Sweet Good Morning Messages: 50 Texts He Cannot Resist

Sweet text messages from your better half are always a reason to smile, no matter what time of day you get them. But there is something special about receiving sweet messages in the morning before you start your day. It is the freshest and most positive time of the day and the perfect time to express yourself plus make your boyfriend feel extra special. Here is our list of 50 sweet good morning text messages to achieve just that.

Wake him up to a loving message

Efforts to make your partner feel loved have traditionally been left to men. He is expected to shower her with love and affection as she blissfully sits back and basks in it all. Well, that is a misconception we must not fall prey to. Men also like to hear warm, caring words too because they do want to feel special despite their tough demeanour. So why not wake him up to a flirty or cute text message? You will be surprised what a big difference it makes. Whether you choose to go with a long romantic text or a short funny one, remember that one message that makes him feel loved and appreciated could make his entire day. It is also a great way to tell him that he was the first thing on your mind bright and early. It is common knowledge that women crave love and affection from their spouses but it would be a mistake to assume that men do not desire the same. Feel free to give him the love and affection you would want from him. Here is a list of romantic, short, silly, and flirty ways to say good morning and instantly put a smile on his face.

Good Morning Texts For Him

Romantic Morning Words for Your Special Guy

Girls love to receive sweet lovey-dovey messages from their partners. And they have no problem admitting it. Guys, on the other hand, also love to read such messages but will rarely admit it. Whether he admits it or not, go ahead and make him feel loved with a few heart-warming morning messages. He may not realize it but these sweet words will make him fall in love with you even more. These are a few suggestions of romantic morning messages to send to your boyfriend this morning. 1) I was thinking about you when I went to bed last night. I am still thinking about you this morning. Good morning, my love. 2) I am usually not a morning person, but because of you, I can’t stop smiling, even this early in the morning. 3) What I would not do to be in your arms this morning. That is the warmest and safest place I know. Good morning, my Snuggle Monkey. 4) My favorite time of day is when I get to cuddle up with you, when you hold me, and when I get to shower you with kisses. 5) I hope you have a fabulous day. I know I will because you will be on my mind all day long. 6) Good morning, darling. I hate that I am sending you a good morning text and not cuddling up with you. I want to spend every minute of every day with you. I love you, nevertheless. 7) You are the most amazing guy I have ever met. It is my pleasure to have you on my mind this morning – and for the rest of the day too! 8) This morning I woke up to a beautiful sunrise but it is nothing compared to your magnificent smile. Good morning. 9) Good morning, my love. It is a great feeling to have such a hunky stud on my mind this morning. 10) I like my morning coffee with a little creamer and sugar but absolutely nothing is sweeter than your kisses. I can’t wait for more of that sweetness. 11) I could not have asked for a better boyfriend. Thanks for being so wonderful. Good morning. 12) Every day that you are in my life is another page of my dreams come true. You make me so happy. Have a fabulous day.

Brief heart-warming messages for your Boyfriend

Gone are the days of lengthy love letters because for most people, the morning is a fast-paced time of the day. If that is the case for your boyfriend, you are better off sending a short, endearing good morning text message. Yes, it would be nice to pour your heart out in a long, romantic text, but this is not the most appropriate time. Take some time to come up with just a few but meaningful words to let him know how much you appreciate him. A brief but well composed good morning message will be just as effective in putting a smile on your man’s face. You simply can’t go wrong with a brief, punchy message to your boyfriend. It enables you to get straight to the point while requiring minimal effort for him to read and understand – a win-win situation. Although most men will not openly reveal how great it makes them feel to receive a loving good morning message, it definitely does go a long way in making them feel that they are a significant part of your life. Send some of these short messages to your boyfriend. You could also use these ideas to come up with some of your own. 1) I hope you have a fantastic day. 2) Hello there, my special one. Have a good morning and a great day. 3) I hope you are waking up from a pleasant dream. 4) You mean the world to me. I love you. 5) Good morning, good looking! I love you. 6) All my love to you this morning. 7) Hey darling, You are on my mind today. 8) It would be so nice to be in your arms right now. 9) You really are my dream guy. 10) I don’t know what I would be without you. 11) You are the most amazing guy I know. 12) Good morning, my love. 13) You always make me smile.

Playful Good Morning Messages for Your Boyfriend

Just as girls like a guy with a sense of humor, guys also appreciate the same in a girl. We all like to laugh so make your boyfriend laugh in the morning. A little humor will always make the relationship more fun and interesting. No one said you have to be formal and serious with him all the time. Don’t be afraid to take a break from the sweet, romantic text messages and add in a funny, witty good morning message that will make him feel loved as well as make a stressful morning much more bearable. Here are a few amusing good morning messages for you to try. You could also add to the humor by including a comical picture and you will certainly start him off to a great day! 1) Don’t hate me, Honey Bunch, but I must tell you that… it’s time to get up! 2) I am not a morning person or a people person. But I sure am the ‘you’ person. I love you! 3) Hurry up and open those dreamy eyes of yours so I can come and swim in them again. 4) Good morning, Sexy, I hope you like your day as much as I like your butt! 5) Good morning, Handsome. Sorry, but my morning coffee beat you to it this morning. I feel bad. Have a great morning. 6) Rise and shine, my Tiger. Yes, I still love you today baby! 7) Good morning, Stud, I am thinking about you. I know the first thing you do every morning is check your phone so here I am for you to think about too. I love you. 8) Go ahead and have a good morning, you sexy beast. This beauty will be waiting for you to give you a fantastic evening. Can’t wait! 9) Hey there, grumpy, good morning! Yes, I know you don’t like mornings, but no, you can’t kill anyone just because they are a little bit too loud for you today. 10) I would have liked to serve you breakfast in bed but since I can’t, I have put my love in this morning text. It will have to do for now. Good morning, Snookums. 11) You didn’t win the lottery but you should feel like you just won a million bucks because you got me. Have a fabulous day, baby! 12) Good morning, my dear. Have two cups of coffee this morning… one for you and one for me. 13) I know you snoozed your alarm at 6:59 just to catch that extra minute of sleep. I love you, my sexy sleepy head.

Flirtatious Messages to Say Good Morning

It doesn’t matter whether it is a fast weekday morning or a lazy weekend morning. A sexy flirtatious text message never fails to tease your special guy into the right mood. If you like to send him good morning text messages every day, make sure that some are spiced with a little flirty twist. Even the sweetest, most romantic messages can get boring when they are too predictable. A few sexy text messages will keep the flame burning while still maintaining that sweet love and affection between you. Make use of winky face emojis 😉 because they help to add to the playful nature of the message. Make him feel special with some of these spicy and naughty text messages. They will make his morning and help him wake up instantly – sleep will be the last thing on his mind after reading these messages! 1) Good morning, darling. I just finished getting dressed, looking forward to tonight when you undress me. Enjoy your day. 2) I just stepped out of the shower and I am thinking of you. You should be here helping me get dressed. I love you. 3) Good morning, sleepyhead. You must be looking super sexy with your shaggy bedhead hair. I love you. 4) So did your morning workout get you as sweaty as I did last night? Have a hydrated morning. 5) Good morning, handsome! Can you sneak me onto your to-do list today? 6) Good morning, sexy. Today shall not end before I feel you on me. 7) I woke up with you on my mind but I prefer it when I wake up with you in my bed. Good morning, Lover Boy. 8) Good morning, my love. Yes, I know having me for breakfast would have made for a better morning but since you are not here, a good morning message will do. 9) I keep having steamy dreams about you. Can’t wait to see you. Maybe we can make them come true later? 😉 10) I am still thinking about last night. I shall enjoy my time in the shower this morning just thinking about it. I love you. 11) I really want you right now but I will wait for tonight. Good morning. 12) Last night was fantastic. I hope you get to recover this morning.

Make Him Love You More Every Morning

The best part about love is that it is an incredible feeling for the giver and the receiver too. It feels great to be loved and even better to love. Go ahead and express yourself, whether you are in the mood for a deep romantic message, a few silly exchanges or a bit of flirty teasing. Whatever you choose, it will make your boyfriend feel special because it tells him that you were thinking about him early in the morning. Spice up your morning messages by adding a sexy picture of yourself or a playful selfie. There is no limit to what you can experiment with. You can never make him feel too loved or make him too happy so wake him up with these texts as often as possible and he will fall in love with you a little bit more every day.

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