10 Ways You Can Use Built-Up Energy In A Loved One’s Absence

Are you dating someone who is living far away from you? A long-distance relationship can be hard – can be but doesn’t have to be. If you’ve been missing your other half due to distance, don’t suppress that feeling. Resisting it only makes the pain grow stronger, making you feel as if life isn’t fair and hating how you feel. However, you’ll be glad to know that there are 10 easy tips to help you address the pain of missing your significant other when there’s a plethora of distance between you. Distance isn’t the end of the world, and you deserve to be happy in the long distance relationship. Savor the moments you can get. What can you do?

10 Tips To Help You Use The Energy That Comes From Missing A Loved One

1. Use The Energy In Your Body To Experience A High

In the times that you miss your other half, there’s an energy that builds up within you. It’s that energy people wish they could use to make love with their other half – to hold them close and kiss them repeatedly. However, since your other half isn’t around to use that energy on, you do whatever you can to repress that feeling. You may even deem it bad. What you have to understand is that the energy is just energy – not good, not bad. You either suffer from the energy, or you use it in a more positive way. When you feel the pain of missing them, don’t view it as a bad thing. Instead, stretch out on your bed, closing your eyes. Allow the energy to flow through the body and enjoy the pleasure you get from it. Let go of any thoughts in your mind other than thoughts of your partner and how appreciative you are for them in your life. This is known as high on love

2. Write A Poem or Love Letter

When you feel that surge of energy come in, consider using it by writing them a letter about how you feel. This will help you in two ways:
  • You can let them know how you feel and get some relief.
  • You make something your other half will enjoy and want to keep.
For centuries, poets would use words to express the love they felt for someone. These were the instances when the words would flow from both the heart and mind. Without thinking, use the energy to write down how you feel about your partner. Mail the letter to them – they’ll love it more than all the text messages you could write. It shows them that you took time to physically write down how you feel about them and the relationship. Plus, when you write to your other half, you remind yourself of what it is you love about them.

3. Get Creative

When you’re desperately missing your partner, why not spend your time creating something they are sure to love? Just like writing him/her a letter, creating something they are bound to love means you took time out of your day to think of them. For example, you can create a collage of pictures that expresses your deepest feelings for them. Be sure to use only the best pictures of the both of you. When you think logically, it’s hard to be creative. However, if you can put yourself in the right mindset – perhaps make yourself jealous or angry about the fact that you don’t get to see them as often. This can lead to creative inspiration that flows from your heart.

4. Admit You’re Sexually Deprived and Release The Energy

Some people may not feel comfortable with this suggestion, but others may claim it really helps. The reality is that humans are sexual beings; it’s normal to want to release the sexual tension you feel. When your partner is gone for a long period of time, you need to release that energy some way. Of course, to remain faithful, that means pleasuring yourself or going on video with your partner and do the deed together. You are going to notice how different you feel.

5. Come Up With Ways To See Your Other Half

One of the ways to combat the issue of not seeing your other half is by thinking of ideas to see them. You may be surprised by how little brainstorming you have to do to see the person you love. In fact, you may discover some interesting opportunities.

6. Stay In Touch With Them

You don’t want to come across as needy or desperate, but you do want to stay in touch with them. Avoid sending them multiple texts a day, calling them every hour or expecting them to drop everything for you. This only leads to them feeling claustrophobic and begging for a way out of the relationship.

7. Stay Busy

Instead of always thinking about your other half, find things that keep you busy. Take up a new hobby, get involved in a gym, read a book, watch movies or take up bowling. This helps you to pass the time until you can see each other again.

8. Look Through Pictures

When you can’t see your other half in person, pictures will have to do. Have your other half send pictures of themselves or look at the pictures of the both of you together. This will help you to feel a little better, even if they’re not there in person.

9. Feel Melancholy

You do have feelings, and it’s okay to be sad from time to time. The best thing you can do is think about the moments you have had together – laugh, cry or whatever. This releases the energy that’s built up. If you’re a man, you may think friends of yours will look down upon you for expressing your feelings.

10. Spend Time With Friends

When your other half is gone, it’s always good to spend time with friends you don’t see as often. This will help you to release any built-up tension and put your mind on something else.

What You Need To Remember:

Missing a significant other is going to build up energy in your body. For you, that means coming up with a way to release that energy – spending time with them online, by text or by phone, sending them picture collages, creating a love letter or anything else that reminds them that you still love and care for them. The last thing you want the energy to create is a field of hate, which can make you feel angry for them leaving you.

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