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As the saying goes, “distance gives us a reason to love harder.” This quote holds so much truth for couples in a long-distance relationship. They need to double their show of passion and appreciation for their better halves. That’s because they’re peeled off of the basic necessity of a romantic relationship — meeting each other in person. With this, couples compensate through constant video phone calls and gift-giving during occasions. If you’re on the other side of the world from your significant other, there’s nothing better than surprising your partner with a bouquet of fresh flowers to extend your presence. Many aspects make a flower beautiful. In this article, we’ll tell you the reasons why they’re the best gift to give in long-distance relationships. We’ll also give you our favorite list of online flower shops to help you surprise your loved one. But first, let’s discuss what makes a long-distance relationship special and what makes it challenging.

Benefits and Drawbacks of a Long-Distance Relationship

Couples in a long-distance relationship (LDR) hold different opinions about their situation. Couples against LDR feel like the lack of proximity affects the relationship in general. Meanwhile, couples that find LDR exciting maintain that having to miss the other person reminds them why they wanted to be with them in the first place. With people’s varied opinions about long-distance relationships, let’s break down the pros and cons of a long-distance relationship.


1. The relationship isn’t purely physical

When a relationship starts through physical attraction, there would be a surge of emotions. So, when they suddenly live across different countries, feelings fade as quickly as they arose. Being away from each other can help prove that your relationship isn’t solely based on physical intimacy. It confirms that your relationship is also grounded on communication and emotional connection.

2. You get to pursue your hobbies and interests

It’s unhealthy to spend every single time with your beau or call them each time they get to have a break. With a long-distance relationship, you learn to give them and yourself some Me Time. You start to revisit the hobbies that you used to enjoy or look for another one. This may run from reading a classical novel you’ve long been postponing to or finally starting an artwork you’ve always wanted to do.

3. It builds trust

Romantic partners in long-distance relationships can’t stay in touch 24/7. They also need to go to work or enjoy their solo time. Thus, when your partner stays out with friends, it would be hard not to let your imagination run wild. When it does, it forces you to acknowledge and face these insecurities. It then enables you to practice trusting and being trustworthy.

4. You appreciate the time you spend together

Days or months of being away from each other builds anticipation, and you look forward to your next meeting. You tend to fully appreciate the time you spend together and savor each moment, even the ordinary ones. Even the simple running of errands or walking at a park is already special because you do them together.the time you spend together

5. It strengthens your bond

Being in a long-distance relationship drives you to be more open, mature, understanding, and patient. It lets you build a strong connection by learning to communicate your feelings and solving conflicts well. It also develops your creativity as you think of new ways to keep things interesting. Essentially, a long-distance relationship makes you persevere to become more committed to your partner.


1. The travel can be tiresome

The trip of having to go back and forth may dread you. Unfortunately, you may lose interest in meeting your partner once you feel weary from all the traveling. When this happens, go back to why you wanted to meet them in the first place. Remind yourself of the excitement and happiness of being with the person you love.

2. Loneliness kicks in

Even when a relationship is rock solid, couples still tend to become lonely. You might find yourself sulking at the thought of a canceled weekend together, or you badly needed to hear their voice after a tough day. But they can’t be on their phone because of other priorities. With LDR, there is a limit to how much involvement there can be when a couple lives far apart. Digital screens can only go as far as seeing each other’s faces, but they can’t offer a warm hug when you need it the most. As such, always make time for each other. Learn to understand your partner’s emotional calls. Know the tiniest signs that they’re sad, so you can be there despite not being physically present.

3. You may become impatient

After months of being apart, you may be tempted to do something impulsive like dropping out of school or quitting your high-paying job so that you can be together. While this may sound romantic, it could be highly impractical. Remind yourself and your partner that there is a reason why you’re away from each other. Don’t let future stability go to waste out of impatience to be together. Nonetheless, set an end date. Outline a time on how long the situation should last and plan your future together moving forward.

4. It causes jealousy or miscommunication

When you’re communicating through email, social messaging apps, or text, it may be a lot harder to interpret your feelings well. Often, this may cause arguments, especially when the other person thinks you’re cold or, worse, cheating. If one of you lacks trust, the relationship is bound to end on a sour note. Learn to trust each other and connect deeper to understand each other’s tone without actually hearing them say it. Just being able to imagine how your partner said it in their voice would help you calm down. Finally, always make honesty a priority.

5. You may grow apart

Train your mind to become flexible. For example, understand when your scheduled phone dates get canceled because your partner got invited to a work event. However, be sure to be there at important events like your anniversary or family events. It’s essential to keep a social life as an individual, but it’s also crucial to meet long-standing plans, especially the important ones.

5 Reasons Why Flowers are the Best Gifts for those in Long-Distance Relationships

Flowers have quintessential charm in them. They hold a gamut of emotion to them, making them the best gifts for a loved one on any occasion.

1. Ultimate surprise gifts

Nothing beats the excitement of opening the door and finding a delivery of fresh flowers. Even just finding a vase beautifully arranged on your table is lovely in itself. A bouquet of fresh flowers is a heartfelt way to show your love for your better half while you’re away. Read more: 10 Fun Birthday Gifts For Your Long Distance Boyfriend

2. Perfect last-minute gifts

Forgetting your partner’s birthday is terrible. If you don’t want to disappoint them, you can quickly order online, and a local florist can easily send them a bouquet of fresh flowers. You can also add in a beautifully written card on the top or a chocolate basket alongside it. Thankfully, these gifts would show your care and affection for your significant other. It also seems thoughtful, thanks to your letter. Now, that is some beautiful stuff for a last-minute gift, wouldn’t you say?

3. Can proxy for your presence

Missing your partner’s birthday or your anniversary is a terrible thing to do, but it happens. If you can’t make it, you can still make them feel like you’re there even when you’re not. Do this by sending them their favorite flowers. Of course, like any other proxies, flowers won’t suffice. Be sure to be there as soon as you can and bring them another pretty bouquet to melt their hearts after missing a special occasion.

4. Best gift for any occasion

If you’re at the onset of the relationship and still don’t know the best gift to get them, flowers can be a suitable option. Unless they’re allergic to it, who doesn’t love receiving flowers, right?

5. Great apology gift

After an argument with a loved one, it may be impossible to kiss and make up. Thankfully, flowers can express your emotions and can speak the secret language of love. Fresh flowers are always the perfect gift to bring a smile to the recipient’s face instantly.

Best Flower Shops Near You

It’s always essential to pair your gift with a bouquet. Here, we’ll let you in on our prized list of shops that offer the freshest and prettiest flowers.

1. The Bouqs Co.

If you want a flower shop that offers the best flowers or meets your requests accordingly, it’s best to pick The Bouqs Co. Their flowers are treated and directly sourced from farms. Thus they’re sure to last longer. Thanks to their many branches in the U.S., customers can have their flowers delivered on the same day in as little as two hours.

2. M Florist

Your partner based in Hong Kong can also enjoy a premium one-stop online florist service through M Florist. They offer carefully selected and arranged flowers, abundant with the most delicate seasonal stems. And the best part? They deliver the best quality flowers anywhere in Hong Kong within 24 hours!


Makeshift chocolate bouquets can also replace real roses if your partner is allergic to flowers. If your S.O. is in the Philippines, surprising them with chocolate bouquets from Localgift is a brilliant idea. They offer a wide variety of chocolate bouquets (and gift baskets) that should bring a smile from your special someone.

4. Net Florist

Net Florist, a flower shop in Africa, also offers flower bouquets. They’re perfect for your partner that loves chocolates, bears, and balloons. They typically provide standard delivery options, but you may opt to have your orders expedited for an additional charge.

5. Flora Queen

If you’re up for something romantic, surprise your partner with a bundle of flowers from Flora Queen. This flower shop in Barcelona aims to help people smile by delivering the freshest and prettiest bouquets. Through years of experience, they’ve mastered the art of delivering lovely fresh flowers, making any occasion extra special. They also offer speedy delivery, which is an excellent must for every flower shop.

6. Lvly

Your partner based in Australia can enjoy the beauty of flowers from Lvly. They have a same-day or next-day delivery service, depending on your partner’s location. To ensure recipients get them right, they put the flowers in a custom-designed box to keep them hydrated and safe during transit. They also send out native flowers and ensure that they arrive in excellent condition for up to five days.

How to Pick the Best Flower Shop for You

When selecting a flower delivery service, take note of their reviews online and read their terms and conditions. If you feel like their service is untrustworthy, it may be because they are. As such, choose another shop that seems legitimate. It would also help to consider the price range. Typically, shops that offer low priced-flowers may also provide low-quality ones. Don’t be frugal with flowers. Flowers need the proper care and attention they need before becoming ready. The best florists arrange them well so they look pretty before they arrive. Unlike fashion, you can’t haggle on a flower’s quality.

Last Message

Undoubtedly, long-distance relationships are complicated. But like anything worth having, you always have to make it work. Because you’re both away from each other, be sure to always make time for each other. But, also give them space so they can be their person. On special occasions, be there for each other even when you can’t be there physically. Make them feel your presence through long-distance relationship gifts like flowers. Finally, remind yourself of the reasons why you had to be apart. Hold on to hope that you’ll be a happier, stronger, and more successful couple once this situation is over.

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