How A Spousal Private Investigator Can Help You Prove Infidelity |

Infidelity is the last thing any person wishes to experience in their relationship. There are little red flags that indicate that something is wrong with your partner. They start acting a little weird and the communication cuts down…and the list might go on. But handling a spouse that is cheating on you, can be very frustrating. There is a rush of emotions that clouds the mind and makes one feel rejected, hopeless and bitter. From distrust to doubt; your mind gradually begins to build anxiety inside your head. But many times, it might be mere doubt only. And this is where a private investigator can help you. They help you find out whether your partner is cheating on you or not. And if they are, the investigator will collect the required proof and help you during the dirvoce or separation process as well.

Signs that your Partner might be Cheating:

Before we dig deeper into how a private investigator can help you, it is important to look into the matter, on your own. Is your partner really cheating? Here are some signs that will help you…
  1. Hours of work start increasing out of nowhere.
  2. Your partner starts demanding more privacy or space.
  3. They start spending time with a specific friend, a lot more than usual. And when you question them, they always say that famous line; we are just friends.  
  4. Your partner starts giving too much attention to how they look and appear.
  5. Their phone starts having passcodes and locks. They might not have these before.
  6. The feeling of disconnection between the two of you, keeps growing.
Assumption of infidelity is a killer for relationships. But if you notice the above signs frequently, then they are visible red flags.

How can a Private Investigator Help in Infidelity?

When it comes to dealing with infidelity situations, a spousal private investigator comes into being the best helping hand that you would wish for. In such a frustrating time, the investigator is nothing less than a ray of hope. They collect evidence through various mediums to prove your partner’s infidelity. This evidence can be used in legal proceedings afterwards if you decide to file for divorce or separation. Moreover, it also helps clarify whether your partner is cheating or not. Some rare times, a spouse isn’t cheating. They might be asking for more space and staying outdoors but they are usually just on their own. It can be due to work or financial stress too. Thus an investigator can help you in clearing the assumptions as well.

How does a Private Investigator Collect Information?

Private investigators have specific methods to collect evidence against your spouse. They keep a close eye of surveillance on them through various techniques. Some of them are;
  • Mobile surveillance
  • Traditional Stationery
  • Home surveillance camera systems
  • Computer spying softwares
  • Smartphone forensic
  • Tracking your spouse’s car
  • Monitoring and tracking your partner’s internet activity
  • Covert surveillance equipments are also used in certain cases
  • Semen detection kit
There are different ways through which a private investigator works to bring evidence to you. It won’t be quick and easy and you will have to stay patient during the procedure.


It is frustrating and nerve wracking to experience the feeling of uncertainty, that your partner might be cheating on you. It can have a huge impact on your mental wellbeing. Therefore, hiring a private investigator can be extremely helpful in finding out the truth and then act accordingly. Assumptions alone won’t do much for you. Thus, find evidence and then take action.

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