How to Give Her the Most Unforgettable Neck Kiss

Kissing is perhaps the most common, universal display of passion and affection. A deep intimate kiss will tell the woman you love exactly how you feel. When you are dating a girl, keep in mind that how you kiss her gives her the first impression of the kind of lover you are. Your ability to give her an unforgettable kiss the first time could very well be what stands between you and a long-term relationship with her. There are many different kinds of kisses, all with different meanings. Here are a few examples:
  • Forehead Kiss. This is a friendly kiss which communicates affection with respect and adoration. It displays a feeling of protectiveness over a woman.
  • Kiss on the Hand. It is considered a simple gesture of courtesy and politeness.
  • Kiss On the Cheek. This is the most common kind of kiss. It may not always be a gesture of sexual attraction for it could also be a gesture of friendship and is part of greetings in some cultures.
  • Neck Kiss. It involves gentle kissing or sucking on your partner’s neck. It is an intimate gesture of sexual attraction and desire for physical intimacy.
The neck kiss is perhaps the most electrifying of them all. Have you ever wondered why?

Why Do Neck Kisses Feel So Good?

Kissing, on any part of the body, is a special kind of touch. It teases gently on sensory nerves at the area and gives pleasure to both the giver and recipient. Neck kisses feel especially good because:
  • The neck has plenty of nerve endings which are stimulated by gentle kissing. Even a little gentle kissing on her neck will instantly give her goosebumps.
  • Gentle caressing which goes along with neck kissing causes hormonal reactions which give both of you that wonderful electrifying feeling.
  • Kissing her on her neck brings you close to her ear. Hearing your breathing in her ear hikes the excitement level up a notch.

How to Set the Stage

A kiss on the neck can be a cute, isolated display of affection. It can also be a first move which opens the door to foreplay and a whole lot more. There are a few different parts of the neck which you can explore with more than just kissing. Spice things up with a bit of licking or even gentle biting if the mood allows. Rather than dive right into neck kissing, prepare you canvas first.
  1. Gently stroke her neck: Run the tips of your fingers up and down her neck with light, gentle strokes. This will slowly but surely turn her on. Touch the back of her ear. Gently stroking the neck before you kiss her will give her even more pleasure when you do.
  2. Start Subtle: Instead of diving straight into it, start with light kisses on her cheeks, eyes, forehead and chin. After that slowly work your way to her neck. You know you’re doing a good job if she tilts her head to the side to open up her neck area for you.
  3. Identify the Most Sensitive Parts of Her Neck: For most people, the most sensitive part of the neck is the intersection between the neck, collarbone and shoulder. Confirm if the same goes for her as you stroke her neck. The front part of the neck is also a sensitive area. Just about any part of the neck is sensitive and filled with nerve endings waiting to be awakened.
Remember to leave no space between your body and hers. It just won’t be the same if you simply lean in to kiss her. Wrap your arms around her waist from the front if you prefer to face her, or from behind if you are behind her.

Neck-Kissing Techniques for Him

There are a number of different neck-kissing techniques you can try. Some are quite intense so it is up to you to judge what would or would not be appropriate depending on where you stand in your relationship.

1. The Closed-Mouth Neck Kiss:

Start with softening your lips by wetting them with your tongue. Gently kiss any part of her neck while keeping your mouth closed – much like how you would give a closed-mouth kiss on her lips. Work your way towards the intersection of her collarbone and shoulder then rest your lips on the groove for a few seconds.

2. The Open-Mouth Neck Kiss

Open your mouth in between kisses and plant some love on her skin with your mouth open. Gently kiss the lower part of her neck then move up and down as you please. You can switch from one side of the neck to the other to add some variety.
  • Add to the pleasure by breathing a little hot air into her neck in between kisses.
  • If things are heating up and you are both enjoying it, try some licking. Slowly run the tip of your tongue from the bottom of her neck to the top. Be sure to only use the tip of your tongue. Observe her carefully to make sure she is enjoying it. If she is not, then she is probably not into this particular technique.
  • If this is the first time you are kissing her, licking may be a little over the top so only try it with someone you have known for a while. For the first time, it is best to stick to closed and open-mouth neck kisses. After you get to know each other better, you can discuss this and anything else you would like to try.

3. The Gentle Neck Sucking Kiss

Be as gentle as you can when you suck on her neck, taking just one or two seconds before releasing. Be careful not to rush it because doing it too quickly may leave a hickey on her skin and some people may not like that. As long as you are both comfortable, let things flow as you switch from closed-mouth to open-mouthed, then sucking kisses. Blow some cool air on the spot especially after sucking and open-mouthed kisses which will very likely add to the pleasure of the entire experience.
  • Ask her how she feels about hickeys. Some women consider them very embarrassing – embarrassing enough to wear a turtle neck on a hot day just to cover them up. Other women will gladly show them off as a testament of a vibrant sex life.

4. The Gentle Love Bite

After a few minutes of the previously mentioned techniques, it is time to shift into the next gear. Now, gently grip her skin in between your teeth. If she likes it, try biting a bit of her skin then gently tug on it before lowering it again. Don’t be in a rush with this technique because you may leave the skin on her neck sore or injure her with an accidental bite – which is a huge no-no. If she has never experienced it before, you may catch her by surprise so an extra slow pace is essential for it to work.

Tips on How to Make Your Neck Kisses Even More Irresistible

1. Focus On Her Most Sensitive Parts

It is true that the entire neck is sensitive to touch. However, the most sensitive parts of the neck vary from one individual to another. Figuring her out will take a little bit of multi-tasking. First, wrap your arms around her to put her in the perfect position. Kiss every single inch of her neck, but as you do this, pay close attention to her reactions. Determine which specific spots are extra sensitive. Now capitalize on your findings. Try one or all the techniques I have outlined above and focus specifically on her sensitive spots – then watch her melt with pleasure!

2. Surprise Her with Something New Every Time

Even if you have a whole bunch of techniques to pleasure her with, do not let them all out at once. Leave something to surprise her with for the next time. If you do not kiss her again for a couple of days, let her spend those days wondering what the next private moments with you will be like – anticipating the magical moments with you.

3. Make Eye Contact

It is easy to get carried away and deliver your neck kisses with zero eye contact. As you kiss her neck, take a few seconds to look into her eyes. You could choose to hold a 2 to 3-second gaze in silence or say something to add to the pleasure of the moment. Let her know you are enjoying every second of this experience with her as well. Looking at her helps to create a connection that goes beyond just physical touches.

4. Don’t Rush

Take your time to kiss, suck or bite her neck gently. Focus on one area at a time rather than skip from one to another with each kiss. Keep breathing on it lightly as you go along. That said, be careful not to spend too much time on one part of the neck. You do not want to leave her sore. Time factor is a delicate balance but it can be done and perfected with enough practice.

5. Your Touch Is Precious

Women are tactile creatures. Therefore, when you kiss her, hold her close but making sure not to hold her too tight. Touch her face, her hips or run your fingers through her hair (be careful not to get your fingers tangled in her hair, though!). Touch communicates love and passion. It also promotes bonding, whether it is in a heated moment of passion or otherwise.

6. Be Spontaneous

Keep the fire burning by being unpredictable. Spontaneity never fails to add that extra, rare spark to a relationship. When you can, sneak up on her and wrap your arms around her before you kiss her. If you can surprise her in the middle of the day and steal a few private moments with her, definitely do so! You can be sure she will have a happy little-girl smile on her face for the rest of the day.

Something to Keep in Mind

Neck kissing can be a fabulous pre-cursor to unforgettable fireworks. However, if not properly executed, it can bring a passionate moment to an abrupt halt. Take your time to prepare her sufficiently and use your judgment to decide which of these skills to use now and which are better left for later. Like any other skill, practice makes perfect so do not be afraid to do it over and over again – while enjoying every second of it yourself too!

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