How Transgender Women Top During Sex |

Pleasure comes not only with tender gestures and sweet French kisses. Sometimes it’s just about the attitude and control over your partner’s feelings and body. And not always these are men who steer the wheel of the sex car. Transgender sex has changed the rules of domination in bed. The most astonishing thing is that many men like it. Even those, who have never tried it before – ask transgender girls to top during sex to feel the new level of orgasm. If you doubt the sexiness of this process, then stop watching mainstream transgender porn and read this article to get a glimpse of how this really happens.

Learn before practice

To have unforgettable sex with a transgender – you may need to speak with one of them to understand better the reality of what is expecting you. Join trans cams to speak with the Madonnas of pleasure and to understand how really transgender women top during sex. Don’t be shy or greedy – this is totally anonymous and you don’t have to pay a dime. Ladies will guide you into the world of transgender pleasures and tender kisses. When choosing to be in a bottom position, learn more about the preparation process. Cleanse yourself and shave all of the intimate places before having intercourse. Nobody likes to see the hairy butt. This will spoil the moment. Remember – many transgender girls like rimming and usually, it goes before getting into you. So just make yourself neat and clean to make her feel the real taste of you. Also, don’t forget about safety. Even though you will have anal sex – latex condoms and oil-based gel are extremely necessary.

Talk to her

Not all transgender girls like to top sue to many factors: both psychological and physiological. Prior to having sex – ask her if she doesn’t mind to top during sex. This doesn’t necessarily mean she needs to finish in you or ride you for too long. It will be fine if you cum first and then top her next. Choking and spanking are also very common things to ask for. However, if a transgender woman doesn’t get hard from the process of being on top or she might have a vagina, but you want her to be on top – there is a way to make it work for both of you. Sex toys like dildos, strapons, and anal clogs help many couples in such situations. To understand more about those things – watch trans cams and you will know this issue well better.

Make her horny

Every sex is complicated chemistry of lust. Don’t treat a transgender woman as a man and don’t take transgender sex for classical gay sex. She is a woman, so treat her right. Don’t yell like a subjugated slutty bitch if she doesn’t ask for that. Make a perfect date before sex and kiss her, taste her butt and top her right. And when the time comes – she will top you in exchange.

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