Make Your Girlfriend Happy When She Is Sad

Life is like a roller coaster – sometimes you feel like you are at the top of the world while other times, you feel down and sad. Your girlfriend most likely goes through the same phases too and as her boyfriend, you are probably looking for ways to cheer her up when she is down, right? Well, you have come to the right place. Read through the rest of the article and you will surely be able to find something that could help put that smile back on your girl’s face.

How to Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

1) Flood her phone with torrents of text messages

Now, if you have just started dating and haven’t really gone steady yet, this might not be the best idea. However, if you are in a solid long-term relationship, you can never “over text” your partner. She will always love to hear from you, especially if you are sending encouraging and loving messages to her. Tell her how much you love her and how she could count on you for support. Let her know how important she is to you and that you will always be cheering her on. If you are very busy yourself, even a simple message with a love emoji could help cheer her up.

2) Take her into your arms

When your girlfriend is feeling down, she is most likely feeling vulnerable too. This is the time to take her into your arms and hold her tight, letting her know that you are here to protect her. This could be just the trick to calm her nerves and help her relax a bit. What’s more, it is known that a hug can stimulate your brain to release happy hormones which will certainly help in boosting her mood.

3) Surprise your girl with small gestures

Doing something nice for someone when they do not expect it could go a long way when you want to cheer them up. It does not have to be something elaborate or expensive. You can secretly leave her favourite candy in her wallet or some place where you know she will see it. You can also draw something really sweet or write her a love note. If it is not easy to physically leave these gifts for her, then take a picture of them and send it to her. She will definitely appreciate these kind gestures!

4) Let her know that you think she is gorgeous

Even if your girlfriend is someone who is humble and does not seem to care much about her appearance, trust me when I say that all girls want their special someone to think they are pretty. Therefore, one sure fire way of cheering up your girlfriend is by reassuring her that you think she is beautiful. Although it is best to do that in person, you can also tell her that on the phone or via a text message if it is not convenient for her to be on the phone. And says who you can only tell her that she is pretty just once a day? You can tell her she is beautiful with a good morning message, over the phone during your lunch break, and then in person when you see each other again in the evening. If you have been doing that the entire day, you will see that smile returning to her face in no time at all!

5) Help her think of other things

When we feel down, we tend to keep mulling over the problem that made us sad and we seem to not be able to get past it. So if there is something in particular that is the source of your girlfriend’s worry, you should try your best to keep her mind from thinking about it the whole day. One way you can do this is by talking to her about exciting topics like planning for your next big trip together, what you should do together on the coming weekend, etc. Sometimes, distraction is the best solution!

6) Treat your girl to a nice massage

If your partner has been under a lot of stress lately, perhaps a nice, relaxing massage will be just the trick to get her out of her bad mood. You can give her a massage yourself or treat her to one by a professional masseuse. Once the tension has been worked out of her muscles, her mind will follow suit and she will be calm and relaxed. If you are the one giving her a massage and the mood is right, you can even start to give her a sensual massage and it will become a win-win situation for both of you!

7) Talk to her on the phone

Perhaps you have been texting her all day with sweet and loving messages but it does not seem to be doing the trick. Then maybe it is time to be a little more intimate and call her on the phone. While texting is great to help convey a specific message, intimacy and love could get lost in it. If you have been texting each other for the better part of your relationship when you are not physically together, a phone call could be a nice surprise for her. Hearing your voice will certainly help put her in a better mood. Even if you are not used to talking over the phone, you could just ask her about her day and let her talk. Maybe all she needs is for someone she trusts to have a long conversation with in order to relax and unwind.

8) Cook her something

You know how they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Well, let me tell you that this also holds true for women! Even if you may not be the best chef in the world, just the fact that you are willing to put in an effort for her will do wonders in lifting her mood. Should you screw up the dinner you tried to cook for her, you could always order in anyway so there is no losing here!

9) Go on a date doing the things she loves

There is nothing like going on a date and giving your girl all your attention to show her how important she is to you. Make sure that you only do the things she loves and not what you want. Treat her to a fancy dinner where she could dress up and look pretty. Maybe tell her to dress fancy but do not tell her what you are going to do on the date to build up the thrill. She will spend the rest of the day being excited and trying to guess what you have in store for her, hence, forgetting all her worries – at least for a little while.

10) Give your girl a kiss on the forehead

Kissing someone on the forehead often shows that you are fond of them and truly care about them. I recall that sometimes when I have a frown on my face, my partner would plant a kiss gently on my forehead and that instantly turned my frown upside down. Indeed, this seems awfully simple but do not underestimate the power of a kiss. A kiss on the forehead sends a different message than a kiss on the lips which conveys passion and could lead to a make-out session. Instead, a kiss on the forehead shows love in a different way which more resembles fondness – and that could be just what your sad girlfriend needs at the moment.

11) Help her get active physically

No, I don’t mean sex – unless she is showing signs that she is up for that. Sometimes the best way to get over a bad mood is just to move your body! You can go with her to a Zumba class and she could sweat out her worries. Alternatively, take her dancing at her favorite club. You can even do this at home: create a playlist, turn up the volume, grab your girl and get grooving! Once you are done, she will be way too tired to think of all those things that have been dragging her down.

12) Be a good listener to your girl

Approach your girlfriend and tell her that you want to know what is bothering her. She might be reluctant at first, but be patient with her. There could be a lot of pent up emotions in her and she just needs a way to let them all out – and you could be her way of doing so without doing something she might regret later. Remember that you are there to listen to her, not be her savior or solve her problems. Simply let her talk and do not interrupt her. She might feel a lot better just by telling you about what has been keeping her down.

13) Grab your girlfriend’s hand in yours

If your partner looks sad and worried, all you have to do is reach over and take her hand in yours, then give it a gentle squeeze. This gesture might seem small and insignificant, but it tells her that you are there for her. Whether you are having a meal together or watching something on Netflix, simply take her hand in yours. You do not even need to say anything at all. Just knowing that your support is there for her – without needing to express it in words – could mean the world to her right now and help her get over the road bump she is currently dealing with.

14) Clean up the house

More often than not, a cluttered and dirty environment leads to bad mood. Perhaps your girl has been too busy to properly clean her place and that is why she is in such a bad mood lately. Then head over to her place and start cleaning it up! If you live together, make sure you clean up your own mess as well. All you need is a few hours of work but the reward could be worth ten-fold when your girlfriend is happy for the next couple of weeks or even months!

15) Attempt to be a comedian

The keyword here is “attempt”. So, even if you may not be a funny guy, just trying to be funny could make your girl laugh. They say that laughter is the best medicine and I couldn’t agree more! If you are not particularly inspired, just go on the internet, string up a bunch of jokes, and give your girl a performance. Everything you do is worth seeing her laugh, am I right?

16) Relax and watch her favorite romantic comedy

Girls love watching romantic comedies, especially when they are feeling down and I bet that your girlfriend is no exception. It might not be your idea of fun, but it could be exactly what she needs right now. So head out and buy a tub of her favorite ice cream and bring it over to her. Then dim the lights, get comfy on the sofa, and let her choose what she wants to watch. The fact that you are willing to watch it with her will definitely help you score tons of brownie points too!

17) Start her day with coffee

If you have noticed that your girl has been a bit down lately, then you could get up extra early the next day and deliver coffee right to her doorstep. If nothing else, I bet that the smell of coffee first thing in the morning will help perk her up immediately! Now, the sight of her boyfriend and coffee? Even if she had planned on staying in bed and moping the entire day, there will be nothing more motivating to get her out of bed!

18) Just cuddle up for the day

Which girl does not love cuddling with their sweetheart? If your girlfriend has been feeling negative for a while, her need for cuddles is probably very high right now. So you should give her exactly what she needs. Just gather her up in your arms and give her a nice long session of cuddling. Trust me, she would feel much better after that.

19) Dedicate a Facebook post to her

What better way to show her your love than by declaring it to the whole world? Well, more like to her friends. Make a post just for her on her Facebook page and make sure you tag her. It can be anything that will put a shine in her eyes like a picture of you together and telling her how wonderful she is or even just a cute animal picture to brighten up her day – just make sure that anyone who reads the post knows that it is about your girl. It might seem silly to you but this kind of gesture really does cheer up a girl so you should definitely try it. What have you got to lose anyway, right?

20) Be her BFF for a day

It is normal that there are many things that a girl likes to do which her boyfriend would never want to. But today, surprise her by not just being her boyfriend, but her best friend too! Do things with her that you normally would not do together like going shopping to pick out a cute dress or head over to a bar and have a Cosmopolitan with her. I can assure you that she will appreciate your going out of your comfort zone just to make her happy.

21) Make sure that you are not down in the dumps yourself

Even if you are a Negative Nelly, now is not the time to whine and complain. You need to step up and be the person your girl can depend on. If you are feeling down yourself, not only will you not be able to cheer her up, but you might even make it worse for her. So be patient and happy yourself so that you can be the right person to put the spring back in her steps.

Just Be There For Her

We can’t help but feel stressed out or just downright sad at times. Although you are in a relationship to feel happy and positive, you will inevitably have to deal with a partner who is down from time to time. However, your ability to cheer her up and pull her out of a bad mood will be a testament of how good you are as a boyfriend. It does not even have to be a daunting task! Just choose from the list of suggestions we have and bring that smile back on her face!

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