How to Bring Back the Spark in a Boring Relationship |

Have you lost the spark in your relationship? It’s not uncommon to lose the excitement and passion in your relationship over time. Most married couples get over the initial intimacy and attraction after a few years. While this thought can be distressing, there are things you can do to rekindle the passion once again. Today, we will find out how you can bring back the passion and sexual spark in your relationship.

Maintain Emotional Intimacy

When you first meet your partner, you are always expressing your love. You talk about your emotions, how you feel about each other, and discuss your needs. Over time, this emotional intimacy begins to fall apart. Most marriages turn bitter because the couples don’t connect anymore. According to experts, you should foster emotional intimacy and practice emotional attunement. Show more empathy to each other and discuss feelings in terms of positive need. Avoid the blaming game and criticisms, and think what you can do for each other.

Hug, Kiss, and Touch More

During the early days, both of you are almost addicted to each other. It’s not just attraction- the hormones are behind it! When you fall in love, the body produces a bonding hormone called oxytocin that acts like a drug. You get turned on even by the slightest touch. Unfortunately, this euphoric phase doesn’t last for long. Doctors say you should hold hands, touch, hug, and kiss more often to keep up the intimacy. Physical contact causes your body to produce oxytocin and reduce stress hormones. It also affirms your love and brings both of you closer.

Try Aphrodisiacs

Our bodies produce less testosterone as we age. For this reason, a man beyond 40 years may experience loss of sex drive and low libido. Women can feel the same effects though they have lower levels of testosterone. Boosting your testosterone levels can help you increase your sexual appetite and vigor. It can lead to better arousals, enhanced performance, and desire for sex. You can try natural aphrodisiacs to increase your testosterone levels. Many vegetables and foods have it, so you can easily boost your testosterone. If you want instant results, you can try natural libido enhancers like Spanish Fly Pro. You just need to have 5 drops ten minutes before sex for full-body arousals, improved erections, natural lubrication, and a fantastic sex. It works for both men and women and can ignite the lost passion in your sex life.

Try Something New

Go to a restaurant, try out paragliding, or just take a walk beside the lake during sunset! The aim is to spend more time with each other and do something fun. This will make your relationship more exciting and strengthen your bond. Spending time with each other also has bodily effects that can renew the passion in your relationship. Being with your partner releases more dopamine in both of you and makes it like when you first met. So keep some time aside for bonding and trying out new and exciting things.

Make Sex a Priority

Try to remove distractions and set the stage for great sex. Don’t discuss problems or work in the bedroom, which should be a place for getting intimate. It’s best to get rid of the TV and mobile when you two are together in the bedroom. Maybe you can listen to some music and have a glass of wine to warm things up! Like spending quality time, you should also set aside time for sex. It’s may not possible to do it every other day, so plan a weekend trip at the beach for some excitement.

Vary the Sex

Sexual needs don’t stay the same over time. So vary the sex- sometimes highly erotic, sometimes gentle and loving, and sometimes wild! Also, try out new places and positions to make things exciting. Experiment with each other and create a sense of curiosity about sexual bonding. But remember to discuss your needs and what both of you like and dislike to avoid any hiccups.

Be Friends

Being best friends increases the likelihood of staying together forever. Couples who understand each other intimately and know their partner’s needs are more happy and love-stricken. Friendship acts like glue and holds the relationship together. Try to become each other’s best friend, even if you are not a very touchy person. Practicing physical affection can also heighten the love between you two.

Final Thoughts

Love happens, but a relationship needs hard work. You should make an effort to keep the bonding and make your partner feel loved. Only then you can have a healthy relationship that doesn’t turn boring.

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