They Aren’t Just for Women: How to Take an Attractive Selfie as a Dude

The old adage “not to judge a book by its cover” may have held up to the test of time – but that does not mean that it is always accurate. Regardless of how often we are told to let what’s inside a person help us form our impressions of them, your appearance can easily cause someone to write you off before they even get a chance to know you. It is a cruel reality that you need to be at least moderately cool online in order to attract a woman. You do not have to be fake, put on airs, or be completely absorbed in your digital presence in order for a woman to be attracted to you. In fact, being real goes a long way and if you make the right choices, you can portray the real you in a perfectly framed selfie. Selfies are not just about making yourself look more attractive to other people, nor are they all about being concerned with what other people think. No, a good selfie is about broadcasting your very best self to the rest of the world and this will put fewer obstacles in the way as you pursue what you want. A good photo needs to strike the balance between “this was obviously staged and took 4000 tries to get it” and “Oops, I didn’t mean to take that photo!” This fine balance is an art that most girls have become experts at, but many men have not. Luckily, we are here to help. Here are the basic rules of taking a good selfie. Follow them, and you will be able to take that perfect photo with ease.

How to Take Selfies to Attract the Opposite Sex

1. You must take it yourself

This may sound obvious, but a selfie is only a selfie if you are taking it yourself. If your best friend or coworker takes the photo, it simply is not a selfie. Teach yourself how to use the buttons on your phone and get familiar with them. People who are good at taking selfies will use the top button (usually used for adjusting the volume of your phone) instead of the camera button, which will give you more control over your final shot.

2. Do not be afraid to stage your shot

You should make sure that there is something interesting in your photo (besides you, of course). You might take a selfie in front of a plane, a cool hotel room, the backstage area of a concert, or with some of your extra hip friends. Try not to have too many selfies with animals or babies, though.

3. Frame yourself in the best possible light

Make sure your face is illuminated in the best possible way. This should flatter you and avoid any backlighting (unless you are using backlight artistically, of course).

4. Do not be afraid to showboat a bit

You do not necessarily have to smile in a selfie. You can squint, show off your rock-hard abs, flash a peace sign, or even pull the classic “blue steel.” Just do something. You do not want to look bored or disinterested under any circumstances – or worse, look boring!

5. Have fun taking your selfie

This is the most important rule of taking a selfie – have fun with it! Male models enjoy their jobs because they are able to broadcast the very best parts of themselves. If you are at an after-party, enjoy the scenery on the balcony and capture the moment with a gorgeous selfie.

Selfie Situations to Avoid

While it is easy to take the perfect selfie, sometimes, it can be extremely difficult to avoid making these common mistakes. Here are the top errors people make when taking and posting selfies.

1. They post too often.

We already know what your face looks like – and so do your 2000 Instagram followers. They do not need to see your face twelve times in one day! Try to make your posts as unique and diverse as possible – trust me, you will look more attractive.

2. They post for no reason.

You should not post a selfie just for the sake of posting a selfie. Try to share things besides your face from time to time. A good rule of thumb is to only post when you have an awesome caption to go along with your post. You should be sharing something besides your face from time to time.

3. They take selfies in bad lighting.

Make your selfie worth it. Do not take photos with heavy flash. Natural lighting will always win and you should try to avoid using too many editing tools. This is especially true for the blur feature!

4. They make strange faces.

Some people can pull this off, but in most cases, if you see someone making the same stupid face, time and time again in their selfies, you will assume that they are trying way too hard. Just be yourself because people can tell when you are forcing it.

5. They never smile.

Unless you want to look like you are angry at all times, you should try to avoid giving that smoldering, serious stare too often. We get it – you probably want to look strong and manly. But you can add a smile every now and then too. Remember, most women like happy men! There you go – the best tips for taking selfies to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Grab your phone, snap some shots, and start practicing!

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