How do you host a rap battle?

Best Answer:

Battles bring together dancers or rappers who want to express their talent by confronting others, aiming to judge their artistry and establish their own reputation.

  1. Structure your organisation.
  2. Opt for leading disciplines.
  3. Find your speaker or MC.
  4. Select an attractive and suitable jury.
  5. Choose a ticketing tool.


How do you make a rap battle rap?

How To Write Battle Rap Lyrics, Pro Tips For Serious Rappers!

  1. How To Write A Battle Rap Lyric.
  2. Incorporate Personal Things About Your Opponent.
  3. Predict What Your Opponent Will Say About You And Write Accordingly.
  4. Write More Rap Lyrics Than Needed For The Battle (And Be Flexible)
  5. Don’t Stick To The Same Theme Too Long.

How do you have a good rap battle?

In a rap battle, the rapper with the best delivery, lyrics, and crowd response usually wins. By writing your own rap songs, freestyling as often as possible, staying relaxed, and feeling the energy of your crowds, you’ll not only survive these battles, but you’ll thrive, rising to the top of the heap.

How do people do rap battles?

Each competitor alternates freestyling for 30 seconds in each of the two rounds (originally only 1 round when the segment first began). The rappers are not allowed to use profanities or sexually suggestive lyrics, punishable by disqualification. After the battle, the judges decide the winner, per majority vote.

What is a choke in battle rap?

Choke: Verb. Run out of rapped lines prematurely either by forgetting prepared bars or failing to freestyle fluidly; arguably the single most incriminating misstep in rap delivery.

How many bars in a rap battle?

A Rap verse is typically 16 bars, and the hook/chorus is typically 8 bars. This is 4 bars. How do you write rap lyrics?

How can I be a strong rapper?

How To Become A Better Rapper

  1. Listen To A Variety Of Music. Don’t just listen to artists that you know you like, branch out and listen to a variety of music.
  2. Rap Battles.
  3. Try Poetry.
  4. Read The Dictionary.
  5. You Need To Stand Out.
  6. Hone In Your Fan Base.
  7. Create A Hit Song.

How should a rap start?

The best way to start a rap is to play the beat, listen, open your mouth and hum out the first pattern of flow you feel. The lyrics you write to fit that pattern should reflect the topic of your verse. If you are writing A Capella with no beat, the first line should make your IDEAL FAN want to listen to the next line.

How can I rap fast?

Pronounce each syllable clearly and as quickly as you can. This will help loosen up the muscles in your tongue so you can speak at a faster rate. Say the whole tongue twister in a single breath. This exercise will improve your breathing so you can use better technique when rapping.

What was the first rap battle ever?

One of the earliest and most famous battles was in December 1982 when Kool Moe Dee challenged Busy Bee Starski – Busy Bee Starski’s defeat by the more complex raps of Kool Moe Dee meant that “no longer was an MC just a crowd-pleasing comedian with a slick tongue; he was a commentator and a storyteller”, which KRS-One …

What makes a rap hit?

Lyrical Style

On top of rhyme, incorporating double entendres, idioms, metaphors, etc. really make a rap song impactful. A great rapper knows that clever wordplay will help his or her personal experience connect on a stronger level with listeners.

Who decides who wins in battle rap?

The lyrics are typically freestyled in real-time, with the intent of responding to previous statements made by the opponent cleverly and articulately. The winner of a rap battle is typically determined by the audience or impartial judges, based on the quality and delivery of the verses presented.

How do you get a rap voice?

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Who invented rap?

The major pioneers of rapping were Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Kurtis Blow, and the Cold Crush Brothers, whose Grandmaster Caz is controversially considered by some to be the true author of some of the strongest lyrics in “Rapper’s Delight.” These early MCs and deejays constituted rap’s old school.

Who is the best battle rappers?

Without further ado (and in no ranking order), here are the 50 Greatest Battle Rappers of All Time.

  • Loaded Lux.
  • Murda Mook.
  • Dizaster.
  • Daylyt.
  • Geechi Gotti.
  • Charlie Clips.
  • Rum Nitty.
  • Pat Stay.

What does ill mean in rap?

Over time the word has evolved, as rappers used it ironically, to the verb form of the word “ill,” which Urban Dictionary defines as “cool, tight, sweet.” Like, how “sick” can both mean disgusting and cool, illin’ has transformed over the years from “wack” to “epic” or “legendary” as another urban dictionary entry has …

What is a flip in rap?

Flips – In a rap battle, flips are the act of taking something your opponent said and twisting the words around to create a better line than theirs.

How do beginners sing rap?

Here are a few valuable tips on how to rap for beginner.

  1. Listen to the iconic rappers: Listen to rappers who challenged social norms and their circumstances with their music.
  2. Learn rhyme and rhyme schemes.
  3. Rap lyrics writing.
  4. Count the bars and note the tones.

How can I rap fast without running out of breath?

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How do I stop mumbling when rapping?

TOP TIPS for correcting mumbling:

  1. Breathe! Take a good, deep breath before you speak.
  2. Keep breathing!
  3. Loosen your jaw by gently opening your mouth as wide as you can and then releasing it, letting your jaw flop closed.
  4. Practise opening your mouth when you speak, forming each sound clearly.

Is there a rap battle app?

Battle Me – A Battle Rap App For Android And iPhone

But the coolest thing about Battle Me is probably that you can join tournaments and even earn money on your performances. What is this?

How do I write my first rap?

How to Write a Rap Song in 7 Steps

  1. Find your topic or inspiration. If you already have something you want to to write about, great!
  2. Get familiar with structure.
  3. Sit down and write lyrics, or “bars” in rap lingo.
  4. Rewrite and refine.
  5. Practice out loud.
  6. Memorize!
  7. Yes, share it.

How long does it take to rap well?

It has been said that it takes about 10,000 hours to master something. If this is true, if you practiced rapping for 3 hours a day it would take you around 3,333 days to master your rap skills which is a little over 9 years. Keep in mind, that is to “Master” rapping, like at a “Rap God” level.

How fast can Eminem rap?

7.5 words per secondMany rappers claim the title of ‘quickest’

That’s because at different times, and according to different measurements, various artists have been awarded the coveted title. There’s Eminem, who was credited with a Guinness World Record in 2020 for rapping a staggering 7.5 words per second in one verse in Godzilla.

What is a 16 in rap?

The slang term “16” (also spelled sixteen) is a noun which is used by a lot of musicians, writers, and rappers to represent a 16 bars in a verse. When rappers talk about spitting a “hot 16” or “16 bars” they are referring to a verse, which sometimes is also over and under 16 bars.

How do you breathe in rap?

While rapping your breaths should be short and shallow rather than long and deep. This type of breathing is similar to how you would breathe if you were swimming and going underwater constantly during a lap in the pool. People should have difficulty noticing where you’re taking breaths when listening to your songs.

What was rap first called?

As early as 1956, deejays were toasting (an African tradition of “rapped out” tales of heroism) over dubbed Jamaican beats. It was called “rap”, expanding the word’s earlier meaning in the African-American community-“to discuss or debate informally.”

Who was the first hit rapper?

The Sugar Hill Gang’s 12-inch single “Rapper’s Delight” – released in 1979 – became the first rap song to be played on the radio. The 15-minute song was edited down to six and a half minutes and reached Number 36 on the pop charts, making it the first hip-hop single to become a Top 40 chart hit.

Who won the first rap?

As Billboard continues to highlight music achievements throughout Black History Month, today we’re highlighting Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff winning the first rap GRAMMY in 1989 and why they boycotted the ceremony.

What does MC stand for?

Master of CeremoniesMC, or Master of Ceremonies, is a term traditionally associated with someone who determines the forms to be observed on a public occasion, acts as host at a formal event, or is host for a program of entertainment.

Who was the first white rapper?

1989: Queens duo MC Serch and Pete Nice debut as 3rd Bass, the first white rap act for whom whiteness is not at least in part an uproarious crossover gimmick.

What is rage rap called?

Rage rap (also called as rage-rap, rage beats or simply rage,) is an energetic microgenre of trap music. Distinguishing features of rage rap include short repeating stereo-widened EDM-influenced and future bass-influenced looped synthesizer lead hooks and a basic trap rhythm.

What is hook in rap?

A hook is a musical idea, often a short riff, passage, or phrase, that is used in popular music to make a song appealing and to “catch the ear of the listener”. The term generally applies to popular music, especially rock, R&B, hip hop, dance, and pop.

What is the 4 bar rule?

The 4 Bar Theory is simple. 4 bars isn’t too long nor is it too short. If you can create a payoff for your listener every 4 bars you will have them locked in because your song will be highly entertaining!

What are 4 bars called?

The Most Common Size of a Musical Phrase: 4 Bars

We may call these sections “phrases”. And one of the most common phrase-lengths is four measures. This means that for every four measures, or bars, we find a complete thought. A written sentence usually has a beginning, middle and end, and closes in a punctuation mark.

How to look like a rapper?

Ensure that you pair your baggy shirt with some hip hop jewelry. Along with the baggy shirt, you’ll want to choose baggy jeans. Ensure that they don’t conceal your shoes, you want to show those off. Rappers wear tons of rings, chains, and pendants to complement their look.

Is being a rapper Hard?

Becoming a rapper isn’t easy, however, and there will be a lot of haters and competitors out there hoping to make you fail. But if you try to focus, make great music, build a fanbase and get the right connections, you too can make it big in “the game.”

What skills do rappers need?

Here are a few key skills for a rapper:

  • Writing skills.
  • Knowledge of poetry.
  • Musical ability.
  • Communication skills.
  • Creativity.
  • Organizational skills.
  • Discipline.

How do I practice rapping?

Listen to what people say, for instance, or pick out something interesting in your environment. Recite new lyrics right on the spot. Keep rapping until you’re able to turn any subject into verses. The lyrics don’t have to be great at first, and you will most likely notice yourself improving over time.

How do you write rap rhymes?

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Does rap affect the brain?

The scans showed that the areas of the brain concerning motivation, language, emotion, motor function, and sensory processing were at work. Similar to jazz improvisation, rap is able to hack into the brain’s most creative spaces and alter our emotions. Dr.

What app turns your words into rap?

AutoRapJust speak into your phone’s microphone and listen as AutoRap morphs your speech into a unique rap with pitch-correction and a beat-matching flow. Choose from a large library of instrumental beats- from all-time classics to the newest and hottest hip hop & RnB hits.

How can I style my rap for free?


  1. Confidence is everything. Be yourself and rap about things you like at first. ⧼thumbs_response⧽ …
  2. Keep practicing every day. Never give up.
  3. Start off mastering the smaller, simpler rhymes. Remember, having a good flow but mediocre rhymes is better than having a terrible flow and good rhymes!

Does rap chat cost money?

If you don’t choose to purchase Rapchat Gold, you can simply continue using Rapchat for free.

How do you start a rap hook?


  1. Pick an instrumental that moves your emotionally.
  2. Brainstorm the concept of the song and create a storyboard.
  3. Determine if the hook will be Melodic, Rapping, or a combination of both.
  4. Vibe out, get lost in the music with scatting melodies and cadences until you find the magic.

What do rappers say?

Hip hop slang phrases

  • bust a nut – ejaculate.
  • bust a move – to act first in an altercation, to perform a dance step.
  • coolin’ it – relaxing.
  • da bomb – the bomb; cool, appealing, or popular.
  • keep it trill – keep it true and real (true + real = trill)
  • off the hook – unbelievable, outrageous, wild, etc.

Is writing rap hard?

Rap songs often come off as effortless, but they actually require a lot of time and effort to write. You need lyrics that are catchy yet real. You also need top-notch rhyme and rhythm. In a way, writing rap is not all that different from writing poetry.

What is Army rap?

G-RAP stands for Guard Recruiting Assistance Program. It was a program that paid existing soldiers to recruit in their communities. Members of the National Guard could sign up to become Recruiting Assistants. (RA).

What are punches in rap?

Commonly used in rap as a more recent form, rap artists use punching in to replace writing by freestyling every bar and pausing to think of a next one to record.

What is rapping without a beat called?

Freestyle is a style of improvisation, with or without instrumental beats, in which lyrics are recited with no particular subject or structure and with no prior memorization.

Do you need a good voice to rap?

2. Learn How To Project Your Voice For Better Rapping. The way you project your voice as a rapper is all important. It’s one thing having good lyrics, but if you can’t get your voice out there properly, they won’t have the same effect.

How do you train your voice to rap?

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Can you learn to rap or is it natural?

Can you learn to rap or is it natural? Both! Some people are born with an innate ability to rap, while others learn how to do so. That means that anyone can rap, though some need to put in more time and work a bit harder than others.

When should you breathe when rapping?

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How do you master rap fast?

6. Rapping Fast Tips From Twista

  1. Repeat the same Rap lyrics over and over and over.
  2. Understand Rap bars and structure.
  3. Pick the right beats.
  4. Record it until it’s perfect.

Does Eminem breathe when he raps?

He breathes in between verses but they are edited in mixing and mastering process but his supersonic speed verses he breathes in where there is a long gap.

Why do I talk low?

Reasons people may speak in a quiet voice. A quiet voice may have a physical explanation. Many soft-spoken people will also tell you the issue is tied into feelings of shyness, poor self-confidence, and other psychological factors. A mix of the two is also common.

How can I talk clearer?

Luckily, the steps to being clear are simple.

  1. Be relaxed and confident using relaxation exercises. You’ll find them in the voice spa course.
  2. Use abdominal breathing for speech.
  3. Speak with pauses instead of filler words.
  4. Be concise.
  5. Use warmth & kindness.
  6. Use a varied intonation pattern.
  7. Use a full resonant voice.

What is the most used word in rap?

According to the study, the word “chopper” is used more by rapper than performers in any other genre, which is unexpected, but not surprising.

What are the rules of a rap battle?

Each competitor alternates freestyling for 30 seconds in each of the two rounds (originally only 1 round when the segment first began). The rappers are not allowed to use profanities or sexually suggestive lyrics, punishable by disqualification. After the battle, the judges decide the winner, per majority vote.