Long-Distance Sex Toy: kiiroo onyx review

Are you into technology? Are you into sex toys? Are you involved in a long-distance relationship? If so, then you need to find out all you can about teledildonics and Kiiroo and how it can help you stay in touch with your long-distance love.

kiiroo onyx review

A Look At What Makes Kiiroo So Different Than Other Sex Toy Companies

Kiiroo developed teledildonics-related his and her sex toys to bring people closer together. While there are a plethora of sex toys that you can use, Kiiroo is different. What should you understand about Kiiroo; why you should consider any of their toys for your next purchase? Kiiroo provides the “his and her” Onyx + Pearl Couple toy. The Pearl is a touch-sensitive vibrator whereas the Onyx is a male masturbatory sleeve.
  • There are nine vibration settings on the Pearl; it’s relatively quiet. It’s comprised of smooth, silky material that can easily be cleaned.
  • The Onyx comes with three contraction modes. The device is also a little loud, so your other half may want to use it when he’s alone. The Onyx Fleshlight sleeve feels similar to actual flesh.
Kiiroo’s Fleshlight Launch is a male masturbator that can be used with the Onyx and Pearl toy. The toys are Bluetooth-enabled, meaning they interact with one another when connected. So, if you’re video chatting with your significant other, the Onyx and Pearl toys from Kiiroo is as close as you can get to having sex. Your partner can feel each trust made while you’re pleasuring yourself. And, your partner can see and hear all this at the same time.


Kiiroo is a great sex toy for long distance relationships. It allows you to enjoy your partner even when they’re half a world away, and you’re in the mood. Its video chatting software definitely makes Kiiroo a worthwhile investment. Kiiroo is much more than video chatting. It’s an interactive platform that operates similar to a social media site but on a more sexual scale for couples. If you and your other half have been looking for a platform that allows you to reach out and touch someone from afar, Kiiroo may be the answer to your problem.

A Look At Teledildonics

The Internet has certainly changed a plethora of things – sex toys included. Today, there are Internet-enabled sex toys that allow long-distance couples and lovers to feel one another in real time. The word teledildonics (also called cyberdildonics) came about in 1975 in reference to remote sex that had real feelings. People initially saw teledildonics has these skinny, stretchy bodysuits with small vibrating devices capable of sending and receiving information via computers that connected to phone lines. However, modern teledildonics has seen major technological improvements, which means over-the-Internet sex is no longer left to the imagination. It’s now a reality. Kiiroo is regarded as the field’s leader. Besides making the Onyx and Peal for heterosexual couples, it also creates products for her, him and same-sex couples. Kiiroo is set on developing products that make it easier for couples to reach out and touch each other no matter what the sexual preference or gender expression. It offers smart toys that make the distance a little easier to bear.

What The Pearl and Onyx Toys Look Like?

It’s important to understand that both the Onyx and Pearl have well-designed with a sleek, sexy look to them. When Kiiroo developed them, they were certainly thinking about their looks – they even look like Apple designed them.

A Closer Look At The Pearl Vibrator

This vibrator is equipped with touch technology, which will connect with the Onyx. It comes with nine vibration modes including
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Fast pulse
  • Slow pulse
It will automatically respond to touch. It’s about 7.5 inches long and was developed with an innovative G-spot vibrator that is sure to take your breath away. With the right angle, it can reach all the sensitive spots of your body. With the touch technology, it can be used when you feel the need to masturbate. Just turn it to its Sensitive Touch Vibration Mode, and you can pleasure yourself. The device’s sensors react in decreasing and increasing speed. You can develop your own patterns if you’d like. Since the vibrations can be extremely powerful, you should go right to the most powerful speed. Although it can be used for solo purposes, the real reason to get the Pearl vibrator is for the intimate experience you get by using it with your long-distance partner. When connected to the Onyx, every move made causes the Onyx’s rings to contract. This causes them to feel your “body” action in real-time. When the vibrator touches your body – no matter where it’s touching – the device will send the movements to the Onyx. You could tease your other half, but be mindful that too much teasing could lead to an early night for both of you with only one of you feeling satisfied. Your partner will also have some control over the pattern and speed of the Pearl’s vibration using the external touchpad. The toys’ two-way communication provides you with the ability to have some intimacy with your significant other, no matter where you are in the world. The device was made for couples who must spend time apart but still want to feel closer together. The Pearl is comprised of a soft, feel-good material that you can easily clean using warm water and dish soap, antibacterial soap or special toy cleaner. You charge it by hooking it up to the USB port on any device such as your computer. Make sure to read the manual to get a better understanding of how the device is supposed to work and how to clean it.

A Closer Look At The Onyx Device

The Onyx device is for men to use. It’s an automatic male masturbator that comes with the Fleshlight Superskin. This sleeve is very soft and feels like actual skin. While nothing can compare to skin-to-skin contact, the Fleshlight manufacturer is the best in creating high-quality male masturbatory sleeves. The Onyx has 10 contracting rings that mimic the intercourse action. It comes with three modes – slow pump, fast pump and manual. When connected to the Pearl, it sends signals that offer a two-way sexual experience for both parties. The movements made ensure you and your other half get an erotic experience out of the entire thing. What’s so great about the Onyx sex toy? It’s not like any masturbatory sleeve out there. It’s encased in a cool, outer casing that is controllable by touch. It has a two-way device that connects it to the Pearl device. With this connection, both you and your partner can have a lot of fun controlling the other’s movements.

A Look At The Video Platform and How It Works

The devices connected via a video chat, which gives off the impression that you can touch your partner even through the screen. Thanks to the design of the sex toys, your partner can see, hear and feel everything. In fact, you may spend hours using the Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl toys because you’ll feel like the distance has melted away and you’re in the same room together. The video platform has full-screen capabilities, looks like glass and has very little buttons – thus, a minute amount of distractions to take away from the experience. All you have is you and your other half to concentrate on. Any buttons that are on the screen disappear when the computer mouse isn’t being used. Again, you only see each other – be it your face or something else entirely. The Kiiroo video platform chatting software isn’t like other programs. It sends tactile information along with audio and video between the two toys. What does that mean? It means the movement your device makes it sent to your partner’s device, which creates the unique sexual experience. To get this kind of experience, you both need to pair the device to your computers and reach out to each other in the chat program. In order to use the video platform, you need to go to the Kiiroo.com website and sign up. Once logged in, you need to register the device using an authenticity card that was in the box. After you register the device, you can download the platform. You’ll need to fully charge the device before using. Once done, turn it and the computer’s Bluetooth on. If your computer doesn’t have Bluetooth capability, be sure to use a dongle. When the app is open, a menu will appear on the home screen. Here, you’ll have two options. You can invite a partner or join a partner. The invite button produces a six-digit code that’s unique to the session. Your partner will need to type it in to get into the session. The code can be exchanged via text message, Skype, email or whatever. Once the connection has been made, you’ll get the intimacy you’ve been longing for. The miles just melt away.

First-Hand Experience With The Onyx and Pearl Device

Many couples use sex toys to enhance their sexual experience – myself and husband included. However, the Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl devices, along with the video platform, is the first time we’ve felt close to each other even when we were miles apart. He could feel every thrust that was made, could see my face, hear my moans and just feel each other as we had “sex.” These toys are also compatible with the interactive adult site – FeelMe. FeelMe has live webcams, interactive video content, interactive Virtual Reality content, online porn of all kinds, etc. My husband has no reservations about relaxing when using the device. He said it wasn’t the same as being in the same bed together, but that the contractions felt like his cock was being stroked up and down. This sensation is as close as he would get to me actually being there. Another great aspect of the device is the touch software, which can be programmed for unique patterns and send to the Onyx. If he decides to go solo, he can use the preprogrammed patterns. Talk about a lot of ways to experiment, which is something long-distance relationship couples should do to ensure their relationship survives the distance. It’s imperative to use a water-based lubricant and to clean the inside of the Fleshlight sleeve using warm water. It should be air-dried before being put back in its casing. You can learn more about the Onyx device by reading the manual that came with it.

What Should You Take Away From This Review?

Both the Pearl and Onyx devices are amazingly beautiful, which is something to consider when buying sex toys. You don’t want anything to distract you from the experience. The negative aspect of the devices is that they both come with a bright red light. Plus, the Onyx is rather loud. I recommend using with headphones if you’re alone. It comes with some great touch capabilities, and the video software program is unlike any other. Video chatting is a long-distance relationship couples’ answer to missing each other. Sexy video chats just add fuel to the fire of missing one another. If you want to feel a little closer to your partner, the Kiiroo sex toys are sure to make it happen. Both the husband and I just love these toys from Kiiroo. We have learned new ways to pleasure each other and climax at the same time. For couples in a long-distance relationship, the Pearl and Onyx will change how you see the distance between you. By being able to see each other while having sex, the distance just fades. The Kiiroo is all about bringing couples closer together and spicing up a sex life. You can buy it online, but be prepared to pay more than your typical vibrator or sex toy. Of course, the price you pay is well worth the experience you get. In most cases, the devices are shipped discreetly. No one but you and your partner will know what’s in the package.

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