Find Out If Your Boyfriend Knows You Well By Asking Him These 9 Questions

So you think you have finally found the one guy whom you want to commit to in a long-term relationship? You probably believe that he genuinely cares about you but there is still that feeling of insecurity. What if you got it all wrong? What if you invest in him only to turn out that you have misunderstood everything and humiliated yourself? Well, there is indeed something you can do to find out for sure – Ask Him! You can start with asking him easy and simple questions which he probably should already know to get the ball rolling. You can ask him if he knew the color of your eyes (close your eyes when you do this, of course) or who is your favorite TV star is. Which food do you like to eat and what do you like to do when you are alone with him. However, if you want to find out if he truly knows you, then you will have to ask questions that are more profound. These questions will tell you if he has been paying attention to the things you tell him and if he knew what are the things you find most important. Not only that, by asking these questions, you can improve your level of communication with each other and enhance your bond.

Questions about yourself to ask your boyfriend

What are the things that make me happy?

If you are someone who is very important to your boyfriend, he will surely want to make you happy. Therefore, he will invest in time and effort to find out what are the things that make you happy. Do you enjoy being on your own reading a book with a cup of warm tea? Or do you like to go clubbing at the weekends with your girlfriend? Or simply having a bite of your favorite brand of chocolate will make you feel like heaven? Should he confidently tells you the right answers immediately, you know he is for keeps.

What are the things that annoy me?

Just like he should know what makes you happy if he cares about you, he should also know what frustrates you and will try to refrain from doing them. Whether it is a small pet peeve or something that really pushes your buttons in the wrong way, your boyfriend should know it because he wants to avoid being the source of something that makes you unhappy.

What are the things that I take pride in?

Are you pleased about certain accomplishments you have done? Or did you manage to overcome something very difficult and you are very proud of it? Someone whom you want to spend a lot of time with should certainly know what are the things that you are proud of.

What are the things that I am ashamed of?

To have a genuine and solid relationship, you must not only share your moments of happiness but also your vulnerability. If you have talked to your boyfriend about something that is very difficult for you to share, it is important that he took you seriously and was paying attention. You know he cares about you if he knows your vulnerabilities and still wants to be together.

What are the things that matter to me most?

Someone who truly knows you will recognize what are the most important things to you. Be careful though, some people might be very good at just giving a general answer without actually knowing the specific things that you value.

Do you know what my religious beliefs are?

Whether you are religious or not, it is important that he knows where you stand. Differences in religious beliefs can often lead to bad breakups and you certainly want to avoid that. Ask him this question and it is also probably a good time to find out his religious beliefs too if you do not already know them.

What are the big plans I have for my future?

If you want to commit the rest of your life to someone, it is crucial that they know what your plans for the future are and to see if they could fit into it. For example, there might be a problem if you plan to live in another country but he wants to stay where he is. Talking about the future is also a sign that you are open to a committed relationship and you can see where he stands in this judging by his reaction.

What are my passions?

Things you are passionate about are something that really matter to you. Perhaps eating healthy is very important to you or you love getting involved in politics. Your future significant other should know about what are the things that matter most to you.

What turns me on sexually?

Sex plays a huge role in a relationship and more often than not, a healthy sexual relationship will keep both parties happy. It is important that your boyfriend knows what are the things you like and do not like in sex. It could lead to problems in the future if he has been doing something you do not like but you are too embarrassed to tell him. If your boyfriend could answer most or all of the questions above correctly without too much hesitation, then you have got a winner. He really does get you and genuinely cares about you. Do not get frustrated if he could not answer a few of the questions. See it as an opportunity to have a heart to heart talk and get to know each other better. On the other hand, if he struggled through most or all of the questions, perhaps it is time to move on and find somebody else.

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