The Ultimate Seduction of a Scorpio Woman

Any man trying to win the affection of a lady will tell you that it is an uphill task. Women are very different. What warms the heart of one disgusts another. What excites one may bore another to tears. Therefore the first and most fundamental part of your effort to win her heart is an understanding of who she is, her likes and dislikes as well as her character traits. Here we specifically examine what it takes to win the affection of a Scorpio woman. Before we delve into the dos and don’ts, let’s first get to know her.

All about a Scorpio Woman

Her birthday falls somewhere between 23rd October and 21st November. She is more inquisitive than the average woman. Keeping her mind constantly stimulated is one of the secrets to winning her interest. She is a bold, ambitious woman with an unshakable confidence in herself and her abilities. It is unlikely that a Scorpio woman will be struggling financially, though you may uncover other deep emotional struggles. She doesn’t fall in love easily, but when she does, she gives of herself with unmatched loyalty.

Getting to Know Her

If you are dating a Scorpio woman, you cannot afford to sit back, relax and let things flow as they will. She is the kind of girl who wants excitement. She is easily bored by routine. She is eager to learn, is always happy to try out something new and thrives on high sexual tension. Underneath all this though, is yet another craving for love, sensitivity and genuineness in a relationship. Once she has this, she will not mind a few of the typical romantic movies and long walks in the park. If a Scorpio woman gets what she wants from a partner, she will stick with him no matter what.

Her Character

Your Scorpio woman is an exceptional lady. She is unashamed of her femininity and is not afraid to initiate what she wants. She is a self-respecting, sober personality who values physical love. A keen eye will soon discover that behind this immensely confident exterior, is an unending struggle to accept herself. She makes constant, deliberate effort to maintain focus on anything that is important to her. Miss Scorpio probably has it all together, her career is well on track and she is very clear about her short and long term goals. If she doesn’t have this on track and lacks sufficient clarity in regard to her objectives, she may end up being a difficult character to interact with.

The Heart of a Scorpio Woman

When it comes to love, her ways are often misinterpreted. She may come off as an emotionless, unapproachable person, which makes people keep their distance. She is actually the most emotional, sexual and protective of all Water signs. She is not one to tease idly if she is not willing to get involved with someone. You will not have to wonder if she likes you. If she does, you will know it. When she loves, she spares no emotion. She displays affection with confidence and certainty. Her dark side emerges when she gets hurt. She hurts deeply and can easily turn from a best friend into a worst enemy.

Scorpio Sexuality

She is defined by her sexuality. A Scorpio woman will easily achieve that rare balance between her emotions and her sexuality. However, if she has had one too many heartbreaks in her past, this balance may not be as easy to attain. She doesn’t shy away from a deep sexual relationship. She appreciates passion and spontaneity. She is as willing to give as she desires to receive. On the overall, the Scorpio woman is not that hard to please. However, anyone hoping to win her heart must love and respect her, letting her take initiative to meet her own needs.

Presents for Her

Any man who has had to buy a gift for his lady will admit to scratching his head about it. It is difficult to figure out what the ideal gift would be. The challenge is even greater when one is dealing with a Scorpio woman. She will always appreciate a random, surprise gift. However, when special occasions like her birthday or an anniversary come, expectations are high. As mentioned earlier, the Scorpio woman is usually financially stable. She already has everything she might want or need. You will be glad to know that she derives most joy from the smallest, seemingly insignificant things. For her, it’s the small things that matter. She probably will not be moved by the typical flowers and chocolates, but will be moved to tears by a personalized pair of bedroom slippers. The ideal gift for her is something personalized with sincere emotion. If you are still frantically searching Google for the ideal gift for her, you’re searching in the wrong place. The best place to find the perfect gift ideas for her is in your heart.

How to Lure Miss Scorpio

Now you have a clear understanding of the personality you are dealing with. Here are a few recommended strategies to get her interested in you and eventually win her affection. The Scorpio woman is a complex mind so don’t attempt to wing it and expect to succeed.

1. Truthfulness = Trust

Whatever you do, do not lie to her. Forgiveness is certainly not one of her strong points so do not deliberately put yourself in a position to require it from her. She is an intelligent woman with strong intuition. Even a small fib will likely be uncovered. When it is unveiled you will have lost her trust. Without that, you are out the window, along with every chance you ever had of winning her heart. Think about it… Scorpio woman or not, no one likes to be lied to.

2. Keep Her Wondering

Although she may not realize it herself, she is easily bored. Make every effort to remain somewhat mysterious to her. Avoid being an open book. Be unpredictable. Never let her feel that she has you all figured out. Become a puzzle she is constantly trying to piece together… never quite solving it all. This way, you will keep her interested. Her innate love for a challenge will keep her drawn to you. Yes, keeping up the aura of mystery will be a challenge, but don’t give in to the temptation to throw in a few fibs, half-truths or downright lies. Lying to a Scorpio woman is an absolute no-no. For her, lying is unforgivable.

3. Modesty Aside

She is an ambitious person. Therefore she will be impressed by a man who shows equal or more ambition than her own. You may not be extremely successful now, but she knows that if a man is an ambitious, go-getter, it is only a matter of time before he becomes that success. With her, the humble, nice-guy demeanor will not be attractive. Don’t be afraid to show off a little. Mention a few impressive titles you hold, wear that flashy watch. Wine and dine her in a fancy restaurant. She will notice and be impressed. She is naturally attracted to a confident, enthusiastic man who is comfortable in his own skin. Make it clear that you know exactly what you want to achieve in life and are on track towards your goals. Find subliminal ways to share your convictions and leave no doubt that you are one to stand by your beliefs.

4. Hold That Gaze

Eye contact is a key element of body language. Experts say eye contact creates and deepens attraction between two people. They add that it is a powerful way to make her feel understood, validated and that you are totally present. Do not shy away from holding her gaze when in conversation. Hold that gaze even in your sacred intimate moments. Avoiding any eye contact may make her suspicious of you and your intentions. In addition to eye contact, hold her hand, see if she minds you stroking her hair. If she seems to like it, you’re in.

5. Work up The Desire

She is an intensely sexual being and is well aware of her power in that regard. Be careful not to overwhelm her with too much too soon. Let her desire for you simmer and work itself into a boil, at its own pace. Even at her boiling point, assure her that you can handle her intensity. Let her know that you are a dependable person who is here to stay. If you can be patient enough to allow for an unhurried build up towards intimacy, you will have her swooning over you in no time. Your patience will pay.

6. Make Her Work for It

Like mentioned before, she is energetic and unashamed to explore her femininity. It’s no surprise that her sex drive is higher than average. It will take more than just a little effort to please her. Remain mysterious and let out only one trick at a time so as to surprise her every time. Take time to flirt with her and let her enjoy a flirtatious chase for you. Give in to her slightest whim and she will get bored. Yes, even guys can play hard to get. Keep her waiting just until she cannot take it anymore. When you eventually get intimate, you will both agree that it was well worth the wait.

7. Pay sincere compliments

Women love to be complimented, and the Scorpio woman is no exception. Let her know that you think she is the most gorgeous, most intriguing creature you have ever met. Assure her that you are enjoying and not enduring every minute you spend with her. Leave no doubt in her mind that she is a cherished treasure. Always remember to give genuine, realistic compliments. Do this in moderation because overdoing it will make even the genuine compliments seem fake.

8. Include her in your plans

Paint a picture of your desired life in the near and distant future; and include her in it. This is a subtle but powerful way to soften her heart. If you are planning to buy a house, show her some of the options you are looking at and ask for her opinion. Use the word ‘we’ and make it look like you don’t even realize that you are using it. The thought that you are thinking of her being in your life beyond next week will give her some comfort. She is more likely to fall in love with you, albeit gradually. Let the innate leader in her bloom by letting her make everyday decisions. Let her pick the restaurant for your next date, then talk about the future.

9. You’re Not the Boss of Her Now

It is important to keep in mind that you have no authority over her. The Scorpio woman is an independent strong-willed person. Whatever you do, don’t jeopardize her sense of individual control. She is sure to get irked by you if you begin to tell her what she should or shouldn’t do. Remember that she is most likely struggling with a hidden sense of insecurity. Being bossy with her will awaken a beast you don’t want to meet. Let her feel she still has her power and control even when she is with you. Give her room to divulge what personal information she wants to let out when she is good and ready.

10. Respect is Vital

The Scorpio woman is not as tough as she wants the world to believe. Her feelings are buried deep within her so you may not see them until you get close. Pay attention to her feelings. Avoid making fun of her when something is important to her. If it is important to her, it ought to become important to you. Learn to adapt to her varying moods and be that ever-present friend when she is having a tough time.

A Romantic Relationship with the Scorpio Woman

A Scorpio woman desires a deep, emotional and sexual connection. Behind her cool, collected exterior is a fiery passionate lover who is exceptionally selective about who she reveals herself to. She only comes alive with someone with a proven ability to handle her complex nature. Your success at seducing the Scorpio lady is largely dependent on your willingness to toss out typical ways of doing things. How wild can you let your imagination run? Dinner at a restaurant is pleasant, but try eating in. Some tantalizing love foods you could serve up include oysters, lobster or asparagus. Hot things up with some fresh chilies and then sweeten it all out with some dark chocolate. She is turned on by a confident, self-assured partner. She will be awed by one who is eager to go against the grain. Start out with a seductive massage. Maintain strong, firm grips as she will probably not be turned on by loose, light touch. Explore power and bondage scenarios if you are both up to it. Remember she will enjoy being a dominant player in this game. With the Scorpio girl, there is no such thing as taboo. The forbidden fruit is sweetest. As intimacy grows, focus on typical pleasure areas like genitals and groin areas, then venture beneath the surface. She is unlikely to get offended even by the kinkiest of ideas.


It is clear that winning the heart of a Scorpio woman is no easy task. However, it will all be worth it when you finally succeed. When she falls in love she stays committed and can grow quite possessive of her loved one. If you give her the space and freedom to be herself she will love with a devotion you probably have never experienced before. Stay true and honest with her as the slightest deception will bring on her vengeful side. It will be a long while before she forgives, if she does at all.

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