to female ones. Most people know what a dildo or vibrator is, but lack any experience with a male masturbatory device. The Max’s inner sleeve is comprised of skin-like TPE – a porous and exceptionally soft material. The sleeve is housed in a plastic case that includes all the fun components that make the device contract and vibrate around the shaft. The sex toy is also very discreet, which means if you accidentally leave it out, chances are others won’t realize what it is. You shouldn’t do that, of course. The sex toy isn’t very appealing to look like, and could even be mistaken as a kitchen utensil or appliance. The Max male masturbatory device uses both air-pump technology and vibrations to stimulate the various sex sensations. The air-pump technology allows for mild, deep and subtle stimulations while you can use the low, medium or high vibration setting. Vibrations are typically not offered on male sex toys, which could make it a real treat for your significant other. Remember, the material feels just like real skin, making the experience even more exciting. Another key point to note about the air-pump technology – you won’t find it from any other sex toy manufacturer. It’s a unique offering to Lovense sex toys, which means the sensation you get from it, you don’t get from other sex toys. You may feel that air-pump doesn’t equate sex, but it can. The Max sex toy is equipped with a Bluetooth chip that ensures it’s not just another sex toy. This capability lets your significant other hook the Max to his phone, where he can control it or to your phone so you can control the device, no matter what he is at in the world.

What Was My Husband’s Experience With The Max Masturbator

According to my husband, he thought the Max had a plethora of power and that the vibrations were powerful He did remark that it was kind of tight and he didn’t like the size. This is something else other Lonvese Max users have noted. If your man is well-endowed, this may be something to keep in mind. For some men, my husband included, it may look too robotic. If your man wants something stylish, the Max masturbator is not what you’re looking for. The Max can be controlled three ways – by himself, with another person or with music. Max & Nora

A Closer Look At The Nora Vibrator

The Nora vibrator comprises of extremely smooth silicone. It measures about five inches long, which is a good length for the majority of women. Plus, you don’t have to insert it all the way to get the feeling you want from it. It doesn’t have a large girth either. It was developed with a curved G-sport stimulating head as well as a clitoral mound, which lets you get both the external and internal stimulation for the most pleasure you can get. The Nora is similar to the Max in that is has several sensations – vibrations and rotations – the sensations you feel are even more powerful thanks to the beads lining the shaft. These rotations and vibrations are controlled by the buttons at the toy’s base or through your phone. You can control them at the same time or individually, which means different combinations of vibrations and stimulations. When the first Nora sex toy was developed, users often stated the vibrations lacked power and the motor controlling the rotations was excessively loud. While newer Nora versions have led to improvements, the vibrations are still not that strong (least, not for me). Vibration strength boils down to more personal taste than anything. The only way to know if the vibrations are strong enough for you is to use it. If you find that the vibrator is too powerful, reduce the speed to find one more your taste. The Nora also uses the Bluetooth of your phone and computer to connect with the Max. When you and your significant other are states or countries apart, this is the way to go. Now, you may be wondering how the two sex toys interact with one another.

What Was My Experience With The Nora Vibrator

In order to get the most action from my Nora device, I used in three different ways – on my own controlling the device or controlling it using music, or using it with my husband while using the Max device. I initially used the Nora as a regular vibrator. I love rabbit-style vibrators, as they offer both outer and inner stimulation that ensures I enjoy the sexual experience. I also loved having the capability of altering the vibration and rotating settings. I really like the Nora; it’s the perfect size and has a great feel to it. You can’t really use it inconspicuously, but an expectation like that from a vibrator is unrealistic anyway. If you plan on using it while others are in the home, consider having music in the background (or controlling it) to hide the noise. This is the only real drawback to any sex toy you get. Another issue I had was the lack of strong vibrations. A vibrator should be extremely powerful, but I didn’t feel like I got much out of the Nora device. The majority of the vibration was around the clitoral mound, but I feel the device would be even better if the shaft had a powerful vibration to it. The next time I used the Nora, it was through the Body Chat app and where music was controlling it. That was a particularly unique experience. Most people have a playlist of sex music they like. Many couples tend to look at music as a way to enhance the sexual experience. This is what I felt about the Nora. The music dictated how the toy moved and it took me away from the here and now. The new Nora has a hands-free play to it – no longer do have to manually press the buttons to work the Nora. The music you choose can bring about all kinds of experience with the toy, which makes it extremely versatile. I was finally able to use the Nora vibrator with my significant other. While we live in the same house, he can control the toy while in the other room. We did use the video feature because I like the idea of seeing him. However, the devices could be just as fun without it, and your imagination can run wild. He would manually control the Nora through his phone to get me all riled up. He would change the rotation and vibration speeds, making him hot and bothered because he was the one controlling how I was feeling. Once that experimentation was up, he hooked up his Max and connected to the Nora. With every thrust he made, it caused the Nora to vibrate and rotate at the same time. This felt like we were actually having sex together without toys even though we really were miles apart.

Use The App and Bluetooth To Connect The Max and Nora Sex Toys

Both toys connect via Bluetooth, but both partners need to download the app to either their computer or phone to get the full experience. The app gives you instructions on how to do this, but the manufacturer offers a more detailed guide to connecting the devices. Once they are connected, you invite your significant other to the app for a little fun. The app not only lets you control one another’s devices, but it’s also a video and messaging platform too. This means while you’re in the sex act, you can talk and see one another. You don’t have to use this version, Skype or any video platform will do. You just need the app to control the device’s features. The great thing about the toy is that, unless you want to, you don’t have to control the other’s device. All that’s needed is for your other half to use their respected device. When the Max is being used, the Nora starts moving with it. The thrusting motion the man makes causes the Nora to rotate and vibrate. You may not be in the same room, but it certainly will feel like you are. The sensations they produce are great, but knowing that your other half is feeling the same way you are at the same time makes it an even more enjoyable sexual experience. The Max and Nora can also be used with music – any music you want – but must be done using the app. While not ideal for the long-distance relationship sex, it’s a good feature you can use yourself and then talk about later. The app can be choppy, and it can be difficult to get “in the mood” again after the connection has been lost. Rather than mess with the app, consider a third-party chat and video software program to enjoy your sex toys with your partner.

What Do We Think About The Max and Nora Sex Toys?

Max & Nora If you’re in a long-distance relationship, the Max and Nora sex toys can help bridge the distance and give you an explosive sexual experience. While there are some issues with toys, the overall experience will be positive. The great thing about the Nora and Max devices is that they still brought some level of intimacy to our relationship. We did experience a momentary loss in connection because the Body Chat app lost its connection. It wasn’t annoying to the point we didn’t like it, but it could be if the connection were regularly lost.

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