A Perfect Girls Day Out

As a child and young adult, your life literally revolves around your friends. As you get older, careers kick off and families begin to grow. Just like marriage, children and careers are exciting developments for women, and this usually leaves little time for female bonding. It is important to cultivate friendships throughout life. You may not realize it now, but strong lasting friendships help to create a sense of belonging and are great for any girl’s self-esteem. The joy of real friendship also contributes to one’s overall health because it is an incredible stress reliever. It goes without saying that friends offer much-needed support during difficult life situations like illness, divorce, or bereavement. The typical girls’ night out involves dinner, drinks and if you’re lucky… some dancing too! But if what you really want out of the time with your girlfriends is an opportunity to talk and catch up, then a loud bar is not the best setting. Let’s not forget that you probably need a couple of hours of bonding time. Trying to achieve this at night means you get home at the wee hour of the morning and spend the rest of the day as a groggy zombie. All for a few hours of girl time – which you might not think is worth it. Why not set aside an entire day (not a night) to spend with your friends instead? If you are trying to drop some unhealthy habits and pick up healthy ones, friends can be just what you need to get you on track. Here are some ideas for day-activities to try with your girlfriend or your group of friends. Most of these include health considerations too. Pick one for the day or mix and match them to your preference. Whichever way you go, you are in for a fabulous day of fun bonding.

19 Fun Girls Day Out Ideas

1. Organize a Home Spa Afternoon

Professional spa treatments are a great way to spoil yourself and relax. But they can be quite expensive. Why not plan a home spa afternoon instead? Have your girlfriends come over to your home and spend the afternoon giving each other manicures and pedicures. If you have the same taste in clothes, as friends often do, you can trade clothes out of each other’s closets too!

2. Go Out to the Ball Game

Yes, sports would generally not be considered a fun activity for a girls’ day out but you can break the norm next time you spend time with your friends. Get together and make your way to a basketball game, a hockey game or a football game. It really doesn’t matter whether you are actually interested in the game or the teams playing. What you are looking for is a fun break from the typical afternoon at the mall. You may find that it is something you genuinely enjoy and will even want to go to the next game!

3. Play a Dare Game

No, you haven’t grown out of dare games! A dare game can be a great way to bond and make fabulous memories, especially if you are a group of very close friends. Whether you are hanging out at a restaurant or out swimming for the afternoon, make it your dare game day. Dare your girlfriend to hit on the cute guy at the next table. If you are out swimming, then dare the group to jump off the highest perch at the pool and buy a drink for whoever does it.

4. Go Bowling

You haven’t been out bowling in ages, that’s probably why you can’t keep the ball out of the gutter. But that’s alright. It is time to let yourself go and get a little silly if you want to. Just enjoy each other’s company. Bowling is a great option because it doesn’t cost that much and neither does it require a lot of stamina. It will also help you burn a few calories so you can guiltlessly indulge in a little ice cream as you play. You and your friends can make some wonderful memories at the bowling alley.

5. Take a Long Leisurely Drive

Have your girlfriends pile into the car and take a long leisurely drive out of town. Plan your route so you can have a midday or late afternoon meal at a restaurant or place you have not been to in a long time. Alternatively, have everyone pack snacks to put into the group’s picnic basket and enjoy an out-of-town picnic together. As you drive, try not to switch on the radio. Instead, just talk and catch up. If you have to switch on the radio, make sure to play music that all of you enjoy. If you have music you can all sing along to… perfect! This is the time to sing your heart out!

6. Get Your Groove On

There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them!
Get together and dance the day away. Go to a Zumba class, a salsa class or go all out and take a pole-dancing class. Prices range between $10 and $50 per class. Pick what fits your budget and get your groove on. It is a great way to keep fit and de-stress. It will make for a most memorable bonding experience.

7. Try Something Completely New

There will always be something that none of you have ever tried before. Make your girls’ day out the day to try it with them. Make unforgettable memories when you all have your first bungee jumping experience together or try white water rafting. Don’t forget to take as many pictures as you can and share them with everyone later. If you’re not feeling very adventurous, you can instead try out cuisines from a distant land which you have never tried before.

8. Take a Road Trip

Put your heads together and decide on a fun destination you would all like to visit. Make an itinerary for a road trip. It could be anything from a day trip to a week-long getaway, depending on how much time you have. Come up with a budget and pool funds to cater for the basics such as gas, food, accommodation and whatever else you deem necessary.

9. Host a Healthy Lunch and Exchange Ideas

Have everyone bring a healthy dish to be shared by everyone. Add to the fun with recipe cards from everyone so you can all leave with a few healthy meal ideas to try out on your own. You can never have too many healthy food recipes for sure!

10. Giddy-Up Girls

Horseback riding is another great activity for you and your girlfriends to do together. It is both fun and beneficial to the body. It is considered a form of light exercise because it helps improve muscle tone and flexibility. Plus, horses are such adorable animals so even if you end up not riding much, you could still have fun petting a horse!

11. Shop and Cook Together

Spend the later part of your morning with your friends at the farmers market and find out which fresh foods are available. Pick up ingredients for a healthy meal then head home and chat in the kitchen as you all help whip up a sumptuous healthy lunch. Who said a date with the girls must involve binge eating chocolate cake and ice cream?

12. Have a Smoothie Day

If you all fancy the liquefied fruit drink concept, why not have fun with it? Have a smoothie day with your friends. Assign everyone two or three ingredients to bring. Everything from yogurt and fruit juice to bananas and berries. Throw in some spinach, kale or capsicum for the health conscious and have an afternoon of blending and drinking. Learn some new interesting smoothie recipes from your friends and allow yourself to try smoothies filled with ingredients you never thought of using.

13. Fun Running

Running is one of the most effective ways to exercise and stay fit. But it’s not always fun. Kill several birds with one stone by running with your friends. This way, you get to keep fit and spend some quality time with them too. If plain old running starts to get boring, join exciting events like the Electric Run or the Color Run. If you are all up to a real endurance challenge, sign up for events like the Tough Mudder which is an endurance event series. Teams take 10-mile obstacle courses to test physical stamina.

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You and your girls could also enroll in the next marathon in your city. Assuming that it is a couple of months away, you could all spend a few hours every week training for the event and, of course, run the marathon together.

14. Attend a Wine Tasting Event

An easy girls day out will be fun whatever activity you choose. Throw some tasty wine in the mix and you’re in for lots of fun and laughter. If you are all wine lovers, this is a great way to throw a party for your taste buds. As you plan, don’t forget to make one of you the designated driver. The rest of you will be forgiven for getting home a little tipsy.

15. Visit an Art Museum

If you and your friends are art enthusiasts, then the art museum is another great place to bond. Pick a day when none of you is in a hurry and take time to bond as you savor all the museum has to offer. Some art museums allow guests in at no cost while others charge a small fee. Do some research to find out if and how much you may be required to pay. Plan in advance and enjoy!

16. Visit a Few Flea Markets

If you all appreciate the value of used-item sales, you will enjoy this. Is there a flea market or antique store you have been wanting to visit but just haven’t had the time? Now is your chance to do so in the company of your friends. Have fun testing your bargaining skills and see who takes the crown as the toughest bargainer in the group.

17. Have a Scrapbook Day

Some simple creative cutting and sticking as you chat can be amazingly therapeutic. Have everyone bring some glue, stickers, magazines and old photographs and sit around the table. Pass all the pictures around and let your creative juices flow. Whatever you come up with, the scrapbooks will be a great memory of the day.

18. Glam Up with a Mini-Makeover

Girls and makeup are always a recipe for fun. No need to spend a small fortune and many hours on professional makeup. You will be surprised at how many makeup sellers are willing to give free, quick makeovers. Pay a visit to the cosmetics counter at the department store and request a free mini makeover. They will be glad to do it and you and your friends will enjoy a glam-up day – at the cost of nothing!

19. Swap Movie Night for Movie Day

It seems like a lifetime ago when you would all hurdle up in one of your parents’ living rooms to watch movies starring the coolest heartthrob. Why not relive those memories today? Rent one or two movies which you will all enjoy and hole up in your living room with loads of delicious UN-healthy snacks. Movies are fun but a good movie with good company is awesome. Finally The importance of maintaining relationships with your girlfriends cannot be overemphasized. If you sit back and wait for bonding opportunities to present themselves, they never will. You will find yourselves completely out of touch with each other. Go out of your way to make fun girls’ days happen on a regular basis. Get creative with activities and make the typical coffee date a thing of the past. There are endless options for constructive activities, healthy food, fitness and most importantly, fun!

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